Benefits of Figs for Women

Benefits of Figs for Women

Seeing figs in the market, many people wonder what is fig (anjeer kya hota hai)? Fig is a fruit that can be eaten both as fresh or dried fruit. Talking about the benefits of eating figs, figs are beneficial for everyone and can be eaten by everyone, whether elderly, men, children or women. It would not be wrong to say that there are many benefits of figs for everyone’s health, but the benefits of figs for women are many times more because they fulfill many needs of women.

What happens to Figs?

If you want to know in detail what is fig (anjeer kya hota hai), how can we consume figs, when to eat figs (use of anjeer) then tell that in English it is known as Fig. fig is a fruit that is eaten fresh and dried like a dry fruit. Apart from fig in English, it is also known as common fig and brown turkey fig. There are two types of figs. One that is cultivated and one that is wild. The leaves and fruits of cultivated figs are both large, while the fruits and leaves of self-grown figs are slightly smaller. This fruit (anjeer dry fruit benefits) eaten as dry fruit has a lot of nutrients.


Benefits of Figs for Women

Nutrient-laced figs are beneficial for everyone, but the benefits of figs for women are many. If you are wondering what are the benefits of eating figs (Anjeer Khane ke Kya Kya Fayde Hain), then tell that in figs.

Calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, fiber, vitamin B6 and omega 3 fatty acids are found in good amounts. Eating figs strengthens bones, as well as improves fertility. Apart from this, it protects women going through menopause from hormonal imbalance. Due to the abundance of zinc, iron and magnesium, it also prevents the problems of PMS and menopause.


Benefits of Figs for Women for Weight Loss | Anjeer for Weight Loss

Figs are very beneficial for women who are trying to lose weight. Figs help in reducing weight by boosting metabolism. Dried figs are easily available in the market throughout the years. Keep it soaked at night and chew it well in the morning on an empty stomach. They are rich in fiber and are also easy to digest. Also it is low in calories.

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Benefits of Figs for Women to Gain Weight | Anjeer for Weight Gain

Those who want to gain weight should also include figs in their diet. Figs contain healthy fats and when eaten with things like milk, raisins, it helps in gaining weight. People who are fond of eating sweets can include fig pudding in their diet. It is full of taste and health and its consumption can also help in increasing weight.

Benefits of Figs with Milk for Women | Anjeer With Milk Benefits

The benefits of figs for women are many, but when it is taken with milk, it gives relief from problems like constipation and hemorrhoids. Figs are high in fiber and are great for clearing stools.

Milk is rich in calcium, which works to strengthen bones. If you eat figs boiled in milk before sleeping at night, then you get many benefits. Antioxidants and minerals are found in abundance in figs, which help in keeping the skin healthy. Its consumption also keeps the skin moisturized. Eating figs in milk regularly and eating it at night makes the skin clear and glowing. Apart from this, it is also useful for keeping the heart healthy.

Benefits of Figs for Women For Bones। Anjeer For Bones

With age, the bones of women begin to weaken. Figs are rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which can work to strengthen bones. Consuming figs with milk helps in preventing weakening of bones because milk is also a good source of calcium.

Benefits of Figs for Women to Increase Hemoglobin। Anjeer For Haemoglobin

Soak two figs in water at night and consuming them on an empty stomach in the morning not only increases the level of hemoglobin and iron in the blood, along with calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and many types of vitamins are also available. Eating figs with milk also fulfills the deficiency of blood and iron in the body.

Benefits of Figs for women for Hormonal Imbalance। Anjeer For Harmonal Imbalance

Due to the abundance of antioxidants and fiber, figs are beneficial in controlling the hormonal imbalance in the body. Eating figs provides relief from the problems of menopause and PMS. If the balance of hormones in the body is maintained, then the reproductive health also remains right.

Benefits of Figs for Pregnant Women

The benefits of eating figs for pregnant women are more than one. Nutrient-laced figs provide women with a variety of nutrients during pregnancy, such as potassium in this fruit, which controls blood pressure in pregnancy and also reduces the risk of preeclampsia. Figs are alkaline and reduce the acid levels in the body.

The abundance of calcium in figs makes it even more useful for the development of pregnant women and babies. Figs help in the development of the bones of the baby as well as are beneficial for the woman both during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. Apart from this, the fiber present in it gives relief from the problem of constipation during pregnancy and keeps digestion healthy.

When Should You Eat Figs?

The best time to eat this super nutritious dry fruit would be in the morning. For this, soak about 2 or 3 figs overnight either in some water or milk. Eat these soaked figs first thing in the morning. If you are suffering from stomach or digestive issues, soaking figs is the best way to eat them. Figs also provide relief from gas, indigestion and people who want to lose weight can eat it in the morning. Along with this, you can also soak dry fruits like almonds and walnuts.

Some Questions related to The Benefits of Figs for Women – FAQ’s

Q1. What are the benefits of eating figs?

Eating figs rich in nutrients, where men’s weakness is reduced and stamina increases, while eating figs in women provides relief from problems during menopause, period. Apart from this, eating figs keeps the heart, bones and digestive system right. It helps in maintaining the hemoglobin and iron levels in the body and also maintains the reproductive health of women.

Q2. Eating 1 – 2 figs soaked in water overnight and eating in the morning will reduce weight faster because figs have high fiber?

Yes, figs are high in fiber as well as abundance of omega 3 fatty acids and they are useful in maintaining proper digestion as well as burning calories.

Q3. What happens if you keep figs in the fridge?

Keeping figs in the refrigerator does not change its taste, but it does increase its life. This dry fruit does not spoil quickly when figs are kept in the refrigerator.

Q4. What are the benefits of eating figs for women?

Understand this from the fact that it is known to maintain the level of hormones in the body of women as well as strengthen their bones. It does not allow lack of blood in the body and does not allow calcium deficiency in the development of woman and baby during pregnancy.

Q5. How many figs should be eaten in 1 day?

A healthy person can eat two to three figs in a day. Even during pregnancy, women can eat one to three figs. Sugar patients should not eat figs without consulting a specialist.

Q6. Can we drink fig water?

Yes, the soaked water of figs can be drunk. The right way to drink this water is to boil it in half and then drink it.

Q7. Do figs taste hot?

The taste of dried figs is as hot as that of any dried fruit, while the taste of fresh figs is cold.

The benefits of figs rich in antioxidants and fiber are so many that it should be eaten by everyone in the family. Looking at the benefits of figs for women, it is important that every member in the house should know what figs are, what are the benefits of figs, when to eat figs and how to eat figs.

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