Benefits of Egg And Curd for Hair

Benefits of Egg And Curd for Hair

For the natural shine and healthy growth of hair, it would not be wrong to call egg and curd as superfoods for hair. There are many more benefits of applying egg and curd in hair (Benefits of Egg and Curd for Hair) than the benefits of applying only egg in hair or the benefits of applying curd in hair. This is because the nutrients of both the things work together like some magic nutrition for the hair. If you have questions like what to do for long hair or ways to prevent hair fall or if you want to get healthy, shiny hair, it is much better to use expensive hair products in the market than using egg and egg in your hair. Try adopting the benefits of applying curd. If you have these questions in your mind that how to apply egg in hair etc. then in this article you will get all the information.

Benefits of Egg for Hair

It would not be wrong to call nutrient-rich eggs as hair superfoods. Vitamins A and E, biotin and folate are some of the nutrients found in eggs that help keep hair thick and healthy. Not only this, those who throw away egg yolk while making hair packs should know that the yolk contains healthy fats and it brings back the moisture of the hair and makes each and every hair sleek and shiny. Let’s look. Hair consists of 70% protein and this is the reason why applying protein-rich eggs to hair can help in regaining the protein lost through styling. This makes the hair stronger and better able to withstand the heat.

Benefits of Curd for Hair

If we talk about the benefits of applying curd to hair, then curd is rich in protein along with calcium. Apart from many vitamins, lactic acid is also present in curd and it is considered beneficial for the health of both hair and scalp. Curd has anti-inflammatory properties which help the scalp to remain infection free, reduce dandruff. The probiotics present in curd also help in reducing the fungal infection in the scalp.

Benefits of Applying Egg and Curd to Hair

Benefits of Applying Egg and Curd to Hair

1. For Damaged Hair 

The first advantage of applying egg and yolk to the hair is that it gives a healthy look by re-moisturizing rough and damaged hair due to weather, styling or lack of care. Both egg and curd are rich in protein and it helps in repairing hair damage.

2. For Hair Growth

There are many types of vitamins in curd and eggs are rich in vitamin B biotin. All these keep the scalp healthy along with the hair and also accelerate hair growth.

3. Help Prevent Hair Fall | Stop Hair fall

Hair mask made of curd and egg has always been used to control hair fall. It has also been proved in a research that because peptide is present in egg yolk, applying eggs to hair stops hair fall and their growth also increases.

4. May Help In Alopecia | Helpful in Alopecia

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease characterized by the loss of some or all of the hair on the head. Both egg consumption and egg application can help control the condition to some extent.

Eggs contain biotin which is a B vitamin and is known to be important for hair as well as skin and nail health. Deficiencies in biotin have been linked to hair loss as well as changes in hair color. A 2016 study in the International Journal of Trichology found that 38% of women who said they were experiencing hair loss had a biotin deficiency. Eating only the egg white without the yolk can leave you deficient in biotin.

In this situation, applying egg and curd together can also reduce hair fall.

5. Helps In Hair Conditioning 

A hair mask made of curd and egg is a great combination to condition the hair.

The fatty acids present in curd help in moisturizing the hair. Yogurt is known to be an excellent natural deep conditioning agent for hair. Egg mixed with curd and applied to the hair deeply conditions the hair and also gives it a healthy shine due to the protein present in the egg.

6. Make Hair Strong 

Along with reducing hair fall, egg masks help stop hair breakage by strengthening weak hair. Egg and curd are useful from curd and egg hair mask to reducing split ends to preventing hair breakage. Apart from preventing split ends, egg and curd also help in strengthening the hair that breaks from the middle.

7. For Scalp Cleansing | Scalp Cleansing, Exfoliation

The lactic acid present in curd is great for cleaning the scalp. It helps in removing dead cells of the scalp. By applying egg mixed with curd, on the one hand where each and every hair follicle becomes strong, on the other hand exfoliation of the scalp also takes place.

8. Prevents Dandruff

You can make a great anti-dandruff hair mask with just eggs and curd. This mixture not only gets rid of dandruff causing bacteria but is also considered as an age-old home remedy for thick hair growth. As hair is made up of 70 percent keratin protein, eggs can be used to rebuild damaged and dry hair, leaving it smooth and moisturized. Studies show that the two most common bacteria living on our scalp are Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus. According to experts, where there is dandruff, Propionibacterium is reduced and Staphylococcus is more. According to research, curd contains Propionibacterium bacteria and using it on the scalp reduces dandruff by correcting the balance of this bacteria.

9. For Shiny Hair 

Egg yolks help in maintaining the natural shine of hair by nourishing dry hair. While the cleansing and moisturizing properties of curd make your hair extra shiny. So if you want to make your lifeless looking hair shiny, then use a mask made of egg and curd.

10. Prevents Infection 

The anti-inflammatory properties of curd protect the scalp from fungal, bacterial infections.

Hair Care Tips after Applying Egg and Curd

By using hair care tips after applying egg and curd, you will be able to keep your hair completely safe from the damage caused by egg or curd.

1. Do not apply any pack of eggs in the hair for more than 30 to 40 minutes so that it does not dry in the hair.

2. After applying the pack of egg and curd, always wash the hair with lukewarm water and wash it with cold water only. With this, the egg comes out easily from the hair.

3. Don’t go in the hot sun by applying any pack of eggs to your hair. The heat cooks like an egg and does not come off easily when washed from the hair.

4. Do not blow dry your hair after washing off the pack.

5. Do not make the mistake of applying oil to the hair immediately after the egg and curd pack.

How to Apply Egg and Curd in Hair 

If you are thinking that how to apply egg and curd in hair, then tell that simple hair mask can also be made by mixing egg and curd in hair and it can also be applied in hair by mixing it with many kitchen ingredients.

1. Plain Egg and Yogurt Mask

Mix 2 tbsp curd in 2 eggs and beat them well. Apply it in the hair for 30 minutes and shampoo it.

2. Egg, Yoghurt and Banana Mask

Add one egg and two tablespoons of curd to the mashed half banana. You can also blend it well in a mixie to mash the banana. Apply this mask to the hair and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash hair with shampoo.

3. Egg, curd and onion

Mix the juice of one onion with one egg and one tablespoon curd and apply it on the hair. Wash hair with shampoo after 30 to 40 minutes. This mask is good for hair growth along with giving shine and conditioning to the hair.

Disadvantages of Applying Egg to Hair

The benefits of applying egg to hair are many and many women use it to make their hair soft and shiny. But sometimes applying eggs in the wrong way can also cause damage to the hair (Benefits of Egg And Curd for Hair). If the yolk of the egg is repeatedly applied to the hair, then it starts making the hair weak and due to this the hair starts getting weak quickly. The fat present in the egg yolk mixes with the oil of the scalp of people with oily hair and works to increase the problem of dandruff. Similarly, repeatedly applying egg yolk to the hair makes the hair dry instead of looking shiny and soft.

Questions Related to Applying Egg and Curd in Hair – FAQ’s

1. What should be mixed in the egg and applied to the hair?

Instead of applying the egg directly to the hair, mix any kitchen ingredient like banana, milk, curd, coconut or olive oil, onion juice, henna, fenugreek powder and apply it to the hair.

2. How to apply egg for hair growth?

Apart from the combination of egg and curd, apply the egg with aloe vera gel for hair growth. Apart from this, mixing egg with onion juice can also be applied to the hair.

3. What to mix in curd and apply on hair?

Apart from egg in curd, fenugreek, curry leaves, honey, lemon, onion juice can be applied.

4. Do eggs make hair grow?

Yes, hair grows from eggs. Eggs make hair very strong and grow fast. Hair masks nourish the hair follicles and thereby improve the keratin level of these cells and promote faster hair growth.

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