Benefits of Eating Lime | Chuna Khane ke Fayde

Benefits of Eating Lime | Chuna Khane ke Fayde

Those who are fond of eating betel nuts know that what are the benefits of eating lime, but very few people know the benefits of eating lime. Eating a pinch of lime gives many benefits to the body. To eat lime, it can be eaten with paan. The benefits of eating banana and lime, the benefits of eating honey and lime are also many.

Benefits of Eating Lime

There are many benefits of eating lime. It helps in fighting many problems ranging from brain to increasing the height of children and also Jaundice. Lime is also beneficial for increasing immunity in the body. It supplies iron in the body, reduces the risk of heart disease, keeps teeth strong. Apart from these, lime is also useful in reducing pain. Lime maintains the level of antioxidants in the body. It contains kaempferol, flavonoids, ascorbic acid, limonoids and quercetin. Due to its high calcium content, it is useful for health from teeth to bones.


1. Lime helps in increasing immunity as it is rich in Vitamin C.

2. It makes the teeth healthy and shiny. For this reason lime powder is also used in toothpaste. If there is a pain in the tooth, then mixing a small amount of lime powder with food and taking it is beneficial. Calcium makes teeth healthy.


3. Lime is also useful in mental development and sharpens the brain. Students must eat it.

4. To increase the height of the children, giving it to children by mixing lime in lentils or curd is beneficial.


5. Lime contains high amount of Vitamin C. Which is very helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

6. Drinking lime water instead of drinking beverages like soda or juice improves diet.

7. The amount of iron can be increased by consuming chutney. It must be eaten in case of anemia.

8. Vitamin C prevents atherosclerosis and lime is rich in vitamin C.

9. It gives glow to the skin. People who have the problem of acne and pimples, they should apply by mixing it in their face pack.

10. It is also used to cure warts. By applying chives on the wart, it breaks and falls off in a few days.

11. Eat Chuna with lentils or mixed with curd. This will increase the height of the children.

12. Vitamin C in breakfast and after meals can help control sugar. It improves sugar level.

13. Because it reduces blood pressure, it also reduces the risk of heart disease.

14. For people who drink less water, to enhance the taste, mix it with water and drink it. This will also enhance the taste and you will also drink enough water.

15. Due to the abundance of vitamin C, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and it is helpful in reducing all types of inflammation.

Benefits of Eating Lime and Betel Leaves

Paan lovers know why it is important to eat lime with paan. It is said that if you eat betel leaves, then eat it with lime, because lime is the best anti-venom medicine.

Benefits of Eating Banana and Lime

There are many benefits of eating lime and there are many ways to eat it. If you are wondering how to eat lime, then mixing it with banana is a good way to eat it. For this, mash the banana well. For this, mash the banana well and eat it after adding a little lime. This combination helps in reducing joint pain.

Benefits of Eating Honey and Lime

People who lack calcium in their body, they must eat honey mixed with lime. For this, eat a spoonful of honey mixed with a pinch of lime. With this, you will get all the nutrients you get from lime.

Benefits of Eating Curd and Lime

Both curd and lime are rich in calcium. Those who lack calcium in their body or have joint pain, they can eat curd mixed with lime. For this, take curd in a bowl and mix lime in it. There are many benefits of eating it.

benefits of Eating lime on Empty Stomach

The benefits of lime are more than one. Eating lime on an empty stomach is considered the most accurate way of eating it. For this, fill a bowl with water, put a little bit of lime in it, soak it overnight. In the morning the chives will dissolve in the water and the scallions will settle at the bottom and the water will appear on the top. Drain the water from the top without moving the bowl. Drink this water.

A pinch of lime corrects many deficiencies of the body. It is also used in Ayurvedic treatment of jaundice. For this it is advised to eat it in sugarcane juice. The nutrients present in it make the body strong and give many benefits.

FAQ – Benefits of Eating Lime

1. What are the benefits of eating lime?

Eating lime has many benefits such as it increases immunity, for teeth, mental health, helps in curing body pain.

2. How much lime should be eaten in a day?

Eat lime equal to the grain of wheat, not more than this. It can also be eaten with curd, whey or water. You can also eat it by adding it to lentils. Eat for 15 days then leave a few days.

3. What happens by applying lime in the navel?

Many diseases can be controlled with lime. These include knee pain, jaundice, back pain, shoulder pain, spinal cord, cold-warm feeling in the mouth, blisters in the mouth, increasing blood in the body, and is beneficial in curing stone wear in the knee.

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