Benefits of Coriander Health, Beauty and Disadvantages

Benefits of Coriander Health, Beauty and Disadvantages

Coriander or Kothmir is an aromatic green leaf used in Indian cooking. Most of us generally use green coriander leaves to garnish and add aroma to the food. But perhaps you will be unaware that there are many such medicinal properties found in coriander which are very beneficial for the skin as well as our health. While green coriander leaves double the taste of food, its use also gets rid of many lifestyle diseases. Let us know the benefits of coriander which are very beneficial.

Benefits of Coriander

Both leaves and seeds of green coriander increase the taste of food. There may be no chili-spices in the food, but if garnishing is done with coriander leaves, then its beauty and taste get enhanced. But do you know that many secrets of health are hidden in green coriander leaves. Protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber and many types of minerals are found in it. Apart from this, calcium, iron, thiamine, potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus and carotene are also found in coriander. Here we will tell you in detail about the benefits, remedies and disadvantages of green coriander leaves. So let us know how green coriander leaves take care of beauty and health.


Coriander Benefits for Skin

The use of coriander in many skin related problems like pimples, dry skin, tanning is very beneficial. Actually, many such antiseptic and antioxidant properties are found in coriander which are very beneficial for the skin. It also contains vitamin C which fights free radicals and helps prevent the signs of aging. Apart from this, it also prevents skin diseases like eczema and fungal infections. Mix a pinch of turmeric in the juice of green coriander leaves and apply this paste on the face and wash the mouth with water after 15 minutes. This will not only increase the glow of the face, but will also eliminate blackheads. This is one of the benefits of coriander.

Benefits of Coriander for Hair

Coriander really has a wealth of properties. Along with skin and health, green coriander is the best medicine for hair care. Coriander juice proves to be very helpful in case of hair fall or if the hair needs to be soft and naturally straight. Because it contains many essential vitamins and proteins that help in increasing hair growth. Apply green coriander juice to the roots of the hair and wash the head after 30 minutes. With this the problem of hair fall will go away soon. On the other hand, if your hair is curly and you want to straighten them, then leave the coriander paste on the hair for 2 hours and then do a simple hair wash.


Health Benefits of Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves are used in almost every household. The benefits of eating dry coriander are also very beneficial. But even after this, you might not know that this is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is cheaper than the medicine available in the market and is free from all the disadvantages. Let us know about the miraculous health benefits of green coriander.

Beneficial in Thyroid

Hypothyroidism is a problem that affects many people all over the world. This disease is seen in more women than men. To control it, use coriander leaves daily in your food. It balances the imbalanced hormones. That is why consume green coriander leaves daily.


Coriander is Nectar for the Stomach

Green coriander leaves are especially beneficial for the digestive system. It helps in keeping the liver active. Green coriander cures stomach problems and increases digestion power. For every problem of stomach like stomach pain, bloating, gas, indigestion, nothing can be more than green coriander. This is the reason that green coriander is being used for garnishing in Indian cuisine, not from today but from time immemorial. Taking fresh coriander leaves mixed with buttermilk provides relief in indigestion, nausea, dysentery and colitis.

Coriander leaves in Diabetes

Green coriander is very beneficial for diabetic patients. It works to control the level of blood sugar. For proper metabolism in the body, it rapidly lowers the level of blood sugar.

Remedy – Soak coriander leaves in water overnight and filter it in the morning and drink the water. If you want, you can also use coriander seeds in your food. It also gives a lot of benefits.

Beneficial in Gout

With age, people often start complaining of arthritis and joint pain. Coriander leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, due to which the effect of diseases like arthritis is reduced. Make a paste by grinding coriander leaves or mix coriander seed oil with olive oil and massage it on your joints twice a day, you will get relief.

For Menstruation

Women who have a lot of pain during menstruation and also excessive bleeding, they should consume coriander. It controls bleeding as well as improves the energy level in the body. If menstrual bleeding is more than normal, boil green coriander leaves and a little sugar in half a liter of water and drink this water after it cools down a bit, it will be beneficial. Along with this, coriander removes all menstrual problems in women.

Green Coriander is Beneficial for Kidney

Green coriander is a very beneficial food item for the kidney. It has been revealed in a research that people who use coriander regularly, they have almost no problem of kidney damage. That is why doctors always recommend eating coriander to keep the kidney healthy.

Relieve Cough

If you are troubled by phlegm or congestion, then use coriander leaves. Coriander is also considered an expectorant. Coriander is also very helpful for diseases like bronchitis and asthma for a long time. Consume two spoons of fresh coriander leaves juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

Good for Eyes

Vitamin A present in coriander is very important for our eyes. That’s why green coriander should be used regularly in your food, so that there is never any problem in the eyesight. Not only this, high anti-oxidant properties are found in coriander, which are helpful in getting rid of itching, swelling and other eye disorders.

Relieve Fatigue

If you feel tired or weak in the body or feel dizzy, then taking two spoons of coriander juice mixed with ten grams of sugar candy and half a bowl of water in the morning and evening is beneficial.

Remove Wart

A wart is a small black colored fleshy pimple somewhere on the body, which according to medical science is considered to be a type of skin disease. If you have warts somewhere on your body and you want to remove them naturally, then green coriander will prove to be very effective in this.

Remedy – Make a thick paste by grinding green coriander leaves and then apply it on the warts daily. You will start seeing its effect in 1 month.

Coriander leaves for Weight loss

Coriander is one such food item that works to increase metabolism and burn fat. Experts believe that a decoction made from coriander leaves or seeds reduces the level of lipids in the blood, which does not lead to weight gain. Make a tea by boiling green coriander leaves in hot water and drink it. Do this at least 4 to 5 times a week, after doing this for a few days, the weight will start decreasing. If you have also adopted many tricks to reduce weight, then try this recipe of green coriander once. Here we are telling you about such healthy juices, which can easily reduce weight.

Weight loss Drink – Coriander Lemon Juice

First of all squeeze a lemon in a vessel or jar and extract its juice. Now add 60 grams mashed green coriander leaves and mix water in it. Mix it well. Take this juice on an empty stomach for 5 consecutive days, this will remove the impurities present in the blood, as well as reduce the weight up to 5 kg.

Disadvantages of Coriander

Coriander has both advantages and disadvantages. The effect of coriander (dhaniya ki taseer kaisi hoti hai) is cold, so its harm is not much. You can use it for stomach problems, but consuming it in excess can cause allergic problems, the effect of which can be seen in the form of skin infection. Experts suggest that pregnant women should not consume more coriander leaves. Although the people of old times say that consuming coriander increases the breast milk of the mother. Along with this, skin experts also believe that consuming more amount of coriander increases the risk of sunburn of our skin, which can also cause skin cancer after a long time. That is why it is beneficial to have limited consumption of everything, excess of everything is bad.

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