Benefits of Black Cumin and Disadvantages

Benefits of Black Cumin and Disadvantages

Black cumin is a permanent pungent spice found in the arid cool regions of the northwestern Himalayas, the highlands of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir and Uttaranchal. Black cumin is a seed obtained from the Carom Bulbocastanum plant. Its taste is very astringent and harsh. In Ayurveda, black cumin is used for some stomach related problems. This includes convulsions etc. Black cumin is also used to cure looseness of the intestines, indigestion, fever, colic, piles and hiccups. Here we are telling you about the Benefits and disadvantages of black cumin.

Nutrients of Black Cumin

Black cumin contains 40-60 percent volatile oil. The major constituents of essential oil are cumin aldehyde (45.4%) and p-cymene (35%). Carvone, limonene, a-pinene, -pinene, cymene, and terpene are minor constituents. Flavonoids, mainly quercetin derivatives, polysaccharides and calcium oxalate are also present. On the other hand, Carom Bulbocastanum is rich in medicinal properties. An understanding of these properties will help us make better use of this herb. Apart from this, black cumin is very beneficial for people who are deficient in blood. It is a good source of iron. It is like nectar for pregnant women, if you have iron deficiency then you must consume it because it helps us in increasing iron.


Benefits of Black Cumin – kala jeera ke fayde

Black cumin is especially valuable in diabetics, as it controls elevated glucose levels as well as lowers elevated cholesterol. So, it is also effective in fighting against diseases of the heart and mind. But the benefits of black cumin are not limited to this only. There are many other benefits of this, which we are telling you about here.

Maintain Cholesterol Level

Nowadays, the problem of cholesterol is common among people. The properties present in black cumin help in maintaining the cholesterol level in the body. Daily use of black cumin helps in reducing the amount of cholesterol.


Help with Stomach Ache

If you are suffering from stomach pain for a long time and it is not getting rid of from the root, then you start eating black cumin and if you have stomach pain problem then mix black cumin and sugar in equal quantity. Cumin juice should be eaten after chewing, it provides immediate relief in stomach related problems. Actually, due to its antimicrobial properties, black cumin is beneficial in many stomach related problems.

Maintain Body Temperature

By eating black cumin, the body temperature remains normal. This is the reason why the elders of the house advise to consume cumin seeds in fever. Eating ripe cumin seeds provides relief in fever. Not only this, its consumption is beneficial even if there is a cold and cold. It helps in removing mucus from the body.


Remove Blood Loss

Black cumin is beneficial for people who have anemia. It is a great source of iron. For pregnant women, it is as beneficial as honey. If you have anemia or are suffering from anemia, then you should use it because it is a good source of iron.

Reduce Immune Disorders

Consumption of black cumin seeds removes fatigue and weakness from the body. It is useful in reducing the problems of the immune system by transforming the weak cells present in our body into strong cells. Therefore, black cumin seeds along with bone marrow, normal interferon and immune cells helps in removing weakness from our body and transmits energy.

Other Benefits of Black Cumin

– Helps with appetite and digestion.

– Facilitates menstruation.

– Provides relief in gas.

– Lowers blood sugar level.

– Helps in reducing weight.

– Lowers LDL bad cholesterol.

– Good for the cardiovascular system

– Helps to relax the muscles of the uterus

– Helps in menstrual cramps.

– Increases lactation.

Disadvantages of Black Cumin

Everything has both its advantages and disadvantages. Black cumin has both advantages and disadvantages. Here we are telling about some disadvantages of Kala Jeera.

– Do not take black cumin in large quantity, otherwise it reduces the potency of allopathic high blood pressure medicine.

– If there is swelling in the kidney, then avoid eating black cumin.

– During pregnancy and lactation, it is quite unsafe if you are consuming it in large quantities.

– Sometimes your blood sugar level can drop due to excessive consumption of it. (hypoglycemia)

– Avoid using black cumin for at least 2 weeks before the scheduled surgery.

 FAQ’s about the Benefits of Black Cumin –

Q1. How to use black cumin? (how to eat black cumin)

Ans: 1-3 grams of black cumin powder can be taken for obesity, digestive disorders, respiratory diseases, cholesterol and many more.

Q2. What is another name of black cumin?

Ans: The scientific name of black cumin is Carom Bulbocastanum and in Ayurveda it is called Krishna Jiraka, Kashmira Jiraki.

Q3. What is the rate of black cumin?

Ans: The rate of black cumin is Rs.700 per kg. On the other hand, you will get 50 grams of black cumin seeds for Rs.160.

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