Benefits and Disadvantages of Sal Tree

Benefits and Disadvantages of Sal Tree

Benefits and Disadvantages of Sal Tree: Sal tree is called Shorea Robusta in English, in some places it is also called Sal. Whether Sal or Sal wood, its medicinal properties are countless. Depending on the properties of the Sal, the Sal is used as a medicine. Sal tree helps in curing many properties like diabetes, anemia. Sal tree oil and its leaves are used for many diseases. Let’s know Sal Tree Benefits and Side Effect

Side Effects of Sal Tree

As yet, no damage has been known to Sal tree. There are so many benefits of the year that it is given for good healthy and digestible food of children. It is also used by women to milk. If you are pregnant or feed your baby, then you should not consume Sal tree at all or use it only after doctor’s advice. Avoid using it if you experience any allergic reactions.

Benefits of Sal tree (Disadvantages of Sal Tree)

1. Beneficial in ulcer

Ulcer or wound- Sometimes it takes too long for the ulcer to dry or another wound comes out on drying, so year intake is very beneficial. Applying ground sal bark to the wound helps in getting relief from ulcers and minor bruises or wounds.

2. To remove body odor

Due to excessive sweating in the body, the body starts to stink and because of this, if you give a break, your confidence is reduced. There is a good treatment in Ayurveda. Sal tree has Svedhara. Which helps a lot in removing the odor of our body. With this, you do not need perfume to hide the body odor.

3. Therapeutic Properties of Sal tree

Sal tree has effective therapeutic properties which is beneficial for maintaining overall health. It has therapeutic properties from oleosin which contains derivatives of triterinoids, orsonic, triterpene and olein acids.

4. Treatment of skin diseases

Nowadays the risk of skin diseases is also increasing due to the use of various cosmetic products. According to Ayurveda, Sal tree has the properties of Healing. Therefore it is useful in healing skin diseases and wounds. Which is an ingredient in herbal ointment for skin problems. In addition, it nourishes the skin to be rich in essential vitamins and minerals. This is a smart option to get naturally radiant skin without artificial methods. Applying Sal seed oil is also beneficial in skin disorders like itching.

5. Helpful to treat diarrhea

The tree has astringent properties which are found helpful in treating dysentery and diarrhea. Tree extracts are considered to be strong astringent agents. It is beneficial for people suffering from diarrhea.

6. Helpful in removing worms

Stomach worms are most common in children. Sal helps to remove the worm from the stomach. Mixing the juice of Sal leaf (in the quantity of 15-20 ml) with humidified juice (7ml), drinking at night while sleeping, removes the worm of the stomach.

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7. Beneficial in wound healing

Sal tree is used to cure inflammation and pain. Sal tree has a powerful estrogen named Rala, and has a high amount of antimicrobial property. Some amazing medicine works inside the Sal tree, and is used in making ointments. Rala cleanses wounds and facilitates healing of wounds. Hence it is used.

8. Burning and wound healing

If your skin burns, there is a need to apply this medicine immediately, otherwise it immediately takes the form of a wound and starts to grow and when it heals, deep scars appear. It is also very painful. If you apply Sal on the burned skin, it starts healing the skin and after healing the wound also erases the scars. In Ayurveda, it is also used for healing burnt skin and wounds, and also erases scars after healing wounds.

9. In healing fracture

You get a lot of pain in a fracture and it also takes a lot of time to heal, and it also needs to be very careful. It helps a lot in healing the body within the year. In Ayurveda, Sal tree is very useful in fracture. (Benefits and Disadvantages of Sal Tree)

10. To remove infection

Our body gets hit by germs due to pollution. Infections in the body occur very easily due to poor immunity. Inside the Sal tree, there is an element called Visha which helps our body to get rid of developed substances and protects our body from infection.

11. Cures digestion

The properties available in herbs help in proper digestion. It helps the body to fix digestive problems easily. It has a lot of healthy characteristics that help improve health.

12. Strengthen Immunity

Sal helps in promoting immunity of the body. This herb is beneficial for those who want to boost the immunity level of the body. It is incredible to maintain overall health.

13. Beneficial in diabetes mellitus

Sal (sakhua tree) is helpful in relieving the problem of frequent urination. Eating flowers of the year or powder of stem (2-3 grams) is beneficial in polymorphism.

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14. Helpful for arthritis

The resin obtained from the bark of sal tree is helpful in providing relief from arthritis. Mix a few grams of resin with egg white and apply this paste on the affected area. It provides relief from joint pain caused by arthritis.

15. Beneficial in ear disease

If there is a pain in the ears as a side effect of a cold, cough or some disease, then treating it with Sal tree gives relief. By mixing equal amount of mango juice, kapitha, mahuva, mace, shawl and shawl juice, or by heating them separately, after filtering, pouring 1-2 drops into the ear or by adding 2-3 drops of siddha oil to the ear if If something is flowing then it gives relief. It has essential nutrients and medicinal properties which is important for ear health.

16. Beneficial for healthy hair

Sal tree extracts have astringent properties that are beneficial for skin care and hair care. It cleanses the hair as well as the skin.

17. Kills bacteria

It has antibacterial properties that eliminate germs and bacteria. Herbal cream prepared from the leaves of heera is helpful in speeding up the healing process.

18. Effective in preventing piles

It is commonly used in Ayurveda, Unani and tribal medicine. It is effective to prevent hemorrhoids and also relieves patients who experience hemorrhoids.

19. Relief from the problem of leprosy.

Use of Sal in this way is helpful in relieving the problem of leprosy. The use of Siddha ghee in Priyanka, Sal, Amalatas, Neem, Saptarpan, Chitraka, Marich, Vach and Koot is beneficial in mucosal leprosy.

20. Relief in respiratory disease

If for some reason there is a problem in breathing, then taking Sal for a year to get immediate relief is beneficial. Smoking gum of Sakhu tree is useful in respiratory diseases.

21. Beneficial in mumps or mumps

Mumps or mumps is an infectious disease. There is a butterfly-shaped gland in the throat, due to which it becomes large in size. Due to which there is pain in the throat. Grind the bark of 2-4 grams of year and dissolve it in cow urine and drink, it provides relief in gulag.

22. Relieving Hiccups

Using this year to get relief from the problem of hiccups provides quick relief. Burning gum (resin) of Sal tree and smoking it on coals is beneficial in hiccups. (Benefits and Disadvantages of Sal Tree) | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.