Causes of Bed Wetting in Children – 10 Reasons

Causes of Bed Wetting in Children - 10 Reasons Why a Child Urinates on the Bed

Causes of Bed Wetting in Children: Generally this problem is found more in young children. In this problem, children wet the bed while sleeping at night. This is a very common problem found in children. Usually this problem ends after the age of 4 to 5 years because after this children learn to control their bladder. In this way, it is not a serious problem, but if this problem continues even after 7 to 8 years, then it is considered a disease. Children of this age feel ashamed to tell their disease and due to this they are not treated properly.

If your child also wets the bed at night, then if you do not get him treated, then this problem can increase. To avoid this disease, the baby should be habituated from infancy, for this, he should urinate before sleeping at night and after waking up. To get rid of this problem, first of all it is necessary to know what are its causes? Because until we do not know the cause of a problem, we cannot solve it. So let’s know about that first.

Causes of Bed Wetting in Children

If the child continues to wet the bed even after the age of 6, then it is necessary to know the reason. Some of the reasons related to this problem are given below. If your child is also troubled by these reasons, then get him treated immediately.


1. Small Bladder

If the child’s bladder is smaller than normal, he is unable to hold urine throughout the night and wets the bed.

2. Urine Infection

If a child is suffering from urinary tract infection, then he has to urinate frequently, due to which he is not able to control urination at night. Due to urinary infection, the child has burning sensation in urine, fever, body pain, etc. and he has very little urination.

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3. Heredity

Parents of 7 out of 10 children suffering from bed wetting also suffer from this problem in their childhood. It has also been found in the investigation that due to the chromosomes present in the DNA, this problem is also passed from parents to children.

4. Hormones

Sometimes the controlling hormones present in the body are also responsible for bed wetting, which is called Anti Diuretic Hormone. The function of this hormone is to give a signal to the kidneys to pass urine. Due to the lack of this hormone, the kidney does not get this message and the child wets the bed at night.

5. The Stress

Apart from other reasons, due to stress, the child also urinates in the bed. This stress can also occur due to them sleeping alone, being away from their home, feeling scared, scolding or hitting someone or due to exam pressure.

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6. Nervous System

Sometimes this problem can also be seen in children due to changes or disturbances in the nervous system of children. In this, even though the bladder is full, the brain does not get the message and the child wets the bed.

7. Diabetes

Diabetes is also a reason for urinating in the bed of children. This is the first symptom of diabetes, after which it is known in the blood test whether the child has diabetes or not.

8. Deep Sleep

Yes, deep sleep is also the reason for wetting the child’s bed. It has been found in the investigation that this problem is found most in children who sleep more deeply because due to deep sleep, the child’s mind also becomes calm and he does not get the message of full bladder. This problem is found more in men than in women because they are not able to control their bladder.

9. Vitamins

This problem is also found in children due to deficiency of vitamin B12 and folate. Therefore, keep in mind that there is no deficiency of these vitamins in children.

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10. Eating food late

Many times children go to sleep after eating food, due to which their digestion process starts after sleeping and they get urine. Being asleep, they do not go to urinate and urinate in the bed itself. Therefore, feed the child at least one hour before sleeping at night so that urine does not come at night.