How to Become Patwari: Eligibility, Exam, Course, Syllabus, Salary

How to Become Patwari: Eligibility, Exam, Course, Syllabus, Salary

How to Become Patwari: Under the Panchayati Raj system in India, basic changes were made to implement and control the revenue system at the village department and taluka level. In the rural department, a government officer has been appointed under each state government to keep an account of agricultural land and other land related behavior, which is called ‘Patwari’.

Let us tell you that the post of Patwari is present under almost all the state government of India, which is a government officer post of class C. Naturally, many of you would like to know about the selection process for this post, the required eligibility, the work of the Patwari, etc.


Through this important article, we will give you information about all those important aspects related to the post of Patwari, after reading which those of you who want to prepare to become a Patwari in future will get guidance. Here it will be our endeavor to make you analytically familiar with Patwari related things, which will make it easier for you to understand this subject.

How to Become Patwari

In order to implement the administrative system in the rural department present in different states of India, works are completed under various departments. Although most of the work of the rural department is under the village administration / village panchayat, but to complete the work related to the revenue department of the state government, a patwari is appointed for one or more villages.


Patwari is a class C post of the state government, which is responsible for maintaining the land accounts of the villages, keeping records of transactions related to the purchase and sale of land, issuing and collecting information related to revenue, giving income certificate etc.

Although there were people working as patwaris in India from the time of Sher Shah Suri, but at that time the name of this post used to be different. After the implementation of Panchayat Raj in India, a lot of changes took place in the post of Patwari and its scope of work.


Eligibility for Patwari

As there is some difference in the eligibility criteria required for the post of Patvari in different states all over India, here are some of the eligibility criteria given below which are as follows.

All the candidates who want to apply for the post of Patvari, it becomes mandatory for all of them to have passed graduation / bachelor degree from any education stream. Till some time ago, it was necessary to pass the minimum education eligibility for this post in class 12th, but now in many states it is considered necessary to pass the graduation examination.

All interested candidates must have passed a minimum one year computer diploma, in some states, it is mandatory to pass a recognized computer related course by the administration. Here, the students who have passed the graduation examination in computer-related education such as BCA, B.Sc in computer etc., they do not need to complete any kind of computer diploma or other course. Means such a candidate would have been exempted.

While applying for Patwari, it is necessary for the minimum age of the candidate to be from 18 years to maximum 40 years, however the caste-based reservation fixed by the Indian Constitution is implemented in each state, according to which the candidates falling in the specific caste category category. Relaxation in age limit is given to.

Patwari Exam Pattern

Mainly for the post of Patwari, the examination is conducted in two phases, namely;

Let us tell you that in some states of India, the process for the post of Patvari is done directly / simply, in which only the candidates are selected on the basis of marks obtained in the written examination. Here the interview phase is removed.

Below we have given you the format of the written examination of Patvari, which is as follows:

  • General Knowledge – 25 Marks
  • General Hindi – 25 Marks
  • Mathematics – 25 Marks
  • Village Society and Development – ​​25 Marks

Let us tell you that there may be a difference in the medium / language of the examination according to the state, apart from this, in place of general Hindi, the subject of local language according to the state is given, which you have to keep in mind mainly.

Who Conduct Patwari Exam

As there are many districts under different states in India, a large number of rural departments/villages are present under all these districts, many times a patvari is appointed for more than one small village group.

Let me tell you where the group of such a village is known as ‘Saja’, some similar word has been given to the office of Patwari which is called ‘Saja’ in common language.

In the districts of each state, the recruitment process for the post of Patvari is completed under the ‘District Selection Committee‘, which is done under the control and supervision of the District Officer of the concerned district.

However, in different states of India, a slight difference can be seen in this process, as in some states, the selection process of Patwari posts is completed by independent boards / committees.

In whichever state and district you are a resident of, you can get information related to Patwari recruitment coming under that area by visiting the official website of the concerned state or district. It becomes appropriate for you to read the advertisement related to this and apply with the help of available source.

Syllabus of Patwari Exam

Following is the syllabus of Patwari exam, after reading which you will be able to understand this exam easily, which is as follows:

  1. Village Society and Development:– Village Management, Village Development Programmers, Village Health Schemes, Village Society, Rural Development Research and Projects etc.
  2. Mathematics:– Quadratic Equations, Least Common, Greatest Common Factors, Factors, Triangle and Pythagoras Theorem, Circle, Rectangle etc..
  3. General Knowledge:– 1. Indian History – Indian Nationalism, Freedom Movement, Financial, Social, Religious and Political History of India. 2. Economic, social, demographic, physical or ecological geography of India and the world, etc. Economics, Indian Administrative System / Indian Political Science, International Important Issues etc..
  4. General Hindi (Here there is a change in the language subject according to the state, such as in place of Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Gujarati etc..) :- Vachan, Kaal, Alankar, Idioms, Sandhiya, words for phrases, etc.

Patwari Selection Process

The process of selection of Patwari is very simple, for which in some states the candidates are selected on the basis of the result of written examination. So in some states, the candidates who have passed the written examination with good marks are called for interview.

Here all the candidates who successfully complete the current final examination stage, they are called for the verification of documents, after that in a few days these candidates are appointed to the post of Patwari.

All the selected candidates are given the appointment letter from the state government mentioning the information about the work place and other necessary things.

Patwari Salary

Initially, a salary of about Rs.25,000 per month is given to the person working on the post of Patwari, which increases after some time in service.

Here in India, there can be a slight difference in the salary given for this post according to the states.

About Patwari Course

Every year in most of the states of India, the process of selection of the post of Patwari is completed in various districts, so some education related coaching centers are specially imparted education of Patwari recruitment.

For this, all the candidates who are preparing for this exam from the very beginning, it becomes necessary to prepare related to the following main points.

One thing is worth noting here that in almost all the states, the syllabus of the examination conducted for the post of Patwari is almost the same, such as;

  1. General Science
  2. Current Affairs
  3. Basic Computer Related to Computer
  4. General English and Local Language
  5. Geography of India and World
  6. Indian History and Important Aspects of World History
  7. Culture and Social Aspects
  8. Indian Politics
  9. Important Concepts related to Intellectual Ability, Reasoning, Basic Arithmetic (Mental Ability, Reasoning, Basic Numerical Efficiency)

Most of the questions about the above-given important education aspects are asked in the Patwari exam, for which there is an option to get coaching through online and offline nowadays.

Main Functions of Patwari – Work of Patwari

Here we will introduce you to all the works of Patwari, which the person appointed to this post has to do compulsorily, which includes.

  • It is the responsibility of the person working in this post to send the information of that place to the government from time to time in whichever place/area the Patwari is appointed.
  • To make certificates of income and caste.
  • Keeping records of agricultural land area and maps etc.
  • To inform the government about the disaster created in any way in the village and to make the government aware of the current situation.
  • To keep complete information about the agricultural land under the field of work and the land for the residence of the people.
  • To keep an account of the things related to the purchase and sale of any type of land.
  • To help in measuring any disputed land in the village properly.
  • To help the farmers to get the benefits of crop insurance.
  • To take care of the natural wealth related to mining present in the village and give information related to it to the government.

All the above mentioned duties have to be performed by the person working on the post of Patwari, which we can also call the essential work of Patwari.

Books For Patwari Exam

  • Madhya Pradesh Patwari Selection Test – Arihant
  • Punjab Patwari – Arihant
  • Rai (Rajasthan) Patwari
  • Himachal Pradesh Patwari Exam – R. Gupta
  • Garud Prakashan – Patwari
  • Haryana Staff Selection Commission Patwari Exam – R.Gupta
  • Maharashtra Patwari (Talathi) Question Paper – K. Sea
  • Chhattisgarh Patwari Recruitment Exam – Arihant, etc.

In this way, till now you have come to know about the various aspects related to Patwari, in which we have put all the necessary things in front of you.

Hope you have liked the given information, must share the article to make other people benefit from this information, thank you very much for staying connected with us.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Patwari Post

Q1. Under which government does the post of Patwari exist in India?

Answer: State Govt.

Q2. What is the education eligibility required for the post of Patwari?

Answer: It is necessary to pass the minimum graduation examination from any education stream. In some states, it is necessary to pass the education eligibility class 12th.

Q3. Which class of officer is a Patwari under the state government?

Answer: Class C

Q4. Can a female candidate work as a Patwari?

Answer: Yes.

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