How to Become Army Officer: Syllabus, Eligibility, Salary, Exam

How to Become Army Officer: Syllabus, Eligibility, Salary, Exam

How to Become Army Officer: The responsibility of the security of the country rests on various security departments, but whenever it comes to the security of our border, the first thing that comes to mind is the army and their brave heroes. Generally, the security personnel deployed to protect the borders of the country are called soldiers or Army, but according to the rank category, different officers are present who are called ‘Army Officers’.

Let us tell you that there are various battalions present in the Army, under which different categories of soldiers are present and there are also high level officers present to give security related guidelines to such battalions, especially ‘Army Officer‘. where it goes. If you are also interested to know more about this topic, then this article will be important for you.

Mainly here we will try to give you information on the important aspects about the various officers of the Army. Under which the necessary eligibility to work on these posts, the post category of Army officer and the names of the posts, process of physical test, examinations required for selection, education eligibility etc. will be given. We believe that the information given by the article will prove to be a guide for all those who want to work in such a position in future.


How to Become Army Officer

Would like to tell you that in general, the number of military forces in the army is more than other security related forces, due to which this force is divided into different battalions.

In such battalions, along with different categories of soldiers, high level officers are also appointed to give them security related guidelines, which are known by different names according to the rank category.

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Generally, even though they are called ‘Army Officers’, their post is given a specific name according to the promotion done according to the specific period of service given in the Army and the appointment made after passing various examinations.

In such a situation, according to that specific post category, such officers are recognized, whose list we are going to give you next, after reading which you will understand this thing better.

Post of Army Officers

Here you will get to know the names of all the posts available in the Army, which are as follows:

Junior Level Posts 

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  • Sepoy
  • Lance Naik
  • Naik

Senior NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers)

  • Havildar
  • Naib Subedar
  • Subedar
  • Subedar Major

Category Wise Higher Level Posts:

Junior Higher Level Posts:-

  1. lieutenant
  2. Captain

Senior Level Post

  1. Major
  2. Lieutenant-Colonel
  3. Colonl

Flag Officer (Highest Level Post)

  • Brigadier
  • Major-General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General /Army Chief
  • Field Marshal

Exams for Army Officer

Here we will discuss all those exams through which you can join the Indian Army as an army officer and work in important posts of the security department. The examinations included in these are as follows:

  • National Defense Academy Exam
  • Combined Defense Service Exam
  • Technical Entry Scheme
  • Territorial Entry Scheme
  • Short Service Commission Entry Exam
  • Technical Graduate Exam
  • NCC Special Entry Scheme
  • Army Cadet College Entry
  • Short Service Commission Entry Exam For Women
  • Permanent Commission (Special List)

New officers are selected by some of the above examinations, then some examinations are taken for promotion under the department for the people already working at low level posts in the Army.

Eligibility for Army Officer

Here we will give you information about the necessary eligibility related to some examination related to Army Officer, which includes education, age, physical eligibility criteria etc.

  1. Required Eligibility for National Security Academy Exam (NDA Exam Eligibility)
  2. Interested candidate must have passed class 12th from any stream of education.
  3. Minimum age should be 16 years and between six months to 19 years.
  4. It is mandatory for the interested candidate to be a citizen of India. Only male candidates are considered eligible for this exam.
  5. The candidate who is interested in the exam must be unmarried.

Physical Requirements for Army Officer

  1. The minimum length of the candidate is required to be 157 CMS. Here the candidates coming from some specific departments of India are given a relaxation of 5 CMS in the length for which the minimum length is required to be 152 CMS.
  2. Minimum body weight should be 42 Kg.
  3. Bone and bone joints in the body of such a candidate should not be affected by any kind of accident or disease.
  4. The aspiring candidate should not have any previous record related to mental illness and such candidate should be completely mentally sound during the selection process.
  5. It is mandatory for such a candidate to have a healthy vision, in which he should be able to see things clearly.
  6. Such a candidate should not have any problem in hearing the voice properly.
    Candidates with any type or level of mental and physical disability are considered ineligible for this exam.
  7. The candidates suffering from any kind of skin related diseases that will progress in future are considered ineligible here.
  8. The minimum chest width of the candidate interested in this examination is required to be 77 CMS, in which it is mandatory to increase by 5 CMS after inflating the chest.

Students who fulfill the above eligibility criteria can apply for this exam, who have to clear the written test, physical exam, physical medical test etc.

Whoever successfully completes these stages, they have to complete three years of training, after this training such candidates are awarded BSC or BA bachelor’s degree. Eventually such candidates are appointed as Army Officers in the Indian Army.

How to become Army Officer after 12th

  1. Students who have passed class XII from science education stream with minimum 70 percent marks with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects are considered eligible for these posts.
  2. Here the minimum age of the interested candidate should be between 16 years and six months to 19 years.

The candidates fulfilling the above criteria have to clear the written test after which they are given 5 years training.

Those candidates who successfully complete the training are appointed as technical officers in the technical department of the Indian Army, along with a bachelor’s degree of B.Tech.

CDS Exam Eligibility

  1. The minimum age of the students who want to apply for this exam is 19 years and maximum 24 years.
  2. It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university.
  3. It is mandatory for the candidate to have Indian citizenship.
  4. The candidate who is interested in the exam should be unmarried.

The candidates who fulfill the above criteria are considered eligible to apply for this examination.

This examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, in which the qualified candidates are appointed as officers in the Indian Army after physical examination and medical examination.

NDA Exam Format and Syllabus

Here you will know the format and syllabus of NDA exam which is as follows:

Exam Format

  • Paper 1 – Mathematics (300 Marks, Time – Two and a half hours)
  • Paper 2 – General Aptitude Test (600 Marks, Time – Two and a half hours)

Exam Syllabus – NDA Exam Syllabus

Mathematics Paper 1 – Syllabus

  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Trigonometry
  • Integral Calculus and Differential Equation
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Analytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimension
  • Vector Algebra

General Aptitude Test Paper 2 – Syllabus

  • English – 200 marks
  • Physics – 100 marks
  • History – 80 Marks
  • General Science – 40 Marks
  • Chemistry – 60 marks
  • Geography – 80 marks
  • Current Affairs – 40 Marks

CDS Exam Format

Exam Format 

  • English (Time – 2 hours, Marks 100)
  • General Knowledge (Time – 2 hours, Marks 100)
  • Elementary Mathematics (Time – 2 hours, Marks 100)

CDS Exam Syllabus

Elementary Mathematics

  • Algebra
  • arithmetic
  • trigonometry
  • geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics

General knowledge

  • Physics
  • Economics
  • History
  • environmental science
  • Geography
  • the biology
  • chemistry
  • politics
  • safety medal
  • Current Affairs, etc.


  • Comprehension
  • fill in the blanks
  • sentence arrangement
  • sentence ordering
  • Synonyms and Anonymous
  • selecting words
  • spotting error, etc.

Army Officer Salary

Below we have given you the details of the salary given to various army officers, which are as follows:

  • Lieutenant – Rs.40,000 approx. per month.
  • Major – Rs.40,000 approx. per month.
  • Lieutenant Colonel – Rs.67,000 approx. per month.
  • Captain – Rs.40,000 approx. per month.
  • Major General – Around Rs.67,000 per month.
  • Brigadier – Around Rs.67,000 per month.
  • Lieutenant General – Rs.67,000 approx. per month.
  • General (Army Chief) – approx. Rs.80,000 per month.

Age Limit For Army Officer

Minimum 16 years and six months to a maximum of 24 years are the age limit criteria for selection as an army officer. Apart from this, those who are already working in the Army, they have the option of promotion to work as an officer, for which there is no restriction of any age limit.

In this way, till now you have learned about various aspects related to Army Officer, in which we have put almost all the necessary things in front of you.

Hope you have liked the given information and you will definitely benefit from this information in future. Thank you so much for staying with us.

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Army Officer Quiz Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the high level officer posts in the Indian Army?

Answer: Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Lieutenant General, Major General, General, Field Marshal etc.

Q2. By what special name are the high level officers of the Indian Army known?

Answer: Flag Officer

Q3. By which two major examinations, candidates are selected for the post of officer in the Indian Army?

Answer: National Defense Academy Exam (NDA Exam) and CDS (Combined Defense Service Exam)

Q4. Can promotion lead to higher level officer rank in the Indian Army?

Answer: Yes, all those who are already working in the lower level post in the Indian Army, they can get promotion in future according to education and service time and get higher level officer post.