How to Become an RTO Officer? Know All the Details

How to Become an RTO Officer? Know All the Details

How to Become an RTO Officer: Often we think of working according to the time in the busy life of daily life, to complete our various tasks, we have to move from one place to another. But nowadays in every city and metropolis, road traffic seems to be disrupted due to increasing crowd and uncontrollable population. To deal with all these problems and to reduce the road accidents, the officers of the Road Traffic Safety Department have been given the responsibility of managing these activities by the government.

Generally there is an independent department under the police department for road traffic safety, in which the working officer goes to the RTO officer. Many of you will probably be interested in choosing a career option as an RTO officer or some people will be curious to know about this topic, if so, then this article is very special for you.


Under the information given by the article, you will get to know about all the major aspects related to the RTO officer. In which you will be familiar with the necessary eligibility for this post, the name of various posts according to the category of RTO officer, the salary given to the RTO officer according to the post, various examinations, examination syllabus etc.

How to Become an RTO Officer? Know All the Details

Major Topic:-

  • What is the full form of RTO officer? Know Detail
  • Category wise RTO Officer List – R.T.O Officer Rank
  • Exam for the selection of R.T.O Officer – Exam for R.T.O Officer
  • Eligibility for RTO Officer
  • R.T.O Officer Exam Format
  • Syllabus of R.T.O Officer
  • Salary of R.T.O Officer
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions About R.T.O Officer

Full Form of R.T.O Officer

Although there is a law related to road safety and road traffic control all over India, but when it comes to safety, not only has to control the crowd on the road but it also includes dealing with anti-social activities.

Generally, the full form of RTO is ‘Regional Transport Office’, in which the officers working on various category posts under this department are recognized as RTO officers ‘Regional Transport Officers’.


Its Hindi translation is ‘Regional Transport / Traffic Officer‘, other important information in this subject will be discussed in further detail.

Category wise RTO Officer List – R.T.O Officer Rank

In the following way, you have been given a list of various officers present in the RTO department, which includes:

  • Transport Commissioner
  • Additional Transport Commissioner
  • Joint Transport Commissioner
  • Deputy Transport Commissioner – Inspection
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police – Vigilance Officer
  • Road Officer
  • Deputy Commissioner- Accounts Department
  • Deputy Commissioner – Computer Department
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Motor Vehicle Inspector
  • Motor Vehicle Sub Inspector/Assistant Inspector
  • RTO Assistant Engineer
  • R.T.O Clerk
  • R.T.O Judicial Officer

Exam for R.T.O Officer

Mainly, by the State Public Service Commission present in different states of India, candidates are selected for various categories of officer posts of RTO department.

Apart from this, the officers working at the lower level in the State Police Service are appointed to serve in the Road Traffic Department for a few years, who work as Road Officers.

For some specific posts, such as clerks, the examination is conducted independently by the Road Transport Department, in which the successful students are appointed.

Qualification or Eligibility for RTO Officer

Given below are some eligibility criteria, after fulfilling which you can apply for the State Public Service Commission exam to be taken for the RTO officer.

  • The minimum age of the interested candidate is 19 years and the maximum age should be up to 38 years, in this age relaxation is given to all those candidates who come under the Backward Castes / Tribes, Other Backward Classes. Here, 3 years for other backward classes and 7 years for backward castes/tribes are given relaxation in the age limit.
    Here in the minimum education eligibility criteria, it is considered necessary to pass Bachelor’s degree from any education stream.
  • The candidate interested in the examination should be a resident of the concerned state, for which it is mandatory for such a candidate to have the Domicile Certificate of the concerned state.
  • It is necessary to pass the graduation examination under any recognized educational institution / university.
  • For the posts of technical department present in RTO, it is necessary for the candidate to have passed Graduation / Diploma / Professional course with the relevant subject.

Apart from the above criteria, the essential eligibility for some other posts are as given below, such as:

R.T.O Assistant Engineer Qualification

  • The age of the interested candidate should be between 21 years to 35 years.
  • Such a candidate should have passed graduation in Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering.
  • Must have passed Graduation from recognized educational institution/university.
    Interested candidate should be a citizen of India.

RTO Clerk – RTO Clerk Qualification

  • Interested candidate should be a citizen of India.
  • Must have passed minimum class 12th or equivalent examination.
  • For this post, the minimum age of the candidate should be 18 years and maximum age should be up to 37 years.
  • The required typing speed is demanded here, in which the candidate should be able to type the word per minute as directed.

Motor Vehicle Inspector Qualification

  • For this post, the candidate should have passed minimum Bachelor’s degree or Diploma course in Mechanical / Automobile / Production Engineering stream.
  • The minimum age of the interested candidate should be 18 and maximum age should be 35.
  • Such a candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • For the posts of Inspector / Sub Inspector etc. in RTO, it is necessary for male candidates to have a minimum height of 163 CMS and minimum chest width of 79 CMS.
  • In this, after inflating the chest, it is relatively normal to increase in width up to 5 cm.
    Here the minimum height of the female candidate is required to be 155 cm, the same weight must be minimum 45 kg.

Like we have told you earlier that the officers working at the lower level in the State Police Service are appointed to the post of Road Officer in the Road Traffic Department.

Apart from this, officers from class 1 to class 3 are selected by the State Public Service Commission, as well as some officers already working under the department are appointed by promotion to the highest posts of this department after a few years.

R.T.O Officer Exam Format

By the way, most of the high level post recruitment of Regional Transport / Traffic Department in every state of India is completed by the State Public Service Commission, for which the format of the examination to be conducted is as follows:

  1. Pre Exam (Phase 1)
  2. Main Exam (Phase 2)

The list is issued on the official website of the commission according to the marks obtained of the candidates who have successfully passed both the above stages, in which the candidates are selected on the basis of the marks obtained according to the caste category.

Here in some states the interview is conducted as the last stage, in some states it is removed, still we will give details about the interview stage further during the course information.

Syllabus of R.T.O Officer Exam

Below we have given in detail the syllabus and other information of the examination to be conducted by the State Public Service Commission for the RTO officer, which is as follows:

Preliminary Exam Format and Syllabus

  • General Studies – 50 Marks
  • Intellectual Ability/Eligibility – 30 Marks
  • Current Affairs Related to Automobile and Mechanical Engineering – 20 Marks

The total time allotted for the pre-exam is 60 minutes, in which a total of 100 questions have to be solved.

Main Exam Format

  1. Section A – Automobile and Mechanical Engineering (Total Question No. 120, Total Marks 240)
  3. Automobile Engineering (Section C) – (Total Question No. 30, Total Marks 60)

Here section A is mandatory in the main exam, which is included in the main exam compulsorily, the same section B and section C have to be selected. In this way, this exam is of total 300 marks, for which the time of 90 minutes has been fixed.

Preliminary Exam Syllabus

  • General Studies
  • Contemporary (contemporary related to major events of the concerned state, India and the world), History (related states, history of India and important events of world history), Geography, Political Science of India, General Science, Indian Social Reforms/Changes and Industrial Development etc.
  • Intellectual Ability/Eligibility – Mental Ability.
  • Mostly reasoning questions are asked in this paper, apart from this, you have to solve questions based on various logical issues to motivate the skills present in you.
  • Current Affairs Related to Automobile and Mechanical Engineering – Trends in Automobile and Mechanical Engineering.

In this paper, questions related to incidents, renovation and other major issues related to automobile and mechanical engineering are asked in the current situation.

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Mains Exam Syllabus

  • Syllabus of Section A – 1. Mechanical Technology 2. hydraulics 3. Strength of materials 4. Automobile engine 5. Theory of Mechanics 6. Industrial Electronics 7. thermal engineering
  • Syllabus of Section B – 1. Industrial engineering 2. Hydraulic machinery 3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Syllabus of C Section – 1. Transport Management. Automobile system 3. vehicle maintenance

As you have been told earlier, the option of selecting any one of Section B and Section C for the examination is given to the candidates, in which you can choose the paper according to the convenience while applying.

Interview Stage:– In some states of India, interview is organized for some posts of this department, so many times the candidate is appointed on the basis of main examination.

If you want to know for which posts of RTO the interview is conducted, then by visiting the respective website of the RTO department of the state you are a resident of, it will prove to be a proper step to get the information.

Some changes may be seen in the given syllabus according to the state, so whenever you have to apply for any post of RTO, first of all visit the official website of the concerned department of your state.

With this, you will get the comprehensive and correct syllabus according to the post, which will make it easier for you to prepare for this exam.

RTO Officer Salary

By the way, there are officers working on various posts in the RTO department, in which salary is given annually from low post to high post, from about two lakh fifty thousand rupees to seven lakh rupees.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions on RTO Officer

Q1. Through which medium all the highest posts of RTO department are recruited?

Answer: State Public Service Commission.

Q2. Which officer post is considered to be the highest post of RTO department

Answer: To the post of Transport Commissioner.

Q3. Can I get a job in RTO department on the basis of class 12th education

Answer: Yes, some specific posts are recruited on the basis of class 12th or equivalent diploma post.

Q4. What is the full form of RTO?

Answer: Regional Transport Office.

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