10 Things to Keep in Mind to Become a Kitchen Expert

10 Things to Keep in Mind to Become a Kitchen Expert

Youngsters living away from home miss the food of the house a lot. If you have a bachelor’s kitchen in your second home, then become a kitchen expert with the help of these 10 tips.

10 Things to Keep in Mind to Become a Kitchen Expert

1. Work with Planning

Cooking needs to be planned. Before preparing any dish, make sure that all the ingredients are available in the kitchen. Take out a certain amount of all the spices, herbs and vegetables in bowls. Set them out on the kitchen counter according to the order in which you want to use them in your recipe. If all the items are in front, then the process of cooking will be easy.

2. Correct size of cutting board

It is important to have a large size cutting board in the kitchen. So buy a good 2/3 ft chopping board. For meat and vegetables, two separate boards can be taken, one red and the other green.

3. The world of salt is too big

Apart from common table salt, salt is also available in many different flavors and sizes. If you want to garnish and serve the dish differently, then gather information about different types of salt.

4. Use fresh herbs

The taste of any dish is incomplete without fresh herbs. The only problem with herbs is that they are used in small amounts in food but have to be bought in large quantities. Herbs like rosemary, bay leaves and thyme can be frozen and kept for a long time. Cover them with a dry paper towel.

5. When to chop vegetables

If you’re trying your hand at cooking, learn the right way to chop vegetables, especially onions, tomatoes, and avocados, from YouTube tutorials. Professionally chopping these vegetables can easily save hours of preparation time.

6. To make vegetables look fresh

To ensure that the vegetables remain green even after cooking, blanch them in salted boiled water. When they are slightly crunchy, take them out and plunge them in icy water. After that drain. This will keep the vegetable fresh.

7. Seeds need to be toasted

To enhance the flavor of seeded spices like fennel, cumin and coriander, toast them in advance in a toaster or fry them in a pan until golden.

8. many types of oil

In addition to regular oils, try healthy and tasty oils like extra virgin oil, wheat germ, flax seed and walnuts. These oils contain appropriate amounts of Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids. They can also be used in salads.

9. Learn Seasonal Ingredients

The best way to make food tasty is to use more seasonal ingredients in it. As asparagus is only available for a limited period of time, so make the most of it during its peak season.

10. Keep information about storage method

If you are handling the kitchen, then understand that the method of storing every vegetable and spice is different. Some keep in the fridge and some don’t. To know and understand all these things, thorough research is needed. Set aside an hour for internet research, so that your belongings can be saved from spoilage.

If you have any cooking related problems, be sure to take help from YouTube tutorials. There you can find easy recipes to make any dish.

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