7 Beauty Secrets of Katrina Kaif

7 Beauty Secrets of Katrina Kaif

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif always looks fabulous with or without makeup. This is fact. The actress always takes great care of her diet, fitness and beauty regime. She keeps her lifestyle healthy and it affects her personality as well. That’s why we are here to bring you some beauty secrets of Katrina, which you can easily follow and get skin like her.

Ice Therapy

Katrina follows an ice therapy called jamsu. In this, you have to put your face in a bowl of ice every morning. With this cold water remedy, your dull skin gets recharged instantly and the puffy face also goes away. Cold water increases the blood circulation of the face and tightens the large pores of the skin and removes the texture of the skin. If you want, you can also rub the ice cube on the face by tying it in a soft cotton cloth.

Drink lots of Water

The secret of this flawless beauty of Katrina Kaif is also a lot of water. She drinks a lot of water throughout the day. Water helps remove toxins from the body and keeps the skin naturally hydrated. Because of this, you should also drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day and if you do not remember to drink water, then you can also keep a reminder for it on your phone.


It is no secret that Katrina Kaif is a fitness freak. She always takes care and gives importance to her physical workout. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel energized and keep your skin healthy. Katrina’s workout videos inspire her fans a lot.

Yoga and Meditation

Katrina Kaif also follows a yoga and meditation routine. She always balances cardio and yoga workouts. At the same time, meditation helps them to remain calm and focus on work.

Healthy Food

Katrina Kaif loves to eat healthy food and home cooked food. She does not believe in dieting and because of this she always believes in eating healthy. In between her meals, she eats healthy snacks, dry fruits and shakes etc.

Use of Natural Products

Katrina Kaif uses natural and chemical free products for skin, body and hair care. Even she also takes care that she applies hair oil to her hair at least twice a week and she also loves her hair spa sessions.

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No Makeup off Screen look

Being in showbiz means that the actress needs to look like a cake and in this it is necessary for her to apply makeup and sometimes she has to wear makeup for a very long time. But when Katrina is not shooting, she always keeps her makeup minimal.