BCA Course Details – Complete Information about BCA Course

BCA Course Details - Complete Information about BCA Course

BCA Course Details: In this important article, you will be able to get information about the important computer related BCA in which you can have a very good career. And after getting this degree, according to higher education and employment, there are many good options in the future.

If you have any doubt about this topic, after reading this article, its solution will also be found through information, and you will become well aware of the basic information of this course.

Due to increasing education spread and technological improvement, we often see that education programs have also changed a lot. Talk about higher education, in all education streams, new options exist in today’s time, in which science is such an education stream where you get a lot of options. Even if you do not have to do engineering, there are a lot of good options available to you, so you need to have the right information so that you can choose the right option.

Many students are not able to get admission in computer engineering due to any reason, or some students may not be able to get admission in computer engineering even due to financial condition. Living where engineering is not the last option.

BCA Full Form

BCA full form “Bachelor of Computer Applications”, in which education is imparted based on basic information related to computer and information technology.

Along with the boys, the girls also have more inclination towards this education sequence, in which most of the students have built a good future in the field of computers.

The prevalence of this course has been very high nowadays, where most of the students are choosing this course as an alternative to computer engineering.

BCA Course Details

1. Admission Procedure for BCA

The admission process starts in colleges for admission in this course, usually within a month or two after the class of 12th is appointed. In which the colleges give admission in this education order on the basis of the marks obtained in 12th, for this, a list of eligible students is put for college admission.

Some universities also organize eligibility test for this education sequence, in which students who have passed with good marks are admitted.

And the students who have less marks but are willing to take this course, they either have to wait, or else have to try for this education sequence in other colleges.

But in all these places, it is not compulsory to take the eligibility test, however in the college, students are provided seats in which they have to pay extra education fee.

2. Eligibility for BCA

To get admission in BCA education, it is mandatory to pass the minimum 12th class with at least 45 percent marks from a recognized board.

Although some universities organize eligibility test for admission in this course, but it is usually in less space.

If you pass the Class 12th stream from science stream or with computer or math’s subject then it proves beneficial for you, but for admission in BCA, you do not have any restrictions in education stream. That is, if you pass 45% marks in the class of Arts and Commerce from the education stream, then you are considered eligible for admission to BCA.

3. BCA Course Fees

To complete this education order, the cost of about three years is up to 2 lakhs, however the fee may vary according to every university and college. Apart from this, if you go to other places away from your city to complete this education, then other expenses are also added to it.

4. Duration of BCA Course

By the way, this education sequence is 3 years, meaning this course of six semesters is there, but failing you most of the time increases the duration of this course.

Thus, to complete this course, it is mandatory to give 3 years minimum time.

5. After BCA Course

After completing the BCA, you can also take admission for Master in Computer Application (MCA) as a higher education. Apart from this, you are also eligible for other master’s degrees, in which B.C.A Admission is valid for students.

6. Job Opportunities after BCA

After completing this education sequence, you can get job opportunities in the computer related field, or you can also become a part of Team working on such projects.

You are also more likely to get a golden opportunity in the field of information and technology, apart from this you also get employment options in the field of software development, improvement and testing etc.

7. BCA Course Subjects

Most of this education sequence is focused on computer and information technology, in which students are taught on the major issues given below.

  • Information about basic things is read about networking.
  • Basic information about computers is taught to students.
  • The computer’s programming language is taught.

Apart from this, education of things like software making and website designing etc. is imparted to the students.

8. BCA Course Syllabus

The fixed time of this education sequence is 3 years, in which there are six semesters. For more information, we have given the three year course for you below.

Semester – 1

  • PC Software Lab
  • Foundational mathematics
  • Programming lab
  • Creative English
  • Introduction to Programming Using
  • Hardware lab
  • Statistics for B.C.A.

Semester – 2

  • Visual programming lab
  • Operating System
  • Communicative English
  • Data structure
  • Case Tools Lab
  • Data structure lab
  • Basic Discrete Mathematics

Semester – 3

  • Domain lab
  • software engineering
  • Introductory Algebra
  • Database management system
  • C Plus Plus Lab
  • Financial accounting
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Oracle lab
  • Object Oriented Programming using C Plus Plus

Semester – 4

  • Language Lab
  • computer network
  • Financial management
  • DBMS Project Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Programming in Java
  • Web technology lab
  • Professional English

Semester – 5

  • Unix Lab
  • Web designing project
  • Business Intelligence Lab
  • Graphics and animation
  • Python programming
  • Unix programming
  • User interface design
  • Business intelligence
  • Graphics and Animation Lab
  • Python programming lab

Semester – 6

  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer architecture
  • Advanced Database Management System
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Client server computing
  • Multimedia applications
  • Introduction to Soft Computing

In the syllabus where the lab is given, it shows the practical of the specific subject given, in which the students have to sit in the lab and prepare for doing the practical based on that subject.


The other three year degree courses, such as BCA, is an education course in which students are taught more information related to computers and information technology. By completing this type of education, students can get knowledge of education equivalent to engineering, only the inclination and interest of the students depends on how much they have in this course.

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Through this article, our objective was to make the basic information about BCA accessible to all, so that more and more students can be benefited.

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