Baby Walking Tips: When Kids Start Walking

Baby Walking Tips: When Kids Start Walking

Baby Walking Tips: Learning to walk is one of the most important achievements in a child’s life. This is a big step towards his freedom. After learning to stand, he will now start walking without any support, staggering and then running, jumping with full confidence. In this way, gradually now she is leaving her childhood behind and moving forward and till the time the baby does not learn to walk, every mother worries the same, such as:

  1. When will my baby start walking?
  2. How to teach small children to walk?
  3. When do children walk?
  4. How can I help my child learn to walk?
  5. Are my baby’s bones weak?

These few questions keep arising in the mind of every mother, so let’s know about all these things.

When Does Baby Start walking? (When Kids Start Walking)

Most babies start walking by their first birthday. At 15 months, babies start walking without support, although their steps are often uneven. Don’t worry if your baby hasn’t started walking yet because some babies still don’t walk until they are 17 or 18 months old.

My elder daughter started walking a little after she was 18 months but the younger daughter started walking only at 9 months. Children who drag their buttocks start walking later than children who walk on their knees.

How will my baby learn to walk?

1. Newborn to 4 months old

From birth it is the tendency of the baby to rest his legs on the felt surface under his feet. If you stand on your lap supporting the head of the newborn, you will feel that he uses his legs. He is not trying to walk but that is his instinct. For now his legs are not strong enough to stand up. This trend will end after a few months.

2. 5 to 10 months old baby

When the baby is 5 months old, if you allow him to balance the legs by standing on your thighs, he will jump up and down. Jumping like this will be his favorite activity for the next few months. Many kids love to jump up and down in the bouncer swing.

If you also use a swing on the door, then make your baby sit on it for a limited time only. Under your supervision, it is enough to make the baby sit on the swing for 15-15 minutes thrice a day. As your baby learns to roll over, sit and walk on his knees, his muscles also get stronger.

At 9-10 months of age, he will probably begin to try to lift himself up to stand by holding onto some furniture. If you make him stand on the couch, he will try to hold onto the sofa for support. Over the next few weeks, your baby will learn to stand upright and will start to walk by holding onto furniture.

After this, he will gain enough self-confidence that he can stand on his own leaving the support. When your baby is ready to leave the furniture and stand on his own, he may be able to hold your hand and walk a few steps. But keep in mind that your baby may bend over to pick up a toy while standing.

3. 10 months to 1 year old baby

After the tenth month of standing, the baby learns how to sit with his knees bent. It is not as easy for you to do this. By the time he is 11 months old, the baby will probably be able to stand up, bend down and squat without any support. When he is 12 months old, he can start walking by holding your hand. However, it may take a little longer for him to take his first steps on his own. Most of the children take the initial steps on the toes of the feet by turning the fingers outwards.

4. your baby at 13 months

By this age babies are probably starting to walk on their own but perhaps with a slight stagger. If your baby hasn’t stopped walking on furniture yet, it means he’ll take some more time. Some babies start walking when they are 17 or 18 months old.

How to teach your kids to walk? (Baby Walking Tips)

While encouraging your baby to walk, try to keep the following in mind:

1. When your baby learns to stand up, he may need your help to sit back. If he is unable to do this and starts crying, instead of making him sit upright, show him how to sit with his knees bent so that he can sit without rolling over. Then let him try it himself.

2. You can encourage the baby to walk on your side by standing in front of him or by sitting on his knees, holding both his hands.

3. You can also buy him a toddler truck or similar toy that he can grab and push. Choose toys that are stable and have a wide base. Baby walkers can roll over, so don’t use it.

4. It is better to keep the baby’s feet open as much as possible. Being locked in tight shoes or socks, the baby’s legs are unable to straighten and develop properly. You don’t need to buy shoes for the baby as long as the baby doesn’t start going out of the house and there is no rough or cold ground. Walking barefoot improves his balance and coordination.

5. Also make sure that there is a safe environment for the baby to walk in. There should not be any obstruction on the floor so that he can walk easily. Never leave your baby alone while walking as he may fall or need your help.

6. Your baby’s legs can get tired and a bit sore due to excessive walking. That’s why regular massage of baby’s feet, especially at night, will give him relief and his muscles will also be strong.

Many times Mao worries that his baby is 15 months old and he has not started walking, so keep in mind that if your baby is able to handle his weight on the legs and is showing interest in learning new things then you should worry There is no need to. If your baby has taken a longer time to kneel than other children, it is likely that he will take a little longer to walk as well.

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Every baby develops their skills in their own way, some are quick and some take time. Also, you should keep in mind that if your baby started dragging with the buttocks before walking on his knees, it may take a while for him to start walking.

Despite all these things, if you find your baby lagging behind or does not move even after 18 months, then you should talk to your doctor. If your baby is born prematurely, before 37 weeks of pregnancy, keep in mind that it may take longer than other babies to acquire any skill.

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