Best 13 Ways to Put Baby to Sleep: Reasons For Baby Waking up at Night

Best 13 Ways to Put Baby to Sleep: Reasons For Baby Waking up at Night

Baby to Sleep: Often newborn babies wake up every 1 hour in the night, this disturbs your sleep and when you wake up in the morning, you feel very tired because in these days babies wake up and sleep in a short time. There are some children who sleep on their lap but wake up as soon as they lie on the bed. In such a situation, by following some tips, you can make them sleep well at night. Also, give love and affection to your children because baby needs more love and belonging. Making such children sleep becomes a big task.

Reasons For Baby Waking up at Night

Babies can also wake up at night for the following reasons:

  • when hungry
  • when the room is dark
  • when the nappy is wet
  • in case of any trouble or discomfort
  • Children are unable to sleep due to stomach ache etc.

Best 13 Ways to Put Baby to Sleep

1. Don’t starve

When your baby is 1 month old or less, he sleeps 10 to 18 hours out of 24 hours. Their sleep-wake cycle goes according to them. In such a situation, the stomach of the baby is so small that the mother’s milk is digested quickly in it. That’s why he gets hungry very soon, in such a situation, the baby wakes up due to hunger. In such a situation, do not leave the child hungry and the sooner you feed the milk, the sooner he will sleep. When the babies grow up a little, put them to sleep only after feeding them at night so that they can sleep well and you too can sleep peacefully.

2. Check Baby’s Nappies

One of the reasons why a baby wakes up in the night is also because he does not like sleeping on the wet at all. In such a situation, as soon as his nappy is wet, he starts crying. In such a situation, you should change his nappy because due to wet nappy for a long time, he may also have problems of rashes and rash.

3. Don’t make the room dark at all

At this age, when babies wake up from sleep, they start crying, especially when it is completely dark in the room. In such a situation, put a night bulb in your room. If you want, you can put red bulbs in your room. Because red color attracts children very much. In such a situation, the baby will be silent after seeing the red colored bulb.

4. Casual Clothes

Do not make children wear tight clothes. Wear light and loose clothes while sleeping. Sleep only wearing a night suit at night.

5. Set up Routines

Set the baby’s bedtime routine for how long he will sleep in the afternoon and how long he will sleep at night. This will make his habit of falling asleep at that time.

6. Quiet Environment

Wherever the children sleep, the environment should be calm. Children are unable to sleep even in excessive noise. Therefore, keep in mind that the environment there should be right so that there is no disturbance in the sleep of the children. Allocate a place or a room for the children and put their bed in the best place in it and make them sleep there.

7. Put the baby to the chest

When your baby wakes up in the night, you can hug him to your chest because doing this will make the baby feel close to you and he will fall asleep.

8. Do not let sleep in the evening

When the baby is a little older, try not to sleep in the evening because babies who sleep in the evening will not sleep at night. Although children like to sleep more in the evening, so avoid letting them sleep in the evening. For this, you can distract their attention and move here and there.

9. Let baby play

There are some children who do not sleep at night. He keeps playing quietly by slamming his hands and feet. When he gets tired of playing, he goes to sleep. In such a situation, if he is playing quietly, then let him play.

10. Sense of Security

Let the children cover themselves with blankets or sheets and gently stroke their heads to make them feel like you are with them.

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11. Remove allergens from the room

Keep the child’s room completely clean. Make sure that there is no dust or soil accumulated. Take care of mosquitoes too.

12. Cleanse the Nose

Make small children sleep with their nose clean, it will not block their nose nor will they have difficulty in breathing and they will get good sleep and you will also get peace.

13. Get a Massage

Before putting the babies to sleep, give them a light massage. This will also give them rest and sleep will also get better. Children do not get sleep all the time, everywhere and in every environment. If you want your child to sleep comfortably and let you sleep too, then you follow the above-mentioned methods, you will definitely get relief.

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