When Baby Start Crawling: Remedies and Reasons for Delayed Crawling

When Baby Start Crawling: Remedies and Reasons for Delayed Crawling

When Baby Start Crawling: An important moment in the development of children is their walking. Children start walking by first walking on their knees. However, this stage of gradual development begins as soon as the child steps on the bed. After this, the knees of the children become strong and they start walking on their knees. This is called crawling in English. Babies usually start crawling after six months, but if they do not walk on their knees even after this, then it can be a problem. Today we have brought for you the delay in walking on the knees of children and other information related to it.

When Baby Start Crawling

Usually babies start walking on their knees after six months. In the beginning, children only move their arms and legs, balancing back and forth and gradually walking on their knees. Some children walk early and some leave late. If babies do not start walking on their knees even after eight months, then you should pay special attention to them.

Reasons for Delayed Crawling

Many children do not walk on their knees even after eight months. This may also be due to the different growth rates in children. But some of the main reasons why children do not walk on their knees can also be the following, which you must pay attention to:

1. Not giving tummy time properly

By laying the children on their stomach, they learn to hit their hands and feet. This is called tummy time. It is very important for the physical development and development of motor skills of the child. Sometimes this basic mistake is made by the parents and they do not give tummy time to the child.

2. Continuous lap

If you keep the child in your lap all the time, then he may not be able to learn to walk on his knees quickly. For the physical development and strong bones of children, it is necessary that they move their hands and feet. If the child does not use his legs and arms, he may not be able to start walking early.

3. Weak Bones

Children develop their skills in different ways. Some do it very quickly, while some take time. If the child does not start getting up even after six months or even after eight months, then you must consult a doctor. This can be a sign that the baby has weak bones or has a problem.

4. Curves or bends in the bones

The bones of babies are soft at the time of birth. If it looks a little bent then do not be afraid, after some time it becomes straight with massage. But if the bones are not straight even after eight months, then consult a doctor. Keep in mind that never massage the hands or feet of children too vigorously. It can damage bones. If the bones feel bent, then first consult a doctor and then do some work.

5. Cerebral palsy or paralysis of children

Cerebral Palsy is a disease in children due to which their bones and muscles do not develop properly. It causes serious harm to children. In fact, cerebral palsy or paralysis of children occurs due to any trauma at birth, fetal stroke, lack of oxygen during delivery or fall of the newborn. Therefore, if your child is not able to walk on his knees even for eight months, then please see a doctor and get his opinion on this disease. Its treatment becomes easier if it is detected at the right time.

When is it necessary to see doctors

Babies usually start sitting up to six months and walking on their knees after eight months. If your child is not able to move arms and legs or is unable to handle his weight, then you should consult a doctor. You must consult a doctor if the following things happen to your child:

  • If the child is not able to move the arms and legs properly even after six months.
  • If he can’t hold anything with his hand.
  • If he rolls down even after sitting with support.
  • Even after eight months, if the child does not walk on his knees.
  • If the baby had a concussion at birth or if the baby was deprived of oxygen at the time of delivery.
  • The child has suffered a major head injury before six months.
  • If even after six months there is a curvature in the bones of the hands and feet of the child.

What to do to teach kids to walk on their knees

1. Encourage Kids

Encourage your baby to walk on his knees after six months. You keep his favorite toys at a distance from him. Then put the baby on his tummy and ask him to slide. With this, the baby will start to slide slowly and then crawl with the help of knees and elbows.

2. Don’t Miss Tummy Time

Tummy time is very important for a child’s early development. For this, start laying the baby on his stomach only after three to four months. In the beginning, only make him lie on his stomach for a minute or two and then gradually increase this time. This strengthens the muscles that he needs to walk on his knees.

3. Do not keep in your lap for long

Do not hold the baby in your arms for a long time. In most homes, someone always carries the baby in the lap, so your baby will spend less time on the ground. The members of the household should take care of this. Give your baby plenty of time to learn new skills, but always keep an eye on him.

4. Have a Massage

It is very important to massage the feet and hands of children. It helps in toning and strengthening the bones. Whatever oil you use for baby massage, just keep in mind that massage must be done well at least twice a day. Do not massage with such light hands that it is of no use and do not do it so loudly that the child starts crying.

5. Take care of calcium and other nutrients

Breastfeed the baby exclusively for six months. During this, you should take special care of your diet. You should consume more calcium-rich things. If the baby’s hands and feet feel weak even after six months, then consult a doctor and you can also start calcium drops for this.

6. Protect Against Injury

Sometimes children shy away from walking on their knees due to injuries. In the beginning, teach the children to walk on the bed under your supervision. When the child starts walking on the bed on his knees, then you bring him to the ground. The skin on baby’s knees is very delicate, so you can start with a sheet or carpet on the floor. If you are driving the child on the bed, then make full preparations for his safety and also keep him under your supervision.

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Children start walking upright (When Baby Start Crawling)

You will be surprised to know, but many children start walking by standing straight instead of walking on their knees. In fact, in such a case, children learn to stand with support faster than walking on their knees. When a child stands up early, he also starts walking early. Even in this situation, sometimes babies start walking late by 12 months or even more. It must be kept in mind here that kneeling of children completely depends on their ability.

Some children take a little more time, some early. If the child’s motor skills, the habit of running hands and feet have been formed well before six months, then they learn to walk on their knees too. Some children learn to walk late, but even after eight months, children do not learn to walk on their knees and if they cannot stand by holding on to anything, then definitely consult a doctor. (When Baby Start Crawling)

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