Baby Sleep Myths: Common Sleep Myths about Babies

Baby Sleep Myths: Common Sleep Myths about Babies

Baby Sleep Myths: Every mother is very worried about her baby’s sleep that how she should and should not put her baby to sleep. The only concern of the mother is how to put her baby to sleep so that he can sleep well and he does not wake up again and again. There are also many myths about the sleep of children.

In such a situation, women either look at the information available on the Internet or ask in their family or their friends how to put the children to sleep? Sometimes the mother gets confused due to all these things. So let’s know some interesting facts that are related to your baby’s sleep.

Baby Sleep Myths: Common Sleep Myths about Babies

Myth 1. You put your baby to sleep in the corner

This is the most common sleep myth of babies. When you put your children to sleep, make sure that the children are sleeping straight. Never tell your children on their stomach or in the corner. This can lead to Sudden Death Syndrome in babies.

If you take advice from the doctor, then the doctor will also advise you that the best way to make the baby sleep is on the back.

Myth 2. Your baby doesn’t sleep through the night until he is 6 months old

The sleep of the baby does not come according to their age, but it depends on many factors. Like how much food he is eating, what food he is eating, how much he weighs, what is the environment in which he is sleeping, it all depends on things like these too.

Even the health of the baby and the temperature of the room indicate how long the baby can sleep. Babies grow up a bit after 4 months and are able to sleep on their own. If your baby’s sleeping environment is right, he can sleep through the night.

Myth 3. Never wake your baby while sleeping

This is the most common baby sleep myth in which it is said that babies should not be woken up while they are sleeping. Some sleep better than babies and toddlers and are able to fall asleep more easily and fall asleep for several hours a day. If your baby sleeps for a long time during the day, he may find it difficult to fall asleep at night.

So if you want your baby to sleep soundly at night and get full sleep, then it is important that you determine his daytime bedtime. This will help your baby sleep well at night and won’t wake up. With this you will not have any problem and you will also be able to sleep your full sleep.

Myth 4. Teach your baby to sleep on his own

This myth is also very common regarding baby sleep. Most of all women want their babies to be independent but this is absolutely wrong. Babies can’t do anything on their own until 12 weeks.

Do not push your baby for this until he is 3 months old. When you see that your baby is sleepy, pick him up and put him to sleep on the bed. With this, he will gradually learn to sleep on his own.

Myth 5. When your baby wakes up, you feed or feed him

However, it is true that when babies are hungry, they wake up at night. But it would be wrong to say that whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night, he is always hungry. There can be many other reasons why a baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

For example, when they are uncomfortable, sick, they are unable to sleep due to the slightest noise or due to sleeping for a long time during the day, they often wake up at night. Therefore, before you feed anything to your baby, make sure that why their sleep is disturbed.

If you always feed your baby something in the middle of the night, it will become a habit for him forever. He will always ask for food every day when it is midnight and over time this will become his need.

Myth 6. Baby should not always be covered up

You must have heard this myth from many family members. It has been said in the study that babies who are younger than four to five months sleep better. It is possible that whenever you put your baby to sleep, they find it a little difficult or they start crying.

That doesn’t mean they don’t like covering up. It can also mean that either you have covered your baby too tightly or that he is feeling hot.

Myth 7. It is good to teach your baby to sleep at night

Day and night are too short for a baby. If your baby can’t sleep at night, don’t put pressure on him. If he gets more sleep during the day, then make him sleep during the day.

All you need to do is make sure that he does some activity before bedtime so that he falls asleep quickly after feeling tired as there is no fixed bedtime for the baby. They fall asleep whenever they feel tired.

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