Baby Massage Tips: When and How to Massage Babies?

Baby Massage Tips: When and How to Massage Babies?

Baby Massage Tips: Children’s massage is a very old and beneficial tradition of our country. Massages are very beneficial for you and your baby. Massaging the baby daily gives him a lot of rest and sleeps well. Massage makes baby’s skin soft and toned. Massage also helps in boosting the immune system of the baby.

And most importantly, it also enhances the skin-to-skin touch between mother and child. Due to this, oxytocin hormone is formed in the body of the baby and the mother, which helps in creating a loving bond and feeling between the baby and the mother, which we also call Mother’s Baby Bonding. Massaging the baby helps in preventing the problem of gas and abdominal pain. Daily massage strengthens the bones and muscles of the child.

When Should Baby Massage? (Kids Massage Timing)

When the mother massages the baby, they feel very happy and safe. The timing of the baby’s massage means a lot to them. So let’s know how much baby massage should be done:

1. Baby massage should be started from 10 to 12 days after the birth of the baby. If your baby is born early or has low weight, then he should be given massage after at least 20 days because their skin is very sensitive and if the baby is under weight then the doctor also gives you the same opinion.

2. Babies should usually be massaged before taking a bath, so that the oil goes well in the baby’s body and they get some rest.

3. Massage the newborn baby 6 to 7 times a day. But after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep at night, definitely give a massage. Then you can do more or less according to your time.

4. Children must be massaged for at least 15 to 20 minutes so that the child can be massaged well.

5. If the babies are crying during the massage, then stop for a while and focus their attention on other side like playing with them or feeding them, then massage again. Just keep in mind that the child’s stomach is not too full, otherwise the child may also vomit.

How to Massage Baby? (Baby Massage Tips)

You need to massage the baby very carefully with light hands because it has a lot of effect on the children. That’s why it is important that you learn the method of massage from your elder or do it by the methods mentioned below, because the massage gives a right shape to the child’s body and if there is any negligence in the massage of the child, then the child will also be harmed May be. Let us know how to massage children?

1. First of all, choose whatever oil you are taking according to the skin of the child. Then take a few drops of oil in your hand and rub the palm so that your palm becomes slightly warm. Massaging the baby with a warm palm gives a lot of relief.

2. With very light hands, massage the child’s feet by moving them from bottom to top. Massage their thighs also with light hands and then come down.

3. Then massage the fingers of the feet one by one with light hands. But remember, do not crack the child’s fingers, it can also cause pain to the child.

4. Similarly massage on the arm and hand of the child. Starting from the shoulder, massage it till the hands and fingers.

5. Make a circular massage on the chest and abdomen of the child. You can also press lightly on the stomach, which will improve the digestion of the baby.

6. Then bend the legs of the child from the knees and press lightly on the stomach, due to which the gas of the stomach will start passing and the child will get a lot of rest.

7. Now to massage the baby’s back, make the child sleep on the stomach and massage lightly with your palm from back to toe. Remember not to put too much stress on the spine of the child.

8. To massage the baby’s head, take oil on your hands and lightly drizzle the oil on their head because the head of a newborn baby is very weak and there are two places on their head like a very soft layer, there is no pressure on it. Must fall When that area becomes hard, then you can do massage by pressing lightly.

Note here that always choose an oil for baby massage which is safe for their gentle skin. Baby oil should be chemical and dye free. Nowadays there are many products in the market that are made from natural products and are chemical free like Johnson & Johnson baby oil which is parabens and dye free.

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Now the easiest way to know which product contains chemicals and which does not, is to see its color. If the product is colored, it may contain dyes or chemicals. If the product is as clear as water, you can say that it is chemical and dye free.

After adopting all these methods, your baby will sleep very well and they will get lost in their dreams. Children should always be massaged and do it only after choosing a good oil. If the child is facing any kind of problem, do not force it with them. Not all babies are the same and do not massage if the child is sick or has a viral fever.

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