Baby Massage oil Benefits – Best oil for Baby Massage

Baby Massage oil Benefits – Best oil for Baby Massage

It is known to all that massage a newborn babies helps a lot in his physical developments. With the rights selection of massage oil for a newborn baby (Benefits) and massaging the baby in the right ways, his bones and muscles get strengthened. It is a big problem for the new moms which oil to choose.

Baby Massage oil Benefits

Which oil should be used to massage the baby, before answering many such questions, let’s talk about the benefits of oil massage for the baby. There are many benefits of oil massage to baby, and we are sure you are unaware of these benefits:

  • Massaging the baby with oil strengthens his bones and muscles.
  • The mother’s touch during the baby’s massage adds to the unique emotional bond between the baby and the mother.
  • Massaging relaxes the baby, which helps in getting a sound sleep.
  • Often the primary skin problems of the baby are cured with oil massage, for example, applying coconut oil on the rashes gives relief to the baby from itching.
  • With proper oil massage, the development of the baby takes place in a better way.

Baby Massage Oil Disadvantages 

Generally, oil massage to the baby does not cause any harm, but while massaging it should be kept in mind that the method should be right. If the method of oil massage is wrong then you may have to give it. Apart from this, if the baby has any kind of health related problem, then do not massage without doctor’s advice.

How to Massage a Newborn Baby? (Guide to Baby Massage)

Just as it is important to choose the right oil for the massage of a newborn, it is also important to know the right way of massaging.

  • Oil massage of the baby should be done at least one hour after feeding or feeding, otherwise there is a possibility of vomiting.
  • Before massaging, make the atmosphere of the room conducive. Normalize the room temperature and lighting, and massage in a quiet area.
  • Before using the oil with which you will massage the baby, put two to four drops on the palm of the baby and see if there is any reaction.
  • Before massaging the baby, remove the jewelry from your hand and finger so that it does not hurt the baby.
  • Massage the baby thoroughly from head to neck, then all over the body by applying oil. During the massage, apply pressure with the tips of the fingers, but the pressure should be normal. Excessive pressure can prove to be painful for the baby.
  • Usually, your baby falls asleep after a massage, so prepare for his sleep well in advance.

Tips for Selection of Massage Oil for Baby

Choosing the wrong oil for baby massage puts him at risk of skin rashes or bacterial infections. Therefore, before choosing oil, keep these things in mind:

  • Massage oil should be such that it retains the moisture of the skin, because oil massage moisturizes the skin of the baby.
  • Massage oil should be chemical free so that there is no harm to the baby’s skin.
  • Never use thick or thick oil in hot and humid climates.
  • The smell of oil should never be overpowering, always mild.

Which Oil is Best for Baby Massage

It is best to consult a doctor about the oil with which to massage the baby. It is good to choose the oil according to the type and season of the skin.


Normal Skin

First of all, know which oil can be beneficial for massaging babies with normal skin.

1. Mustard oil- It is believed for centuries that mustard oil is not only good for cooking but this oil is also good for baby massage.

2. Sesame oil- The anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of this oil make it the perfect oil for baby massage. Massaging with sesame oil provides relief from body pain and swelling.

3. Coconut oil- Coconut oil has always been considered good for hot and humid climates. This oil is light in nature and gets absorbed completely in the body. Coconut oil contains vitamin E, which is healthy for baby’s skin.

4. Almond Oil- Almond oil helps in protecting against the ill effects of UV rays. This oil is used most of the time to improve the complexion of the skin.

Sensitive skin

If your baby has problems with allergies, eczema or rashes, etc., then definitely consult a doctor to choose massage oil. The vegetable oil that contains linoleic acid is good for sensitive skin.

1. Calendula Oil- This oil is used after bath. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving skin related problems and diaper rashes.

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By now you must have understood that what things should be kept in mind while choosing the oil for the massage of the newborn. Choose the right oil and make your baby healthy.

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