Baby Girls Names Starting with BH – BH Se Name List Girl

Baby Girls Names Starting with BH - BH Se Name List Girl

When a child comes into the house, not only the atmosphere of the house but also the life of the parents changes completely. A child becomes a piece of the heart of his parents and the life of both of them starts revolving around the same child. Although, many things happen before welcoming a baby but after the arrival of the baby it is very important to name it (bh se girl name). Naam (Bh Se Naam List), holds a lot of importance in one’s life because it becomes the identity of that person. Because of this, today we have brought for you the list of girls names from the alphabet BH (BH to name list girl).

Bh Name List with Meaning – Girls Names BH

In this article of ours, we have come up with a list of new (bha se naam list girl new) and old and trendy names (bhu naam list baby) with the meaning of girls (bha se ladkon ke naam) from the letter bha. If you want to name your daughter with bha letter (bha se ladkiyon ke naam), then this list of girl names from bha letter (bha se name list girl new 2022) list will be very useful for you. Is gonna. Along with all the names included in this list, their meaning has also been told because we know that the more important that name is for you, the more important that name (Girl names with alphabets) means, also.

1. Bhuvika – Heaven

2. Bhuvi – Heaven

3. Bhuvaneshwari – Name of Goddess

4. Bhumika – Prithvi (Bhu Name List Baby Girl)

5. Bhumija – Another name for Goddess Sita

6. Bhuma – Earth

7. Bharti – Strong (Bh se girl name 2021)

8. Bhramari – Mother Goddess Dega in the form of female bee

9. Bhupli – a raga

10. Bhudevi – Goddess Lakshmi (Girl from name list)

11. Bhiravi – Form of Goddess Mahavidya

12. Bheeni – moist

13. Bhavna – Manobhal (Girls Names from Bha)

14. Bhavani – Goddess Parvati

15. Bhavyashree – Magnificent Wealth

16. Emotion – Emotions

17. Bhavia – Virtuous

18. Bhavita – fortune teller

19. Bhavisha – Future

20. Bhavika – Worthy

21. Future – Fabulous

22. Bhavpreeta – the one who is liked by the universe (bh name list girl in hindi)

23. Bhavanya – Goddess Durga

24. Bhavanagamaya – That which can be achieved by thinking

25. Bhavamochani – Absolver of the Universe (Girls Names on Bhav)

26. Spirit – Lalita Devi

27. Bhava – Creating Being

28. Bhowmi – Goddess Sita

29. Bhaskari – Suraj

30. Bharvi – Holy Basil Plant

31. Bharti – India

32. Bhargavi – Grass

33. Bharghavi – Goddess Durga

34. Bharavi – Bright Sun

35. Bhanusari – Rays of Lakshmidevi

36. Bhanuni – Charming Woman

37. Pandora- Beautiful

38. Bhanavi – Surya

39. Bhamini – Fantastic

40. Bhama – Charming

41. Bhakti- Prayer

42. Bhajaat – Worship

43. Bhairavi – Goddess Parvati

44. Bhagyashree – Goddess Lakshmi

45. Bhagyashabari – Name of a Raga

46. ​​Bhagwanti – River Ganges

47. Sister – Sister of Lord Indradas

48. Bhagwati – Saraswati Devi

49. Bhagirathi – River Ganges

50. Bhadrakali – Goddess Durga

51. Bhavita – Name of Goddess Durga

52. Bhanuja – Yamuna River

53. Bhanavi – Descendant of the Holy

54. Bhama – Charming

55. Bhagya – Happiness

56. Bhanvi – Rays of the Sun

57. Bhavanagamaya – Goddess Durga

58. Bhagyashree – Goddess Lakshmi

59. Bhriti – Man

60. Bhranti- day dream

We hope that you must have liked this list of girl names (girl names from B letter) to name (Girls name with letter BH) and you too would like this list of names for your daughter (Bh to name list) with the help of this. Girl) would have been easy to find. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.