Baby First Birthday – 10 Tips For Celebrating your Baby 1st Birthday

Baby First Birthday - 10 Tips For Celebrating your Baby 1st Birthday

Baby First Birthday: A Baby’s first birthday is the first major function after his birth. This is an opportunity to remember all those golden moments that pass between the birth of their child, which they get after becoming a parent. Waking up all those nights when the child is sick, remembering the moment when the child turns for the first time or when he comes on his knees to his parents or the first time the baby says something. The first birthday is that special occasion when the baby meets many relatives at once. To make these days even more special, it is necessary to plan in advance. The right planning gives you the perfect opportunity to live and enjoy this memorable moment. Today we are giving you some special tips to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, which will prove beneficial for you.

Tips to Celebrate Your Baby First Birthday

1. Invite guests in advance

Nowadays, due to the paucity of time, it is very important to take care of everything in advance. Inviting guests is very important. You should also do this work a few days before the birthday. Only after making a complete list of the number of guests coming to the party can other party items or venues be selected. Along with this, send them an invitation in advance so that they reach the party at the right time. In today’s digital age, you can make a great card and send it on WhatsApp along with calling everyone. There are many online sites where you can make great invitation cards for your baby’s birthday.

2. Make Sure the Location

Make sure to plan the location well in advance to celebrate the birthday. If your house is big then it can be celebrated at home also otherwise a hall or hotel can also be booked. The rest also depends on the number of people. If family members or other special people are going to attend the function, then make arrangements in the house and decorate the place accordingly. Try to keep the space a little open so that the child can have fun and do not get scared in the presence of more people.

3. Make the menu in advance

Like every party, decide the food menu in advance for the baby’s first birthday. Make a list of what to keep for the party in advance. This list should depend on the number of guests. Usually, the food of 20 to 30 people should be made more and more. Apart from this, if you are going to do the decoration of the house yourself, then keep the decoration items, balloons, food plates, glasses etc. in advance.

4. preparation for worship

According to Hindu customs, the first puja is performed on the first birthday of the baby. For this also it is necessary to prepare in advance. Invite Pandit ji in advance for worship. Make a list of the items of worship and keep them in order so that you do not face any inconvenience on the day of your birthday.

5. Theme Party

With the passage of time, the style of the party has also changed. Today is the time for theme parties. Therefore, you should also choose a theme in advance like a cartoon theme, fairy theme or animal theme etc. The theme can also be selected based on what your child likes more. Everything from the cake to the decorations is kept the same in the theme party. Along with this, matching return gifts etc. are also kept. Prepare everything in advance and order cakes etc. a few days in advance.

6. Take care of the birthday baby

The routine of a one year old baby is very different. At this age, the child falls asleep once in a while and becomes irritable very quickly. In such a situation, do not forget the baby due to other busyness while organizing the birthday. The child may become upset or nervous at the sight of overcrowding. In such a situation, call less people or keep the child busy. While cutting the birthday cake of the child, keep in mind that the child’s sleep is complete at that time otherwise the child will fall asleep while cutting the cake. Invite more children to the party so that the child’s mind keeps flowing and he does not cry.

7. baby clothes

On the day of the birthday, the child is dressed in heavy and fancy dress so that the child looks different but such clothes are not comfortable for the child. After a while these clothes start pricking the child and the child starts crying with irritability. Dress the child in comfortable and light clothes to avoid this situation.

8. Call the Photographer

Baby’s first birthday is very special for the whole family, so it is very important to make it memorable. To remember these precious moments forever, call a photographer or a household member can also be entrusted with this task. Take great pictures of kids and family in it. If you want, you can also make a slide of the pictures of the child and show it to everyone who comes there. Include photographs from the birth of the child to one year.

9. Take care of children’s entertainment

Take special care of the entertainment of the children who came to the party. Keep different games for them at the party, as well as arrange for them to enjoy the music of their choice. If possible, involve yourself in these activities. After the party is over, keep a return gift for the children who came to the party, by doing this the children will be happy.

10. Keep track of expenses

Nowadays, pretense is increasing among people and for this people spend lakhs of rupees in a big party. It is better to keep that money safe for the child so that it can be used for his education in future. It is a good idea to involve others in happiness but it is not good to spend money in vain. Therefore, on the first birthday of the child, you can also make these moments memorable according to your budget. You can also organize a great party at a low cost. Celebrating a birthday at home instead of a hotel or a garden can save a lot of money. Similarly, instead of arranging food from outside, you can make great food from the confectioner at home. Try to save whatever money is left for the future of the child. These simple tips will make your child’s function even more wonderful and unforgettable.

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