Why Baby Cry during Sleep: Why do Babies Suddenly Cry in their Sleep?

Why Baby Cry during Sleep: Why do Babies Suddenly Cry in their Sleep?

Why Baby Cry during Sleep: It is very natural for small children to cry suddenly and frequently. Babies cry to express themselves and get your attention. Crying is the only means for them to tell their troubles. Sometimes babies cry even at night. Children sometimes cry a little in their sleep and sometimes a lot. Crying of babies in sleep disturbs the parents. Let us know why babies cry in their sleep and what to do to calm them at night.

Why Baby Cry during Sleep

1. REM state

A baby’s sleep is completely different from that of an adult. A newborn baby sleeps for 17 to 18 hours a day. The baby is mostly in the REM state while sleeping. This means “rapid eye movement sleep“, in this state the breathing is fast and the closed eyes also move rapidly, along with it dreams come. At this stage, the baby can also make a slight cry-like sound, then some sounds can also come out of the mouth. The REM stage is also one of the reasons why a baby cries in sleep.

What to do: If this is the case, do not lift the baby at this stage. According to experts, during this period, it is very normal for a child of four months to one and a half years to cry intermittently and slowly. While children older than this can also behave in this way. In this situation, you can breastfeed the baby by waking up every two to four hours at night.

2. Wet Diaper

If the baby’s diaper is wet or dirty, the baby feels uncomfortable. Even in sleep, the baby can wet the diaper and when he feels wet, he resorts to crying to tell his parents about this. What to do If your baby also cries in sleep, first of all check his diaper that his diaper is not wet or dirty and change it. Choose a diaper that gives your baby a restful sleep throughout the night. Even during the day, if the child starts crying suddenly, see if he has wet the bed.

3. Temperature

Children cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold. Even during the night, babies may suddenly feel hot or cold. If there is a sudden change in temperature, it also affects the baby and he can feel restless.

What to do: If your baby cries in his sleep, then also pay attention to whether he is feeling too hot or cold. If it’s not too cold, don’t overdress or wrap the baby too much. The child will feel more comfortable like this. If it is too cold, make arrangements accordingly. Do not make the child sleep wearing socks even in the cold.

4. Hunger

Even if the baby is hungry, he can cry in his sleep. A baby’s stomach fills up very quickly and empties very quickly. Due to which he feels hungry more and more frequently. According to doctors, newborn babies cry the most at night due to hunger.

What to do: Always put the baby to sleep only after feeding at night. The newborn baby, especially the babies up to three months of age, must be awake during the night and breastfeed. If the baby is sleeping even during the day time, then make sure to feed it once in a while.

5. To get frightened

Children also get scared in sleep like adults. It is also said that children also have nightmares in their sleep. This fear or bad dreams can also cause babies to cry in their sleep. It has also been observed that if the mother is near the sleeping child, the baby feels the touch of the mother and responds by crying.

What to do if the child wakes up at night due to fear, then keep him in the lap for a while. You can also overcome his fear by making him sleep with you at night.

6. Discomfort

If the child has any problem like there is some kind of noise around while sleeping, due to which he is unable to sleep. Due to this also the baby can start crying in sleep. Poor bedding, excessive heat or cold can also cause the child to wake up at night.

What to do The child’s bed should always be soft and comfortable. Make sure that there are no mosquitoes in the room. If it is summer then the room should be cool. Yes, remember that after waking up once in the night, definitely see if the child is not feeling cold. Take special care of the child in cold weather. The blanket or quilt should not be too heavy. Keep checking at night whether the child is not sleeping by throwing the blanket.

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If your baby cries in sleep, don’t worry, gently lift the baby to sleep next to you or hold him in your lap and cuddle to make him feel better. To save the child from this stage, set his routine and feed, feed and sleep according to the same time. Along with this, take special care of the food and drink of the baby. Sometimes this can also happen due to their teeth etc. Although baby crying in sleep is a temporary and common problem that gets better with time, but if it does not get better with the passage of time but gets worse and is affecting your baby’s routine, then consult a doctor immediately. It is necessary to take

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