7 Ways You Can Give Your Baby Better Garbh Sanskar

7 Ways You Can Give Your Baby Better Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar means giving sanskar or knowledge to the child in the womb itself. In the glare of modernity, we are forgetting the importance of culture. Garbh Sanskar is one of the sixteen sacraments of Hindu religion, about which it is very important for every person to be aware. The first sanskar of a human being is ‘Garbh Sanskar’ and the last rites are known as ‘Antima Sanskar’.

What is Garbh Sanskar

It is very important to educate the child in the womb, but the question arises that how can this happen? In fact, whatever a mother does during pregnancy, it affects her baby. During pregnancy, the routine of the woman, meditation of God, diet, exercise, mental state, thinking or behavior etc. has been included in the Garbh Sanskar.


A pregnant woman should try to inculcate sanskars in her child so that in the first three months, there is proper physical development of the baby in the womb. In the third to sixth month, attention should be paid to the good brain development of the baby. In the sixth to the ninth, one should try for the sharp intelligence of the child. Garbh Sanskar generates good values ​​in the child, which leads to the creation of a good and hardworking new generation along with a physically and mentally healthy child. This gives the child all the values ​​that a parent wants in their child.

How to Give Garbh Sanskar (Garbh Sanskar Tips)

1. Spiritual Knowledge


A baby growing in the womb is not just a piece of meat, but it also feels every movement happening outside. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to create such an environment for the child which teaches the child something good and informative. For this, the child should be told literature and knowledge and stories related to God or the mother should read them. With this spiritual knowledge, the child will not only learn about his culture but also develop devotional and religious qualities in him.

2. Positive Atmosphere


Positive environment plays an important role in Garbh Sanskar. In order to give good values ​​to the children, it is also necessary that both the mother and the father have a happy heart and at the same time the people around you are also happy. It is necessary for the people around to keep the pregnant woman happy. If you or the environment around you is full of disappointment, then your child will behave the same way. If either of the parents is not happy physically or mentally, then they should not think about the baby because their condition also affects the baby.

3. Diet

If you want to sow the seeds of sanskar in the mind of the child to be born, then it is necessary to pay attention to the diet of the mother to be born. Always eat nutritious food. Along with this, it is also very important for the parents to be sattvik. Parents should stay away from spicy, spicy food, other similar substances, only then they can inculcate good values ​​in the child.

4. Do a favorite

The habits and routines of the mother also inculcate in the child in the form of sacraments and all this is visible when the time comes. Whatever the mother thinks or hears at this time affects that child in the coming time. So always keep good thoughts in mind, think positive and read books with positive thoughts. Watch a favorite movie or show. In such a situation, the thinking of the baby in the womb will also be like yours.

5. Do something creative

In the fourth month of pregnancy, the baby’s brain begins to develop and he receives creativity from his mother. So work according to your interest in pregnancy. During this one must do some creative work like sewing, knitting, cooking, writing poems, painting etc. This will not only keep you stress-free during pregnancy, but your baby’s brain will develop and he will get good values.

6. yoga and practice

By doing yoga during pregnancy, the baby is healthy both physically and mentally. For this do yoga or meditation and keep yourself busy. By doing yoga or practice, the pregnant woman gets relief from stress and remains happy. When the mother is happy, the baby in the womb will also be happy.

7. Music

Music is also necessary for good values ​​in the child. The baby begins to understand music shortly after conception. In such a situation, if the mother listens to good music, aarti, bhajans or mantras of God and chants them, then it also has a good effect on the baby.

8. conversation with baby

When the mother talks with the baby in the womb, shares every thought with him or touches the stomach with love, then all this is felt by the baby. By doing this, the bond between the mother and the child is strengthened and at the same time, communication skills are also developed in the child. This will keep the baby’s heart full of love and affection that he will love the most.

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According to ancient stories, Abhimanyu, who pierced the Chakravyuh of Kauravas in the Mahabharata, learned to pierce the Chakravyuh in his mother’s womb. When his mother was narrating this process to Arjuna, his mother fell asleep in the middle and he could not learn the process completely. This proves that the baby can hear and understand every sound and movement outside the mother’s womb. It is also believed that the sound of flute, veena, other instruments or Vedas helps in the development of the unborn child.

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