Why do Babies Smiling in Sleep

Why do Babies Smiling in Sleep

Babies Smiling in Sleep: Last week we went to visit a relative at his house where the newborn baby was born. In his sleep, the baby suddenly started smiling. At first I thought maybe it was my illusion but the smile of the child was noticed by everyone present there. Some people present there said that the child laughing in his sleep means that God is making him laugh or it is also believed that young children remember their past lives and the same memories make the baby laugh and cry.

It is normal for a child to laugh while awake, but if the child laughs while sleeping, then there can be many reasons behind it. Some babies start smiling in their sleep shortly after birth. You must have also heard children laughing, smiling or laughing in their sleep.

Now the question arises that why do small children laugh in their sleep? Do they really remember the things of the past life or is there some other reason behind it. Know about some such facts (Babies Smiling in Sleep).

Why do Babies Smiling in Sleep

1. Emotional Development

In the early days of his life, a child sees a lot of new things in the outside world and hears a variety of sounds. Whatever the child’s small brain experiences while awake, it does not stop experiencing the same things even while sleeping.

According to experts, along with being awake, the emotional development of children continues even in sleep. This is one of the reasons due to which children sometimes laugh, sometimes smile and sometimes cry in their sleep.

2. REM Sleep

REM sleep is the sleep in which we dream. If your baby is smiling during sleep, he may be in REM sleep now. It is possible that at this stage the child is smiling after seeing the good things of the day. Children’s sleep is deeper than adults’ sleep.

If babies fall asleep even for an hour or two, they may laugh or cry during that time too. The reason for the baby crying in sleep can also be that perhaps something happened during the day, which made him happy and he is watching him sleeping in the same night. If the child is laughing or crying in sleep, then in such a situation do not disturb the child or lift him immediately, otherwise the child will become irritable.

3. Medical reasons

In some cases, there may be a medical reason behind the laughter in the sleep of the child. However this happens in very few cases. But it may happen that an illness or other medical problem is causing constant laughter in children’s sleep.

If the child is having unusual laughter while sleeping, crying a lot, suddenly losing weight, problems in sleep, etc., then contact the doctor immediately. Unusual and excessive laughing or crying of a sleeping baby can disrupt your baby’s rest time, which will have a negative impact on the baby’s health.

4. Gas

Some experts also believe that babies are upset due to gas in the stomach, but as soon as the gas passes, they feel relaxed and better. Feeling good brings a smile to their face.

Being near gas is also believed to be a reason for the baby to smile in sleep. From newborn to older children can also feel this in sleep. However, scientists do not support this.

Experts believe that only three to four months old baby starts laughing in sleep, but newborn babies can also be seen smiling in sleep. The laughter and smile of little children makes anyone happy. A slightly older child responds by smiling or laughing to the surrounding sounds in his sleep.

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There is no harm or side effect of laughing, smiling or smiling in children, but if it is happening more than normal, then definitely consult a doctor.

A survey was done about how many days a baby can smile or laugh in sleep, in which it was concluded that only a 17-day-old baby can smile and a three-month-old baby can laugh happily in sleep. Behind this, scientists mainly attribute the emotional development taking place in the young child and there is no hand in the previous birth behind it.

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