What is AutoCAD Course: History, Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Salary

What is AutoCAD Course: History, Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Salary

What is AutoCAD Course: In this age of technology, the use of various software as if has become an essential part of our everyday life, some of these system programs have proved to be very beneficial in professional and personal life after higher education. In this list, ‘AutoCAD‘ is a very well known and continuously used software, whose information most people wish to get.

If you too have passed any higher education degree related to architectural engineering or interior designing, or are thinking about building a career in this field in future, then the information given by this article is going to be very important for you. Let us tell you that AutoCAD is a beneficial software for more than one person, about which we will tell in detail through the article.

What is AutoCAD Course?

Here we will shed light on the basic introduction and history of AutoCAD, its uses, features of this software and the main things related to its structure, through which we will try to familiarize you with this topic extensively.

Many times you must have seen various beautiful buildings or many-story building constructions, whose grandeur and artistry are made on seeing, at this time many questions will come in your mind that how all these things are possible in architectural construction?.

Let us tell you that from the very beginning, design has been used in architectural construction, in which blue print is already made for architectural construction.

In earlier times, when technology was not so developed, then such blue prints were made on paper or with the help of other materials, but in today’s developed era where there are options of developed technology with 2D and 3D, There, with the help of software, the design work related to the construction of architecture started.

AutoCAD is a designing software that works related to this system, with the help of which various construction works related to new buildings, pools and architecture are completed by persons with education and skills in architectural construction.

Let us tell you that with the help of AutoCAD, you can not only make architectural designing, but many times the help of this software is also taken to make blue print of the computer’s chip.

Overall, here you have to understand that AutoCAD is a program used in computer technology where you can create advanced and unique designs. And related to art skills, this is that modern option of technology, due to which we get to see unmatched and beautiful building construction.

History of AutoCAD

Here we will look at the history of the creation and use of AutoCAD software, so that you will know how, when and why this system program was used.

Until the late 1970s, there were a select few CAD programs that worked on independent graphic terminals, most often these programs were run on small computers. With the improvement in the results obtained from them, new features were also needed.

To fill this gap, in the 1980s, in the year 1982, a new ‘designing software’ was created by John Walker along with the Autodesk company and a team of some experts, which was named AutoCAD.

Let us tell you that AutoCAD is the most used system programs in the world for architectural designing. And till now a total of 35 versions have been made, in which every time efforts have been made on behalf of the manufacturers to give the latest something to the users.

Further, we will discuss other important things related to this topic, which will help you to understand this topic better.

AutoCAD Courses

Would like to tell you that any person can acquire the skill of designing by taking AutoCAD course, just need basic knowledge of computer. By which you do not have to face any problem while completing this course.

Below we have given you information about some education courses, which are all courses related to AutoCAD, which are as follows.

Certificate Course of AutoCAD

  1. Diploma in AutoCAD
  2. AutoCAD
  3. Advanced Course in CAD
  4. Advanced AutoCAD Course
  5. Master Diploma in Architectural CAD

Commonly Famous AutoCAD Course

  1. Advanced AutoCAD Course
  2. Introductory AutoCAD Course
  3. Intermediate AutoCAD Course
  4. AutoCAD Course – AutoCAD Graphic Creation
  5. AutoCAD Course – Training (AutoCAD -Training)
  6. Diploma in Architectural Engineering
  7. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  8. Mechanical Engineering Diploma
  9. Bachelor in Architecture
  10. Bachelor in Planning

So far you have read about all those courses related to AutoCAD, for which passing the minimum education eligibility class 10th and 12th is considered sufficient, but below you have been given information about some such courses for which higher education to take admission criteria has been set.

Let’s have a look at all these education courses related to AutoCAD, which are as follows.

Post Graduation Courses Related with AutoCAD

  • M.Tech in Machine Design
  • Master of Planning
  • Master of Architecture – Landscaping Architecture

Doctorate Level Courses Related to AutoCAD

  • Ph.D in Nano Technology
  • M.Phil Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D in Geo Technical Engineering
  • Ph.D in Urban Planning

Details of some other AutoCAD courses: Other Courses For AutoCAD

  • 3D Modeling System Piped in AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Course 2D And 3D
  • AutoCAD Electrical From Scratch
  • Learning Auto Desk AutoCAD – Crash Course
  • The Complete AutoCAD 2018 – 20
  • Autodesk CAD For Manufacturing Specialization
  • CAD And Digital Manufacturing Specialization
  • AutoCAD Construction Drawing
  • Advanced AutoCAD Course For Civil Engineers
  • Revit Vs AutoCAD For Interior Designer

Main Subjects of AutoCAD

  • Drafting Settings
  • Sketch Entities And Sketch Tools
  • Isometric Views
  • AutoCAD Interface
  • Dimensions And Dimension Style
  • Layer And Object Properties
  • Geometry And Dimensional Constraints
  • Equation, Design Table And Configuration
  • Sketch Visualization And Sketch Analysis
  • Block, X Attach, X Reference, W Dash
  • 3D Sketch And Boolean Operations
  • Smart Dimensions, Fully Define Sketch And Blocks

AutoCAD Course Fees

By the way, there are various related programs/courses available to learn AutoCAD, the details of which we have already given above. If you want to talk about the fees associated with these courses, then generally you have to pay around Rs.15,000 to Rs.50,000 for these courses.

Let us tell you that the fee for each course is different here, so for more information, it is advisable to go to the education institute/coaching center where they are taught and get more information related to the course and their fee.

Duration of AutoCAD Course

Now this question must be coming in the mind of many people that how much time they have to give to complete the AutoCAD course, then let us tell you that there are various course options related to AutoCAD, between which the difference in duration is seen.

Here you have about 4 hours to 4 years of education programs are available, after completing which you can become proficient in AutoCAD. You have to spend less time in certificate and diploma courses, whereas courses designed for professional purpose at higher level have to give more time.

When AutoCAD is associated with undergraduate and postgraduate courses, most of the times these courses are structured from a purely professional point of view with a high standard, by completing which one can build a reputed career in the field of architectural construction.

However, you have to give more time to such courses, whose duration can be up to a few years.

Eligibility Criteria About To Get Admission For AutoCAD

So far, we have told you about many courses related to AutoCAD, in which to get admission, it is necessary to fulfill various criteria. Well we have told you that anyone can take admission for AutoCAD course, but in some situations the following criteria are applicable which are as follows.

  • If a girl student has passed 3 years Diploma Civil Engineering, or has passed Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, in this case all such students are considered eligible for AutoCAD’s Master Diploma Course or Advanced Course.
  • All those students are considered eligible for admission in CAD Diploma, who have completed 2 years of Diploma or Graduation in Civil Engineering.
  • All the students who have passed the minimum class 10th are considered eligible for the certificate course of AutoCAD, but for some specific courses of AutoCAD, it is considered necessary to pass the diploma of civil engineering or graduate from other education stream.

Overall, one thing becomes clear here that if you have to do design work in future in architectural construction or other field, then after passing class 10th, you can learn AutoCAD course step by step.

Why There Should be Use of AutoCAD? Get to Know Its Benefits.

This is the most important question that can come in everyone’s mind that what is the benefit of learning AutoCAD?. There may also be some people who may be curious to know about this topic that if they learn AutoCAD today, then what can be the benefit of it in future?

You will get the answer of all these questions from the information given here, apart from this you will also get to know some new things related to AutoCAD.

  • First of all, I would like to mention that for more than 30 years, AutoCAD software has been used in the field of 3D and 2D design, under which the tools available for design are able to give accurate results in a very simple way.
  • The Quantity/Units feature provided in AutoCAD is very precise, which is based on the draw to scale method. By this facility, you can change the measurement operations as per the requirement, and you can also check the original size.
  • With the help of this software, the option of making the alignment and drawing the image in the desired size is given easily. Apart from this, with the help of Object Snap present in AutoCAD, the facility of taking a snap of any place of the picture is also available.
  • AutoCAD software comes with a classy zoom in and zoom out arrangement, which makes it easy to create and edit both small and large designs. Talking about the interface of AutoCAD, it is very good and the interface of this software is according to the convenience of the users.
  • The editing options given under AutoCAD are great for making changes to the design in case of a few mistakes and reducing the potential risk.
  • In some cases, the ability to identify problems within AutoCAD if you encounter color and line issues in the design makes this software better than others.
  • In AutoCAD, it is very easy and secure to save the data of the designs you create and send them to other systems.
  • Creating a design with AutoCAD not only saves your time but also money, because with its help you can complete your project on time and there is no need to search for any other tools because all the tools related to the design are present in it. Of course your money is saved.
  • There is no doubt that AutoCAD can be beneficial for any design professional because of being a complete software for people working as civil engineers and architecture professionals.

Taking into account all the above mentioned features, then one thing is certain that how much continuous use of AutoCAD can be beneficial for you. After knowing all these things, you can hope that you must have understood the advantages related to AutoCAD.

Job Opportunities For AutoCAD Course Qualified Persons

Following are the details of all those posts, on which you get a chance to work after passing the AutoCAD course.

By the information present here, all those curious people will get to know which employment options are available after AutoCAD, which are as follows.

  1. Designer
  2. Daughters
  3. 3D Animators 
  4. Game Designer
  5. Architect
  6. Civil Engineer
  7. Structural Engineer
  8. Industrial And Product Designer
  9. Effect Specialist
  10. Graphic Designer
  11. Game Developer
  12. Automotive Designer
  13. Architectural Technologist
  14. Computer Aided Designer Drafters
  15. Interior Designer
  16. Electrical Engineer

Salary of AutoCAD Course Qualified Persons.

The salary given to all the people who have completed the AutoCAD course is decided according to their post, work experience and other education. Generally, salary ranging from about four and a half lakh rupees to seven lakh rupees is given to such people annually.

In which people working on the posts of Civil Engineer, Architect, Automotive Designer, Interior Designer etc. are given good salary from the very beginning.

In this way, till now you have read about the important course AutoCAD related to the design field, in which we have tried to give information about almost all the major aspects.

Hope you have liked this information and you will also get its benefit in future, to make other people aware of this information, must share the article to all of them. And to read about such interesting topics, do read our other existing articles too. Thank you so much for staying with us.

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Most Asked Questions on AutoCAD

Q1. Can I take admission for AutoCAD course after passing class 10th?

Answer: Yes.

Q2. When was AutoCAD software created?

Answer: In the year 1982.

Q3. What is the duration of AutoCAD course?

Answer: There are AutoCAD courses of minimum 4 hours to 4 years duration.

Q4. What is the main thing related to AutoCAD software?

Answer: Designing.

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