How to Get ATM Machine Installed – How to Apply For ATM Installation

How to Get ATM Machine Installed – How to Apply For ATM Installation

Do you want to know How to install an ATM machine? Yes, in this article we are going to tell you How to apply for ATM installation in your free space. In today’s commercial era, many people want to know How to Get ATM Machine Installed. Because this is a golden opportunity to earn money by sitting.

If you also want to install an ATM in your own place, then here we will give you complete information about installing an ATM machine. By the way, before knowing how to install an ATM, it is necessary to know all the rules and requirements of the companies setting up the ATM.

Because you may have space at the right location, but companies have many other needs. This is the reason that many people apply for getting an ATM machine, but the company rejects their application.

Well we will mention all those things here and tell how to get ATM installed? What are the things needed to install an ATM machine? In this era, almost every person has an ATM card who has an account in some bank. Every person withdraws money from ATM to avoid long queues of the bank.

This is the reason why new ATM machines are being installed in the country. All the banks want to increase the space of their ATM centers as soon as possible keeping in view the requirement of their customers. Because you know that nowadays there is a lot of competition even among banks.

Every bank wants to give the best service to its customers. This is the reason that apart from the cities, nowadays ATMs are being installed in rural areas as well. So this is the best time to hit a four. If you also want to install an ATM, then you can apply for it.

If the company puts an ATM machine in your vacant place, then understand that your bat will become a bat. Because by doing this you can easily earn 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month without doing anything. And if you have space at a good location in any city, then you can get more than 50 thousand rent for the month.

Apart from this, along with setting up their own ATM, many companies also provide a job to a member of the family for the maintenance of the ATM. So it means to say that installing an ATM machine is a completely profitable deal. Well let’s come to the point and know how to get an ATM installed in your own place.

How to Get ATM Machine Installed

As we told you, every company has some requirements for setting up an ATM, which is very important to fulfill. If you do not meet their needs then there is no use of applying for ATM installation. Because in such a situation any company will reject your application.

To install an ATM machine, you need many things. If you are able to provide all these facilities, then understand that you can apply for ATM Machine. So let’s first know what are the requirements or conditions of companies to install ATM.

1. To install any ATM machine, you must have at least 50 square feet of space. So that all the tools of the ATM Center can be set properly.

2. Every ATM has a V set, for which it is very important to have Flat roof. Because every company definitely has to install V Set here.

3. If you are thinking that how to install an ATM machine, then first check that there is no other ATM within 100 meters of your place, otherwise the company will not install ATM in your place.

4. To install an ATM, you must have your own electricity connection. Since ATM machine requires 24 hours electricity, so you have to arrange for bigger Batteries or Generator etc.

5. Lastly, it comes to the atmosphere. That is, there should not be much noise or filth around your place. Because if the company feels that people may have trouble withdrawing money here, then the company will not install an ATM machine there.

So these were some Terms and Conditions, if you want to get ATM installed, then all these conditions have to be followed. If you fulfill all these requirements then you can apply for getting the machine installed. Let us know how to apply for ATM Machine.

How to Apply for ATM installation

First of all, let us tell you that there are some companies that take tender for setting up ATMs of all banks. If you want to know how to get an ATM installed in your own place, then you have to contact these companies, not any bank. There are mainly 3 companies in India who take these tenders.

  • Tata Indicash
  • India One ATM
  • Muthoot

Yes, these are 3 such companies that install ATM of almost every bank. That is, out of all the ATMs in different parts of the country, more than 80% of ATM machines have been installed by these companies. So it is obvious that if you want to get an ATM installed at your place, then you will have to contact these companies.

You can get complete information about installing an ATM by contacting one or more of these companies. Or nowadays most of the work is done online, which makes everything much easier. Let us know how to apply for setting up ATM in Tata Indicash Company online.

How to Apply for ATM in Tata Indicash

Tata Indicash is a certified company which has been granted license by Reserve Bank of India to install ATM machines in any part of the country. This is actually a service of Tata Company which was started in the name of Indicash.

You can understand the complete process of installing ATM by visiting their official website and can also apply. Yes, first of all you visit their official website. When you look carefully, you will see all kinds of options there in which you will also get the option to apply for Atm.

Whatever information is asked from you about your location and services, fill it correctly and submit the form. After that you get a mail or phone call from the company. After everything is correct, the people of the company visit your location and check everything.

Within 3 to 5 days of that, you are told whether ATM will be installed at your place or not. So here you learned how to get ATM machines installed by Tata Indicash Company. In the same way, you can also submit your application form in Tata One Company.

To get an ATM machine installed by Tata One Company, you should take the help of online process only. So first you go to the official website of Tata One Company and read all their terms and conditions. If everything is correct then you open the ATM application.

Here you have to enter complete details about yourself and your location. Companies also demand some pictures of your location and main space, so capture 4-5 good pictures and upload them. After filling all the information correctly, submit the form.

Within 1 week, you are informed about the further process by the company. In the end, their team comes to inspect your location and decides whether your place is suitable for setting up an ATM or not.

If you are wondering how to get an ATM installed through Muthoot Company, then its process is also the same. This company has also been given the license to install ATM on behalf of the government and they have installed thousands of ATM machines in different parts of the country.

If you want, you can collect all the information by visiting any branch of Muthoot or you can take all the information from their official website. The further process is exactly the same. You have to submit your personal information etc. and wait for the company’s call.

After a few days the staff comes to check your space. If they see your location perfect, then they inform you within 3-4 and preparations are started to install the ATM machine. So in this way you can get ATM machine installed on your free space or land.

This was our article How to get ATM Machine installed – How to apply for ATM installation. Hope you got to learn a lot from this article. So please like and share this article of ours. To connect with us, like our Facebook page and subscribe to us. Thank you.

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