Five Best Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

Five Best Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

When people think about artificial intelligence in video games, they may be imagining a maniacal AI that sets out to decimate the human players in any way possible.

That is a significant over-exaggeration of how artificial intelligence works, especially in 2021. There are no dangers to having AI in video games — rather, AI makes gaming safer in several ways.


A key aspect of video gaming is the experience you have with the computer characters, especially when playing single-player or story modes. The strength, skills, variety, and depth of these characters and their fighting or playing styles can determine your experience with the game.

Five Best Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

That is why having quality AI in a video game is so important unless the game is entirely multiplayer and does not involve any non-user-controlled characters or elements.


Below are five of the best artificial intelligence examples in video games.

1. Borderlands 3

One of the reasons why the Borderlands series is so popular among games is because of artificial intelligence. The latest installment, Borderlands 3, keeps you on your toes in a way that most single-player games cannot manage.


The excitement with this game is that you are fighting against computer enemies that are very varied in how they attack. The moves they try are always different, and the combinations are not so easy to predict. Sometimes they may even run away if they are not confident in killing you.

Even the larger enemies that you face, such as mob organizations, are different in how they approach each situation. They are independent, act in unique ways, and pose different threats. The game is very different from other titles in the genre, which can be a little one-dimensional.

2. Far Cry 3

Another top-rated game that has enthralled gamers for the past few years, Far Cry 3, boasts outstanding AI. The entire game is about being clever and stealthy in your moves, which is how the AI reacts too. 

When you are attempting to get into a fortress or defeat an enemy in open ground within Far Cry 3, you cannot easily predict how they will behave. This is one of the best games to play if you are enthused by single-player story modes that can go on for hours.

The reason AI matters so much in games is evident in Far Cry 3. Some other installments in the genre do not match up in terms of artificial intelligence, and they can become boring to play very quickly. Far Cry 3 definitely does not fall into such a category.

3. The Last of Us

One of the most well-received and top-rated games of the past few years, The Last of Us, is so popular that it is set to become a television series. Whether you fell in love with the game because of the characters, overarching storyline, or some other reason, you likely stuck around because of the outstanding AI.

You are being terrorized by undead people throughout this game, which is why you may imagine a game that is only fun for a little while. That is not the case with The Last of Us, as the developers ensured the AI is very clever in how it behaves.

The opponents you face are always using different methods and skill sets to get at you, which means that a particular way of winning a duel is not going to work against another opponent. 

The Last of Us came out a little later than initially expected, as the developers felt they had to improve the AI. That was an excellent decision on their part.

4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM is a very tactical game that is more about strategy, as compared to attacking enemies and destroying them with brute strength. That is the reason any gamer would judge the AI very harshly, perhaps even more harshly than some other genres.

When people read reviews about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, they are always pleasantly surprised. The game has some of the sharpest, in-depth AI that you can expect from a video game. The alien hordes are not only threatening in appearance, but they can easily surprise you with their moves.

If you go up in levels of difficulty, you are facing even greater threats. Not only do the opponents anticipate what you might do, but they never repeat the same sequence of moves or actions in a row. That means you have no way of predicting what is coming from your enemies. 

5. Alien: Isolation

A game that came out several years ago, Alien: Isolation, is still an anomaly within the genre. When you first view trailers for the game or watch the initial scenes of the story mode, you would imagine a game that is all about rampant action and breathtaking visuals.

While those are present, you get so much more with Alien: Isolation. The game has very intelligent, dynamic AI, which is why playing the single-player mode for hours never gets boring. You could be forgiven for thinking that you were actually in a sci-fi horror movie; such is the realistic nature of both the setting and the moves of your enemies.

Dynamic AI Makes for a Better Gaming Experience

There are countless games where the first hour you play is a lot of fun. You enjoy the atmosphere, the characters, and the gameplay mechanics.

Then you begin to realize how the artificial intelligence in the game operates. All the computer characters behave in a specific way and take certain actions. 

Learning their behaviors makes it easier to win but also results in a more boring gaming experience. That is why having great AI in a video game is essential for creating an enjoyable and long-lasting single-player or storyline mode.

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The above examples of quality AI in gaming show that some games do get it right. If you prefer to play single-player games, trying out one of these titles should be on your to-do list.

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