How to Apply Online for Solar Agency

How to apply online for Solar Agency

How to Apply Online for Solar Agency: If you want to take Solar Agency, then the Government of India has brought a golden opportunity for you. For this you have to go to the online portal of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

Where you can apply online for Solar Agency. Agencies are registered all over the country by MNRE and agencies registered by MNRE are authorized to set up solar plants in their area and subsidy is also given by these companies only.

Allocation has Already Been Done:

A year ago, the government had started the online process for the appointment of solar agencies and channel partners, under which more than 200 agencies and channel partners have been appointed. Once again MNRE has started the online process of registration of agencies. If you are interested then you can also apply online for solar agency.

Benefit of Solar Agency

If your application is accepted by MNRE and you get a solar agency, then you can earn a lot of money from it. You can do your business in any area of ​​the state for which you are registered.

Under this business, you will be authorized to install solar panels in your homes, schools and institutions, whether it is private or government. You can install solar panels ranging from 1 kW to 500 kW. For the purpose of promoting green energy, the government gives subsidy for solar panels which is 30 percent. And this subsidy is available only on the solar purchased by the agency.

Therefore, the customer will prefer to buy solar from a registered agency than any private solar seller because he will also get a subsidy of 30% by the government and you will get his commission. However, I am not fully aware of how much commission I will get for selling solar to solar agency. Then if this is a government scheme, then the benefit will be good.

How Much Will it Cost

I am not yet fully aware of this because due to non-availability of any kind of contact information on the MNRE website, the cost involved is not known.

At present, the agency provided by other private solar companies costs from 50 thousand to 2 lakh rupees.

Since this is a government scheme, it will cost the least. It is possible that the cost of taking solar agency from MNRE may be up to 20-50 thousand rupees.

How to Apply Online for Solar Agency

To apply for Solar Agency, you have to go to MNRE’s website from where you can apply online for Solar Agency.

The application process will start on 3rd April. And as soon as the application process starts, I will give you the complete process of applying on your very own website Currently the link to apply is

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