How to Apply for New ATM Card 2023

How to Apply for New ATM Card 2023

New ATM Card / How to Apply for New Debit Card 2023: Nowadays ATM / Debit card is required for online shopping or to withdraw money from ATM machine. Some people still do not have ATM card, so I thought why should I write an article on How to Apply for New ATM Card. This process which I am going to tell you in this article is offline method and in the next blog I will tell you how to apply SBI ATM / Debit Card Online.

How to Apply for New ATM Card 2023

The process of applying for an ATM card is very easy.

Whether your account is in Bank of India, State bank of India, HDFC bank, Punjab national bank or in any bank.

The process of applying offline is the same for all banks.

Just for this you will need an ATM card application form from the bank related to your account. Which you will get easily from your bank.

Required Documents : Necessary Documents

If you are going to bank to do apply for ATM Card then you will need some document so go to bank with these necessary documents otherwise you may have to run to bank again.

  1. Bank’s Passbook
  2. photocopy of identity card
  3. 1 photo to be taken
  4. Aadhar Card

How to fill the form of New ATM Card / Debit Card:

To apply for an ATM card, you have to fill the ATM application form. This form is very simple. I have used Bank of India form to explain here. The outline of the form of other banks like SBI, HDFC, PNB is almost the same.

The form to apply for the ATM card is told in three parts. In the first part where you have to fill personal information, in the second part you have to give information about bank account details etc. While the third part is for the functioning of the bank.

Here is the format of Bank of India ATM Application Form. You can also download ATM Application Form from here.

How to Apply for New ATM Card 2022

1. Name of the Bank Branch

After taking the application form for ATM / Debit card, you will have to enter the name of your bank branch in the first column.

2. Enter Name

After this you will have to fill your name in the second field. You enter the same name that is written on your bank passbook. To understand you see in the image given below.

3. Date of Birth

In the third number field, you have to enter your date of birth. Enter the same date of birth as on your Aadhar card.

4. Postal Address

Your ATM card is sent to you by post. Therefore, enter your address correctly in the postal address. So that there is no problem in getting ATM.

5. Pin Code

Please enter the PIN of your post office in the PIN code. This postal pin is of 6 digits.

6. Mobile Number

You must enter your mobile number. If you have a telephone number, you can enter that too.

7. Email ID

This is optional. If you want to enter your email id then give pulse otherwise leave it.

8. Bank Account Details

In the bank account details, you have to make many fields, in which you have to first fill the name of the bank branch, in the box next to it you have to write the type of account for example savings account or current account, then the account number to be entered. Then in the fourth field, you have to enter the date of opening the account. You can also leave the field with the date of account opening blank.

If you have more than one account like joint account etc. then you can fill the details of other account also.

9. Select Additional Language

This is an optional option. Whenever you apply for an ATM card, you get the option of two languages, Hindi and English, while using the ATM. If you want to include any third language in the option apart from these two languages, then you put a tick mark on the third language.

10. Signature

The tenth and last option comes Signature you have to put your signature in the form. You have to sign exactly as you did while opening the account.


You can get an additional option to fill in the ATM form of SBI, HDFC, ICICI Bank. In their form, you have the option to choose the type of ATM card. For example, there is an option of master card, rupee card or visa card. You can put a tick in front of the card that you need.

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Almost all banks have the same ATM application form. At present, I have seen the format of the form of SBI and Bank of India, PNB, which have almost the same similarity. After filling all the above information, attach a photo copy of your identity card with the form and give it to the bank employee, if there is any error left, then the bank employee will tell you to correct this error. After that you can go to your home. You will get your ATM/Debit card by post within 7-10 days of submission of the form. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.