Anil Kapoor has expensive flats not only in Mumbai but also in London, Dubai and California, see his pictures

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor’s name is among the Bollywood actors who are getting handsome with the passage of time. At the same time he is the best actor, there is no doubt in that. At the age of 63, Anil Kapoor’s energy level is looking tremendous. Even today’s youth are ashamed to see their energy level.

Looking at Anil Kapoor, one cannot say that his children will be as big as Sonam, Riya and Harshvardhan. Apart from his fitness, Anil Kapoor is also known for his funny estimates. Anil Kapoor has acted in one of the best hits in his career and is one of the best known actors in the film industry in Hollywood.

Anil Kapoor

However, there is no doubt that after so many years of hard work, Anil Kapoor has reached this place today. This is the result of their hard work, which is why today they own crores and live in a very luxurious bungalow. Let me tell you that Anil Kapoor’s bungalows are not only in India but also in Dubai, California and London. In today’s story we will show you all the pictures of Anil Kapoor’s house.


Anil Kapoor’s bungalow is in the Juhu area of ​​Mumbai. He lives in this luxurious bungalow with his wife Sunita, daughter Riya and son Harshvardhan. The house is very cool and has been given a traditional look.

Anil Kapoor mumbai

The bungalow also has a separate movie room, where you can sit and enjoy what looks like a theater hall. The house also has a very cool dressing room, from where Riya Sonam and Harshvardhan often share pictures. Their rooms are designed with each person in mind.


Anil Kapoor califonia

Anil Kapoor also has a luxurious flat in California, USA. Anil Kapoor took this 3 bhk flat when his son Harshvardhan went to California to study. Anil Kapoor’s flat is in Orange County, California. There is also a beach in the back yard of the apartment. According to a media report, the value of the apartment is more than a million dollars.


Anil Kapoor london

Anil Kapoor also has a luxurious home in London. This is Anil Kapoor’s house in the Mayfair apartment in London. He is often seen spending time in this London home. Apart from Anil Kapoor, his son Harshvardhan also loves the house and stays at home whenever he goes to London.


Anil Kapoor dubai

There are many celebrities in Bollywood who have taken up residence in Dubai. He is also one of the celebrities Anil Kapoor. He bought the flat while he was shooting for the TV serial “24”. Anil Kapoor’s flat is located in Furjan near Discovery Garden. The flat built in a good location is also very cheap, he said in an interview. He loves his flat very much.

Anil Kapoor’s career

It may be mentioned that Anil Kapoor started his film career in 1979 with Umesh Mehra’s film “Hamare Tumhare”. In it, however, he was seen as a supporting actor. He first appeared as a hero in the 1983 film “Wo 7 Din”. In this film he was identified as an outstanding hero.

Anil Kapoor career

Gradually Anil Kapoor became one of the most talked about actors in the film industry and Slumdog Millionaire, Dil Dhadak Ne Do, Welcome, Tejab, Ghar Ho To Essa, No Problem, Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar, Salame Ishq, No Entry, Bewafa, Armaan, Nayak, Ek The girl was seen in many superhit films, including Asa Laga.

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