Alia Bhatt Bridal Look Gives These 7 Beauty Lessons

Alia Bhatt Bridal Look Gives These 7 Beauty Lessons

Newly wed Bollywood celebrity Alia Bhatt‘s wedding pictures are still doing rounds on social media and every time you see the actress’s bridal look, her look looks fresh every time. Alia has set the trend for minimal brides with her bridal looks. Here are 7 beauty lessons to learn from Alia Bhatt bridal look as a New Age Millennial bride.

Healthy Glowing Skin Should Be Priority

Alia Bhatt Bridal Look Gives These 7 Beauty Lessons

Like Alia Bhatt, if you want to look the most special with natural makeup on Wedding Day or any day, then it is important that you prepare your skin in advance. For this, following your skin care routine and daily cleaning along with facials, massages. Include toning and sunscreen application in the routine. To adopt a natural makeup look like Alia (Alia Bhatt Bridal Look), it is necessary that the skin is well hydrated because in this type of makeup, foundation, concealer etc. are used only as much and where needed.

Natural Makeup

Alia Bhatt Bridal Look Gives These 7 Beauty Lessons

Alia Bhatt chose completely natural makeup instead of heavy makeup, red or any other color dark lipstick, dark, thick coal rimmed eyes like traditional Indian brides. Her entire look had a slight bronze touch on the eyelids and a nude shade was used on the lips that looked completely natural. The actress, like all celeb brides so far, kept herself away from false mascara and bold Smokey eye looks and her lashes looked completely natural.

Real Skin

Alia had really adopted minimal makeup on her wedding and the actress allowed the freckles of her face to be visible. Although this was not the first time that Alia’s freckles were visible, she flaunted them for the first time during of Gangubai. But they are always on Alia’s face. We just decided to let it stay and not hide it with makeup.

If you want minimal makeup like Alia, then flaunt your freckles with confidence. If you want, you can also be a part of the trend by making freckles on your face with a brown pencil.

Alia Bhatt Bridal Look Gives These 7 Beauty Lessons

Tint for Cheeks

A slight tint was used on Alia’s cheeks to show the bride’s smile and a flush of happiness on her cheeks. The makeup artist contoured the face of the actress with blush itself.

Smart Bro

For minimal makeup, like Alia, fill your eyebrows in such a way that they look natural and bushy instead of looking fake. For this, fill the eyebrows only where it is necessary.

7 Beauty Lessons

Simple Hairdo

Alia kept her hair open in waves, breaking the bridal trend of wearing a bun and fresh flowers with sleek hair for her bridal look. This hair look was perfectly complementing her minimal carefree look.

Like the actress for the wedding day, you can also give a bohemian look to your hair.

Neutral Nails

Keeping her look completely minimal, Alia chose a similar finish for her nails. Like an actress, if you are wearing a wedding outfit of ivory or pastel shade, then like an actress, give a neutral, translucent look to the nails.

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