Benefits of Drinking Ajwain after Pregnancy

Benefits of Drinking Ajwain after Pregnancy

Ajwain after Pregnancy: Although celery is very beneficial for everyone, but it is a special herb for women, especially after childbirth, it is considered very beneficial for women. Here we will tell you why women are given ajwain water after delivery and what are the benefits of Ajwain water after delivery.

Benefits of drinking Ajwain water (Uses of Ajwain)

Ajwain water is given to pregnant women. Ajwain laddoos are also made before and after delivery, that is, after the pregnant woman takes the ninth month and after the child is born.


Ajwain is not only used in the form of spices in homes, but minor stomach diseases also get away by consuming it. Some of the benefits of Ajwain are as follows:

  • Eating ajwain strengthens the digestive system.
  • It cures stomach diseases.
  • After eating food, to digest it, it is taken by adding a little salt to carom seeds or making powder of carom seeds.
  • Ajwain is also very helpful in reducing obesity by reducing weight after delivery.
  • Drinking ajwain water on an empty stomach in the morning reduces obesity naturally.
  • The metabolism of the body also increases by drinking Ajwain water, due to which the process of carb and fat burning starts.

Benefits of Ajwain water after Pregnancy

Ajwain water solves many problems of women after delivery, such as reducing weight, keeping digestion power right, removing the pain of labor, increasing milk in women’s breast, etc. So let’s know the benefits of drinking Ajwain water.


1. Protect from Gastric problems

Many women have gastric problems very near pregnancy, but you should not panic because ajwain is a great treatment for colic. You will not have gas problem by drinking ajwain water.


Its water not only keeps your digestive system but your baby’s digestive system healthy as well. Along with this, it also relieves the problem of diarrhea and constipation.

2. Better Blood Circulation

By consuming ajwain water, the circulation of blood happens smoothly. Due to this, the circulation of blood in the body remains uniform, which helps in the development of muscles.

If there is any injury to the muscles, that too is fine. By consuming it, you do not have much pain and water during the building.

3. Increases Breast Milk

Ajwain water increases milk. By consuming it, there is an increase in milk in the breasts of the woman. Ajwain has properties that produce milk from the breast.

4. Ajwain Water For Weight Loss

Ajwain water is generally considered a healthy and best option for weight loss after delivery. Drinking ajwain water along with healthy diet and exercise helps in weight loss.

In fact, it increases the metabolic rate, which helps in reducing the fat accumulated during pregnancy. It strengthens the muscles of your uterus which is very important during childbirth.

5. Decreases pain

Ajwain has anesthetic properties that help in reducing body pain. It helps in reducing back pain and joint pain in women after pregnancy.

Many times it is advised to drink ajwain water to deal with the pain in the stomach of the baby. It completely cures back pain, joint pain as well as stomach pain.

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How To Drink Ajwain water

To make Ajwain water, soak a spoonful of carom seeds in a glass of water overnight and leave it. Boil that water in the morning and let it cool. Now drink this water during the day. It is very beneficial in many problems like stomach ache etc.

It helps in normalizing the woman after normal delivery and cleans the stomach thoroughly. Due to the sufficient amount of accidents in it, it is a very useful substance for pregnant women for a month after delivery.

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