New AdSense Approval Tips and Trick in 2023 For Blogger and WordPress

New AdSense Approval Tips and Trick in 2022 For Blogger and WordPress

Friends, every blogger who starts blogging has the same dream of starting Earning as soon as possible by taking approval of AdSense. But some people commit a lot of mistakes in this affair and they do not get approval of AdSense. So if you also want to know the mistakes that new bloggers do in the beginning. So friends, in this article today we will talk about the new AdSense Approval Trick in 2023.

It does not matter if you are using Blogger or using WordPress. All you need to do to take approval of AdSense is to pay attention to the content of your blog. Friends, when I applied for AdSense, I was not approved at first, because like every blogger I hurried and without traffic I applied for AdSense and then I did not get the approval of AdSense. AdSense gave me approval in the second time because now my blog was ranked and there was good traffic.

So friends, you can learn from my mistake here and now I will tell you how can you get AdSense Approval in 2021, many people say that it is hard to get AdSense approval, but if I want to tell them all If you follow my stated things, you will get the approval of AdSense within a week, whether you want to take approval of AdSense on Blogger and on WordPress.

New Google AdSense Approval Trick

Friends, there is no such mantra to take approval of AdSense, that AdSense will only approve us or we will take approval of AdSense using some tricks. Many people will tell you on YouTube that you do this, you do that but there is nothing like this, nobody has a trick. There is no corruption in taking the approval of Google AdSense, you just have to take care of some important information and you will give approval to AdSense, whatever the ad network.

I will tell you the important things which you have to take care of before applying for AdSense, the same is tips and tricks for you. If you have followed them, then you are sure to get approval of AdSense.

Google AdSense Approval Tips And Tricks

1. Improving Install Unwanted Plugins: –

Do not use unnecessary and excessive plugins in your website. Friends, if you are using too many plugins in your website, then the speed of your website will definitely decrease, so install those plugins which is very important. Keep a maximum of 15 plugins in your website, if you keep more than this, the speed of the website will be very slow. Along with the theme, plugins also reduce the speed of the website and AdSense will not want to approve any website whose website is taking too long to load.

2. Use Light Weight Themes: –

The theme of your website should be good, you should not use such a theme which is more heavy and it takes time to load your website, you should use light theme. Like Newspaper Theme etc. there are many more themes which is quite good. Just saying that, do not customize your website too much, if there is a blog website, keep it simple, the blog website looks good only and takes less time to load.

3. Use AMP Plugin: –

To enable the AMP plugin in your website, Google AdSense recommends the AMP plugin itself because the page and post which will be enabled by AMP in your website will load very quickly. And will rank on Google very soon because the loading time of the post and the page will be less and Google needs similar posts.

4. Write Only Quality Content: –

You have to write quality content, I told you above that if you want to write 100 posts, then you do not have to copy copy paste anywhere, Google’s search engine gets to know everything, and the copyright name That is also something. If you have a copyright strike on your website, then you will be out of AdSense forever, so put your own content in your website. You can take the idea from any other website but do not copy the content at all, if you are doing this then stop it or else Google AdSense will not approve and the search engine will also exclude your website.

5. Write Minimum 25 to 30 Post: –

Let your website have at least 25 posts, do not rush behind AdSense, make sure to do at least 30 posts first because when you post 50, many of them will be ranked on your Google. And you will get easy approval of AdSense. Many people also have to ask how does my blog qualify for AdSense friends. Many people will ask you to write 15 posts on YouTube, you will get approval of AdSense. Nothing like this is going to happen. Suppose AdSense has approved you before and will not, and if you agree, then there is traffic on your website, will you take approval of AdSense without traffic? That’s why I always say that at least 50 posts are allowed in your blog, only then you will get approval of AdSense.

6. Important Pages: –

Important pages on your website such as About page, Contact page, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions page, etc. should be all pages only then AdSense will give you approval. Because without these pages AdSense does not trust your website and at the same time there should be a Sitemap page on your website. If you apply for AdSense without these pages, then you will not get approval, so first of all work on your website to make pages. It does not take much time, if you do not know how to create pages, then you can use our free tools, you will be able to easily create all the pages for your website.

7. Traffic is more important: –

There should be traffic on your website, it should not be that you have written 30 posts or 50 posts and immediately went to AdSense, AdSense will reject your application. Many people also have to ask how much traffic do you need for AdSense approval. You have to allow traffic to your website, at least 50 – 100 daily traffic has to be allowed before applying AdSense and pay more attention to the organic traffic and not to the referral traffic. Without traffic, there is no benefit by taking approval of AdSense, your earning will not be able to be done, that’s why first traffic and then AdSense.

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8. Always Keep in Mind AdSense Policy: –

Your website should not contain content that violates the AdSense policy, you should not use the wrong content on your website because when you apply for AdSense, AdSense will keep your website close Checks with and if the content that violates AdSense is found on your website, it will never give you approval.

9. On Page SEO: –

While writing content, you must pay attention to SEO. Make sure that your content is On Page SEO like bolding keywords, internal linking, outbound linking, making the title good, this will make your website rank on Google sooner and the sooner your website The quicker your website will rank on Google, the more ready it will be for AdSense.

These are 10 important tips that you have to take care of, only then you will be able to earn money from AdSense. Now whether you understand these tips or tricks, it depends on you, just you have to take care of all these things if you want approval from AdSense.

If you are blogging keeping all these things in mind, then your blog will definitely qualify for Google AdSense. Many people on YouTube will tell you tricks, do not go under their pretext, pay attention to your blog and try to get traffic first, only then your blogging will be successful.

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