According to Chinese astrology, find out the date of birth and the nature of a person.

According to Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology

Date of birth 1

A person born on the first day of any month is intelligent, bright, strong-willed, resolute, leadership-oriented, ambitious, adventurous, courageous, creative, research-loving, independent-minded, initiator of fundamental work and has control over control. They do not like to follow others or obey them. They are stubborn and stubborn and do not believe in bowing down. So many of their opponents and enemies happen.

Their voices are harsh and bitter, but they are sincere. His friends and relatives should try to understand his nature. They do not display emotions and passions. Yet they expect warmth, love, and sympathy from others. They experience mental stress and burden and so they sometimes have blood pressure pains.

To succeed in life, he must work with others, abandoning his hostile, stubborn, stubborn, and dominating nature. They have the power of organization and management. They can succeed in doing business by staying in touch with the society. He succeeds as a teacher, professor, researcher, salesman, engineer, aviator, analyst, social, religious and political leader, head of the organization.

Good day: Sunday and Monday

Lucky color: light yellow and golden.

According to Chinese astrology

Date of birth-2

The properties of a person born on this date are opposite and complementary to the properties of a person born on the first date. They have feminine properties. They are humble, kind, compassionate, loving, selfless, sociable, affectionate, cooperative, and helpful.

They do not like conflicts, quarrels, quarrels, etc. and therefore always strive to establish harmony and peace. They are the ideal friend and partner. They also do a good job as assistants and helpers, because they know how to carry out commandments enthusiastically. They try to work independently. Then they have less success. Even when they are in a team with others or know how to implement the ideas and plans of others well.

He needs to avoid their fickle nature, frustration, despair, regret and sadness. He should not lose confidence and should not be discouraged even in adverse circumstances. He should live in a pleasant environment if possible.

These people have a love for art and they should cultivate it in life and they succeed in government jobs as statesmen, political men, clerks, accountants, stenographers, statisticians, analysts, police officers, musicians, actors, poets and sculptors.

Good day: Monday and Friday

Lucky colors: white and green.

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