C-Section: 7 Things you Should know About C Section

C-Section: 7 Things you Should know About C Section

The 9 months of pregnancy are full of excitement for every woman. As the time of delivery approaches, the fear remains in the mind whether the delivery will be normal or C-section. Women nowadays are giving priority to C-section delivery to avoid the problem and pain during delivery. Women who become mothers for the first time take what they hear as truth. It is true that a C-section does not cause pain to the woman during delivery as she is given anesthesia. But after some time the pain and problems in C-section delivery increase a lot. If you do not know much about C-section delivery, then today we are going to tell you in detail about some such things that you should know about.

7 Things you should know about C-Section

1. C-section method

There are many myths among people about how a C-section delivery happens. A C-section is a major surgery in which anesthesia is given so that the patient is unconscious. After this, the lower part of the abdomen is numbed and an incision is made in it and after that the delivery is done. After this, for a few days, it becomes difficult for the woman to walk or even sit. Not only this, after this care is also taken that these stitches are not wet. Around 12 hours after the C-section, the pain starts which can be very unbearable. There is also a fact about C-sections that the amount of blood that comes out during this time is three times more than in a normal delivery.

2. Do not take bath immediately after C-section

Bathing should not be done immediately after C-section. A doctor’s advice should be taken for this. The stitches are raw for a few days after a C-section. It takes about 15 to 20 days for them to recover. Many women start taking bath as soon as they come home from the hospital which is absolutely wrong. Along with this, after C-section delivery, one should not stay in water for a long time, otherwise the stitches may get damaged. Avoid using bathtub etc. and use lukewarm water while taking bath. Avoid contact with water as much as possible.


3. Mother’s food after C-section

After C-section, the mother should consume only nutritious food. Stay away from heavy, fried or spicy food because breastfeeding will not only affect the baby, but at this time there may be complaints of constipation as well as a bad effect on the health of the woman. Along with this, after this, consume more and more beverages so that there is no constipation. If there is more pain in the stitches, then after the advice of the doctor, painkillers can also be taken. After C-section, excessive consumption of tea should be avoided, otherwise there may be health problems.

4. Movement

After C-section, a woman should be very careful in her movement. After this surgery, it becomes difficult to sit, stand, walk. For the first few days, a new mother may find it difficult to breastfeed her baby and you may have to take the help of others for everything. But this does not mean that there is no movement at all. It is necessary to move a little in this, due to this there will be good blood circulation in the body and due to this you can get healthy soon. Within a few days, you can do small household chores and take care of your baby on your own. A C-section delivery takes longer to heal than a normal delivery.

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5. Avoid these things

It takes time for a surgical wound to heal after a C-section. Therefore, do not lift any heavy thing for about 15 days. Doing so can damage both your stitches and the wound. In the initial days, do not even lift the baby yourself, instead take someone’s help. Do any work keeping your stitches in mind.

6. Avoid distractions about C-section

There are many misconceptions in the minds of people about C-section, but it is very important to have the right information about it. It is said that if the first delivery is done by C-section, then the subsequent deliveries are also done by C-section but this is not entirely true. It is also a lie that a woman does not feel pain after a C-section delivery. There is no pain due to anesthesia for the first few times but after that the pain is many times more than in normal delivery.

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7. What are the reasons for C section surgery

Nowadays women are showing more interest in C section surgery. The biggest reason for this is to avoid the unbearable pain in normal delivery. Nowadays doctors are also doing C section surgery in the greed of more risk or money but it is very important to know what are the emergency situations that may make it necessary to perform C section surgery. Some of these are as follows. Inverted baby in the womb, Premature delivery, Problems in the umbilical cord such as rupture of the umbilical cord, etc. Enlargement of the baby’s head, etc. If the woman or baby is healthy, then C section delivery is not done in those situations. Therefore, before giving birth, let your doctor know whether he is preferring a C section. If so, then it is necessary to seek the opinion of another doctor.

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