A person with such a hand has tremendous willpower to do the hardest work

A person with such a hand has tremendous willpower to do the hardest work

In palmistry, the shape of the palm is considered very important. In palmistry (Hast Rekha Shastra) many things can be estimated by looking at the shape of the palm, the length and thickness of the palm. From the design of a person’s palm, one can easily know what his fate will be like. If the palm of the person’s right hand is slightly wider than the left palm, it is more practical. Such a person is well known socially.

According to palmistry, a person’s right hand tells the current situation. Many items of the hand, including a person’s ambition and development show the right palm. If the length of the palm is normal according to the height of the person, it is considered that he is living a comfortable life. Such a person not only fantasizes but also tries to work.

People with normal length-width palms succeed in their purpose. He also succeeds in completing his plans and leaves only after doing the work he undertakes. A person with a normal palm proves to be a good mediator in resolving disputes that occur at any time.

Those whose palms are smaller than normal i.e. smaller in terms of body and height ratio believe in understanding anything in depth. Such people can understand things without any logic and action.

According to palmistry a person with a big hand looks at everything in detail. Is supposed to follow the rule. A person with a small palm speaks quickly without thinking of anything. While many large palms interfere with the speech of others. Those who have long, thin and uniform joints in their hands have great strength.

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