9 Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

9 Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

The 9 month of pregnancy means that now the destination is very close to you. In just a few days, your troublesome baby will be in front of you in the womb. Keeping the baby in her womb for nine months is nothing less than a boon and the mother makes every effort to keep the baby safe. In the ninth month of pregnancy, everything can be difficult for you to move, get up and sit, not only this, during this time your food and drink can also affect your health and delivery. If there are any complications, you will be asked for a C-section delivery in advance and the date will also be given. However, in most cases, even the doctor cannot tell whether your delivery will be normal or a C-section. Know how your ninth month (9th Month of Pregnancy) will pass.

Health Issues During 9 Month of Pregnancy

In the ninth month of pregnancy, the baby’s movements are reduced to some extent, but he can also hear you and respond to outside sounds. Your doctor will tell you the date of delivery early in your pregnancy, but you can still deliver at any time. So you must be fully prepared. Know, what are the health problems that occur in the ninth month of pregnancy.



In the ninth month of pregnancy, a woman can face many sleep-related problems. This may be due to sleeping position, frequent bathroom visits or other physical problems.



Swelling in the feet can also bother you in the last month. This problem is more common at night. To avoid this, eat a protein-rich diet and keep a pillow under your feet.


Frequent Urination

Due to the growth of the baby, there is more pressure on the bladder, due to which problems like frequent urination increase.

Trouble walking

In the ninth month of pregnancy, the baby comes down completely, due to which you may have trouble walking, bending and turning.

Stomach pain

In the last stage, the pain and cramping in your stomach increases and this problem gets worse. There may also be pain in the waist, back, etc. Some women have the problem of excessive hair coming on the face and other parts of the body, although in the last month a good glow comes on the face.

Fetus Development During 9th Month

  • By the end of the ninth month, the length of the baby can be 18-19 inches and the weight can be from 2.5 to 3.5 kg.
  • In the womb, the soft hair found in the womb on the body of the baby falls completely in the last month, although the hair on the head becomes even more dense.
  • By the end of this month, the baby is fully developed, not only this, the brain and lungs also start working properly.
  • The movements of the baby are reduced because the baby, being fully developed, has less space to move in the womb.

Important Test in 9 Month of Pregnancy

You are given a fixed date for delivery in advance but it is not necessary that the delivery should happen on time, even before the delivery can happen, you just have to understand the signals of your body. From the beginning of the ninth month till the delivery, the doctor may call you for a test every week. You may also be advised to stay in the hospital until delivery if you have any serious problems during labor. Know what tests are done in the ninth month of pregnancy.

  • Normal Test: Like every month, in the last month also the pregnant woman’s weight, blood pressure, uterus size and baby’s heartbeat will be checked.
  • Urine Test: Like other months, in the last month a sample of urine will be taken and its test will be done so that sugar and protein will be checked.
  • Blood Test: Hemoglobin in your body will be tested by taking a blood sample. Along with this, if there is a lack of blood in your body, you may be asked to arrange blood through a blood bank or other means because you may need extra blood at the time of delivery.

Necessary Ultrasound

Although the movement of the baby in the womb becomes very less in the ninth month, but still in a day the baby should kick or move at least ten times every two hours. If you have done ultrasound in the eighth month, then the doctor will not do ultrasound in the ninth month. But if there are any problems such as the baby is not moving well in the womb or there is any other problem, then you can get an ultrasound done again. By doing ultrasound this month, the baby’s heartbeat, position of the baby, weight etc. can be known. Not only this, in some complicated cases, ultrasound can be done after every fifteen days in the last month.

What to eat 9 month of pregnancy

Even in the last month of pregnancy, you should take such a healthy and nutritious diet, so that you can give birth easily. Along with this, include such things in the diet so that you do not have problems like constipation or acidity. Know what to eat during this time.


Be sure to include fiber-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. in your diet. Due to this, there is no shortage of fiber in your body and you will get protection from many diseases, as well as you will get ease in delivery. Along with this, you should drink plenty of fluids and water.


Your body should not be deficient in iron during the last days of delivery. Therefore, eat iron-rich foods like spinach, soybeans, nuts, broccoli, eggs etc. Eat iron-rich food at least three times a day.

Folic Acid

Folic acid helps in the development of your baby. Do not forget to take folic acid-rich diet or medicines to avoid any disorder. It is abundant in spinach.

Vitamin C

It is very important to have Vitamin C in your diet in the 9 month. It is abundant in lemon, tomato, orange, seasonal, strawberry, broccoli etc.

Calcium rich diet

It is necessary to have calcium in your diet not only in the ninth month but in every month of pregnancy. Consume milk and milk products, almonds, oats etc.

What Not to Eat during 9th Month

The things that should not be eaten during the whole pregnancy, the same things should be avoided in the ninth month so that you or the baby do not have any problem in the last stage of pregnancy. Know what you should eat in the 9 month.

Tea Coffee

Tea and coffee should be avoided in the ninth month so that even a small amount of caffeine does not enter your body.

Raw Meat

Raw eggs and meat can cause infection, so always eat them cooked. Also stay away from seafood as it may contain some amount of mercury.

Sugar in excess

Consumption of foods high in sugar and salt should also be avoided during pregnancy and the ninth month of pregnancy.

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Precautions During 9 Month of Pregnancy


Traveling in the 9 month of pregnancy is not advised at all. There is a possibility of delivery anytime in the ninth month, so avoid traveling.

Don’t take tension

In the ninth month of pregnancy, there can be stress as well as the joy of having a baby. This tension is mostly related to childbirth but do not take stress. Spend time talking to your baby as well as meditate.


In the ninth month of pregnancy, you will find it very difficult to move. So don’t move around too much. Also, don’t bend over, don’t lift heavy things. Get as much rest as you can and save your energy for the delivery.

Understand signals

Try to understand your body’s signals. If you are a first time mom, it may take some time for you to feel the pain of labor. Know which things in the ninth month are a sign that labor is just a matter of time and when you should prepare to go to the hospital:

  • water bag burst
  • be bleeding
  • stomach ache

Although many women do not have any such problem till the end of time and nowadays doctors recommend coming to the hospital on full date. If you do not have any pain or any other problem even after the given date, then after that the labor pain is started in a natural way. Nowadays delivery after the given date is not done because doing so can lead to infection or the life of the baby.

Now only a few moments are left for the baby to come into this world. You are going to be completely busy after becoming a mother. In such a situation, do the tasks of your choice today like shopping, packing, eating food of your choice, internet surfing etc., you may not get time for all these after some time. This time of pregnancy cannot come back again, so make this time memorable.

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