If You are Not Believing These 7 Myths related to UTI, Know Quickly

If You are Not Believing These 7 Myths related to UTI, Know Quickly

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an infection that occurs in the urinary system of the body. This includes the kidney, bladder, uterus and urethra. Usually this infection occurs in the urinary tract in the bladder and in the urethra. In such a situation, if you also believe in these 7 myths related to UTI, then here we are going to tell you about them in detail.

Myths 1- Cleaning the vagina with soap and water does not cause UTI

Cleaning your vaginal area with a product will not prevent a UTI. Not only this, due to this, the pH of your vagina can deteriorate and bacterial infection can occur. There is no need to wash the vagina or clean it with a wipe. However, you can clean the exterior of your genitals with a gentle soap and water.

Myth 2 – If your urine smells like you have a UTI

Some studies claim that if your urine smells like it does not mean that you have a UTI because it is related to the water you drink and what you eat. The main symptoms of a UTI are pain with urine, excessive vaginal discharge, and blood in the urine.

Myth 3 – Only women get UTI

Women are more prone to UTI but men, gay etc. are also prone to UTI. Also, it can happen to a person of any age or even to pregnant women.

Myth 4 – UTI does not get better on its own

Studies have shown that in 25% to 42% of women, the problem of UTI gets better on its own without taking any medicines. But if you are having more problems then you should contact the doctor and do not wait for it to get worse.

Myth 5 – Drinking cranberry juice cures UTI

Cranberry is one such fruit, consuming which automatically removes the bacteria that stick to the bladder wall, but studies have revealed that cranberry helps with UTI in a small amount.

Myth 6 – UTI is the problem of passing urine along with pain, or more urine.

Not at all because intercystic cystitis or even dietary changes can cause different problems, which have similar symptoms. In that case you should contact the doctor.

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