6 Month Old Baby Care Tips: Tips For Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

6 Month Old Baby Care Tips: Tips For Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

6 Month Old Baby Care Tips: The first three months from the birth of a child are very important. Taking care of the child is very important at this time. At the age of three months, the baby starts crying less than before. At this time a mother begins to understand her child. At this time the baby slowly starts adjusting to a certain routine and these moments are very memorable moments for every mother. At this age, children start enjoying the objects and environment around them.

By the age of 3 months, babies start giving facial responses. He starts laughing, reacts to sounds and his sleep-wake time also starts getting fixed gradually. Baby learn to turn at 6 month old, at which time parents need to be more alert. Let’s know some such easy tips which are very important for taking care of six month old Baby:


Tips to Take Care of Newborn Baby (6 Month Old Baby)

1. Set Bedtime

When your baby is 3 months old, he gets used to sleeping at a fixed time every day. A 3-month-old baby can sleep continuously for 5 to 6 hours at a time. So at this time you should make your child a habit of sleeping. If you accustom your children to sleep on their own during the night, then even if they wake up at night, you can easily put them to sleep. While sleeping, you should also put a carpet or mat around the bed because after the age of three months, babies also start turning.

Newborn baby sleeping hours:

  • 0 to 3 months – 18 to 20 hours
  • 3 to 6 months – 14 to 16 hours

2. Baby Food

Babies should not be fed or fed anything other than breast milk for at least 6 months. That’s why you should still continue to breastfeed your baby. If your baby remains hungry for some reason even after breastfeeding, you can give formula milk to the baby. You should not give water at all to the baby up to 3 months because mother’s milk replenishes the water in the child’s body. After three months if the weather is a bit hot, then you can give some water.

3. Take utmost care

By the age of 6 months, babies become very naughty. He also learns to raise and turn his head. Along with this, he starts moving around on the bed a little bit. At this age, children also start licking their hands and feet and if anything is around them, they pick it up and put it directly in the mouth. Therefore, at this age, the responsibility of a mother increases even more because if something is sharp, then there is a fear of hitting it. At this age, instead of leaving the bed alone, you can lay a sheet on the ground below and also keep in mind that there is no such thing around him that he can harm himself.


4. Build a good relationship and talk

By the age of six months, babies begin to respond to sounds. Whenever they hear any sound, they start giving their reaction to it. When you talk to your child, he also gives a facial reaction with a laugh or a giggle. He may not understand your words but he is very happy to hear your words. That’s why you can build a good relationship with them by making various facial reactions and touching them.

5. Lie on your stomach

After 10-15 days of the birth of the child, you put him on his stomach for 15 to 20 minutes a day so that he becomes physically and mentally strong and his arms, legs and head become strong. While lying on his stomach, you make eye to eye with him, tickle him, play with him so that he can lie down on his stomach for a while.

6. Get a Massage

The practice of massage is very old in India, but parents often have a problem that when and how should massage be given to children. The baby should not be massaged after feeding as it can cause vomiting. Massage the child lightly with almond oil and after massaging, let him play with his hands and feet for half an hour or an hour so that his bones become strong and he can develop well. The best way is to always massage half an hour before bathing the baby.

7. Precautions While Bathing

You can bathe it half or 1 hour after massaging. But before that, you sit with all the things like towel, soap, a clean diaper etc. so that the baby does not have trouble while bathing. If you have to bring something in between, do not leave the child alone in the water, but wrap it in a towel and take it with you.

Babies should not be bathed with very cold or hot water because their skin is very soft, so be it winter or summer, always bathe them with lukewarm water. Immediately after taking a bath, wrap her in a towel and ask her well and wear clothes because she can get cold if she stays wet for a long time. Sometimes the baby falls a sleep soon after the bath.

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8. Change diapers on time

To avoid diaper rash, change your baby’s diaper quickly after passing urine. Apart from this, soak a clean cloth in water and clean the diaper area of ​​the child completely. Keep the baby uncovered without a diaper for a few hours every day so that the lower parts of the baby get air and there is no rash.

9. Take full care of cleanliness

Take full care of cleanliness around you children (6 Month Old Baby). Wash your hands thoroughly whenever you pick up children. If there is any other younger brother and sister in the house, then take care that they should not harm the child. Apart from this, keep all the things like baby’s towel, diaper, bedding, toys etc. clean because babies get infected very quickly and fall ill.

10. Vaccination

Take full care of your children’s vaccinations, at what time they need to be vaccinated and they must get them vaccinated. With this, your child will not have any disease and will also develop the ability to fight against diseases. Do consult your doctor about this.

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