6 Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

6 Month of Pregnancy Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

By the fifth month of pregnancy, most women do not seem to see that they are pregnant, but with the sixth month it ends with the second trimester of pregnancy and in this month your belly starts clearly visible. By the way, the sixth month of pregnancy (6 Month of Pregnancy) is considered very safe. This month, the movement of the baby in the womb will increase, which will make you feel good. Another thing that can trouble you along with physical and mental problems in the 6th month, 21st week to 24th week is the fear of childbirth. Know how the sixth month of your pregnancy will pass.

Health problems during 6 Month of Pregnancy

Health problems in the 6 month of pregnancy will bother you less than in the earlier months, but some problems may bother you due to the development of the baby and hormonal imbalance. Know what are these problems.

Trouble in digestion


Food is not easily digested during pregnancy, which leads to indigestion. In such a situation, gas, constipation and acidity etc. can also become the cause of your discomfort. You can take doctor’s advice and medicine for this, but taking more medicine is also not right during this time. Therefore, to avoid this problem, drink more water and eat a diet rich in fiber.


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Many women face problems like itching and swelling in the sixth month. Itching often occurs all over the body, especially under the feet, abdomen and breasts, while swelling occurs mainly in the hands and feet. To avoid this, wear cotton clothes or take medicine from a doctor.


Irregular blood flow in pregnancy can cause stiffness and cramps in your hands and feet. To avoid them, massage the feet with oil at night.


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In the sixth month of pregnancy, you can neither walk nor stand for a long time. Your belly and your baby’s weight is increasing, which can make you feel tired very quickly. Along with this, it is also natural to have back pain during this time.


Snoring can also bother you this month, it is due to swelling in the neck and head. Along with this, the problem of bleeding from the nose and teeth can also occur in the sixth month.

increased appetite

During the sixth month of pregnancy, the organs of the baby are developing rapidly. In such a situation, it is normal for you to feel more hungry than usual, but taking care of the baby in the womb, consume nutrients only.

To forget

In the sixth month of pregnancy, some women may also be troubled by the problem of forgetfulness, due to which changes in hormones. Along with this, mood swings also occur during this time due to which irritability increases.

Development of fetus

As the time of labor approaches, the body of the unborn baby grows rapidly and in the sixth month you can feel your baby very well. Know what happens in the baby during the sixth month.

  • In the sixth month of pregnancy, the weight of the baby can be 800-900 grams and its length can be 10 to 12 inches.
  • Fat starts to accumulate on the pink body of the baby, due to which the weight of the baby increases very fast.
  • Most of the development of the brain has also taken place.
  • The head and face of the baby have completely taken their shape.
  • The baby can not only hear external sounds but can also respond fully to it.
  • In the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby’s eyes are closed but he can still feel this thing if it is dark outside or light.

Necessary Test

Like other months, it is very important to get yourself checked in the 6th month so that you can know about the development in the baby and if you have any problem then it can be detected at the right time. Know which tests are done in the sixth month of pregnancy:

  • Normal Tests: Even in the sixth month of pregnancy, your weight and uterus will be checked first and after that your blood pressure will be checked.
  • Urine Test: Urine test will be done to check sugar and protein. Along with this, if you have an infection, then this thing can also be known.
  • Blood Test: Hemoglobin test is done by taking a blood sample.

Glucose Tolerance Test

Being diabetic during pregnancy is becoming very common these days. Due to which the weight of the baby increases in the womb and there is a problem in delivery. Apart from this, it can also be fatal for the mother and the baby. In the 6 month, this test is done to check for diabetes, which is called glucose tolerance test. For this, after drinking glucose mixed with water, a blood sample is taken to check whether you have diabetes or not.

NEW Pregnancy Approach

In the sixth month of pregnancy, when you go to the doctor for examination, the doctor can get you any other test according to any other problem.

Essential ultrasound

If you have got an ultrasound done in the fifth month, then the doctor may not advise you to get an ultrasound done this month because ultrasound is necessary in the fifth month. You may also be asked to have an ultrasound if you have any physical problems. You can know about the growth, movement, height, weight, etc. of the baby by getting an ultrasound done in this month. Not only this, in the sixth month, through ultrasound, you can see the movements of the baby like putting thumb in the mouth, moving hands and feet etc.

What to eat 6th Month of Pregnancy

In the sixth month of pregnancy, the development of the baby is happening at full speed. In such a situation, hunger is also more, but in such a situation, eat something so that your baby gets all the nutrients. Feeling hungry does not mean that you eat more than you need. Know what to eat in the sixth month of pregnancy:


Protein is extremely beneficial for you, so do not forget to include it in your diet. Beans, nuts, eggs, cereals etc. are excellent sources of protein. Do not consume too much meat or fish during this time.


The amount of carbohydrates in your diet is also very important. For this, eat potatoes, brown rice, nuts, oats etc.

Vitamin C

In this stage of pregnancy, you may have problems like bleeding from the teeth or nose. But this condition can be overcome by consuming more amount of vitamin C. For this, eat vitamin C rich things like oranges, lemons, grapes, sweet potatoes, strawberries etc.


Indigestion and constipation are common during pregnancy. In such a situation, it is advisable to eat more fiber-rich diet and fluids. Eat beetroot, spinach, carrot, brinjal, legumes, tomato, kiwi, apple, grapes, banana etc. Along with this, take water, juice, coconut water, lassi etc.

Folic Acid

Folic acid, which is a type of vitamin B 9, is essential for the formation of new cells in the body. In the second trimester, when your baby’s brain is developing, be sure to take folic acid. It is abundant in flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, green leafy vegetables, almonds, nuts, peas, grapes and bananas etc.


Eat protein for the baby and for the strength of your bones and teeth, for which take milk, curd, butter, cheese.


Zinc is important in the development of the baby. Milk products, nuts, sunflower oil, onions, eggs, ginger etc. contain zinc.

Things not to eat during 6th Month

Fast Food

Many pregnant women crave fast food during the time of pregnancy. Calories are very high in fast food, due to which the amount of glucose in the blood either increases or decreases. This can lead to many other problems like tiredness.

Raw Meat

It is good to eat meat during pregnancy but avoid eating undercooked or raw meat or eggs. Because doing so increases the chances of miscarriage or premature delivery. Raw seafood is also injurious to health, it contains mercury which can be harmful in the development of the baby.

Spicy Food

Excess fried and spicy foods not only lead to indigestion and stomach related problems but it also affects the development of the baby.

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Precautions of 6 Month of Pregnancy


Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice. Doing so can be harmful.

Caution During Sit-ups

Take care of your sitting position. Do not get up with a jolt and do not sit cross-legged. Along with this, be careful while climbing the stairs. Do not lift Be careful while wearing clothes.

Premature labor can occur after the 6 month of pregnancy. So be careful about your health. Consult your doctor in advance about the causes and symptoms of premature labor. If you face any problem, then see the doctor immediately so that you do not have to face any difficult and difficult situation.