6 Month Baby Food Chart: Food For Six Month Old Baby

6 Month Baby Food Chart: Food For Six Month Old Baby

6 Month Baby Food Chart: Introducing babies to solid food is started after six months. By this time, the baby’s digestive system starts getting ready to digest things other than breast milk. While preparing the Food Chart for Six Month Baby, take special care that liquids should be given in the beginning. In the beginning, mothers often find it difficult to feed their babies.

But giving up in panic is not the right option. It is difficult for everyone to taste a new taste for the first time. Understanding the feelings of the child’s mind, have some patience and keep trying slowly. We are giving below an example of what should be an ideal food plan for a six month old baby, hope you will like it.

6 Month Baby Food Chart

Breastfeeding or Formula Milk Timing

After six months, the baby should be breastfed or formula feed every three to four hours. Mother’s milk is essential for the child for one year. You can give milk to the baby at seven in the morning, at eleven o’clock, at three o’clock, at six o’clock and at ten in the night. Try to give milk to the baby at least six times a day. One important thing, when you start introducing your baby to solids, do not stop giving milk at all. Do not feed food after giving milk, but after feeding, if the child does not eat full food, then feed it.

Breakfast for Six Month Old Kids

Around 9 to 10 o’clock in the morning, you can give some special dishes which are good for children. Apple or carrot puree, baby food or oatmeal can be given at this time. Around 10 o’clock in the morning, you can give the following food to the child:

  • Apple puree: Boil the apples lightly and mash them.
  • Carrot puree: Boil carrots well and mash them. Do not throw away carrot juice.
  • Boiled Potatoes: Add a little ghee to boiled potatoes so that the child can swallow them well.
  • Wheat porridge: Make oatmeal pudding in skimmed milk and feed it in the morning. When the porridge is formed, mash it well. Keep in mind that there is no less milk in the kheer. After this, give milk to the child at eleven o’clock and put him to sleep. Give the next meal when the baby wakes up.

Lunch Ideas for Six Month Old Baby

You can give semolina pudding or khichdi to the baby during the day. You can also give boiled sweet potatoes or pears to the baby at this time. Sweet potatoes contain nutrients like vitamin A, magnesium, etc. which are essential for the development of the child. Gradually, when the child starts digesting these things, then during the day rice khichdi, pomegranate juice etc. can also be given. After the day’s meal, again after one hour, put the baby to sleep with formula milk or breast-feeding. After this, you should feed the baby something around four or five o’clock.

Food for Kids Below 6 Month

In the evening, you can give lentil water or vegetable soup to the child. When making soup for babies, add only water and a little salt. In the beginning, add only a little ghee to the lentil water and after a few days add some granules of lentils to it. Dal is difficult to digest, so do not forget to add ghee to it.

Dinner Item for Kids Below 6 Month

Avoid giving new things to babies younger than six months at night. Because maybe if you feed him something new and he does not digest it, then the baby may get upset at night. Give only lentil water, porridge or baby food to the child at night.

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Food for Six Month Old Baby

  • Always wash baby utensils with hot water.
  • The water with which to prepare food for the child should be pure.
  • You can also offer homemade baby food instead of baby food available from the market.
  • You can also give eggs to a child of six months to nine months, but give only the white part of the egg. The yellow part of the egg can cause difficulty in swallowing, so there is little pulse in it.
  • Give only in small quantity. Eggs are full of protein, which creates a lot of problem in digestion in the beginning.
  • Do not give the baby more solid food like roti or plain rice. Give the rice only after mashing it well.

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