5 Tips will Help You to Clean Your Beauty Closet

5 Tips will Help You to Clean Your Beauty Closet

Your closet is such a thing that you open everyday and use it everyday but still many times we try to avoid cleaning our closet. In such a situation, cleaning your beauty closet can be a difficult task, but here we have brought such tips for you, with the help of which you can easily clean your beauty closet and you will not find this task too difficult.

Tip 1 – First take out all the stuff in the closet

First of all, take out all the stuff from your closet. Such as your clothes, shoes and accessories, even your scarves, belts and socks. This will make the process a lot easier because you can plan how to set up your closet and decide how to organize your items.

Tip 2 – Sort Everything in your Closet

Take out clothes that no longer fit you or that you haven’t worn in years. Also, take out those things which are torn or have marks on them. However, if you really like something, then keep it, but the rest of the clothes that you no longer like or do not fit, you can donate them or sell them.

Then do the same with your shoes and accessories. Throw out the things that have gone bad. However, if you really like something, keep it and donate or sell the rest or give it to friends or family.

Tip 3 – Clean the things that need to be Cleaned

This also includes cleaning out the mirror in your drawer and then organizing the things that need to be organized. Put clothes in their place and put shoes in their place. Then put room accessories like makeup, hair products, nail polish, and jewelry in their respective places so you can easily find them when you need them.

Tip 4 – Take care of your laundry

This includes your hampers, washing and drying clothes etc. Cleaning out your closet is a great idea if you later do laundry for clothes you haven’t used in a while. If you have any clothes that need dry cleaning, give them for dry cleaning. After this, take expired make-up or lotion etc. out of the closet.

Tip 5 – Clean Out Other Things in Your Closet Too

This includes vacuuming and cleaning the floor of the closet. If there are things in your closet that need dusting, then dust them. After this, organize your makeup in the drawer and keep everything according to their order. If you have more stuff and it is not able to fit in your container, then put the remaining stuff in another box. Don’t forget to clean your makeup, makeup brushes and hair brushes during this time.

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