5 Month Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

5 Month Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

As soon as the 5 month of pregnancy starts, the movements of the baby in the womb increase, although women, especially the newly born women, are not able to feel them yet. At this time the woman is full of energy and there is a special glow on her face. Due to the development of the baby in the fifth month, it becomes very important to take care of some things. In the fifth month of pregnancy, from the 17th week to the 20th week, many problems reduce but some new things can make you restless. However, all this will not reduce your enthusiasm to become a mother but will increase it. Know how the fifth month of your pregnancy will pass (5 Month of Pregnancy).

Symptoms of 5 Month Pregnancy

Back Pain

By the fifth month of pregnancy, the problem of back pain starts and this is due to the increase in the size of the baby. This problem persists from the fifth month till the delivery. Along with this, headache can also become the cause of your suffering.

Frequent Urination

Health problems that occur in the 5 month of pregnancy like going to the bathroom tend to increase compared to the previous months because the increasing size of your fetus puts pressure on the bladder.

Stomach Problems

In this month also, problems like constipation, acidity, gas and easy digestion of food do not reduce.

Nose and Teeth Bleeding

Teeth and eyes change in the fifth month of pregnancy. Along with this, blood can also come in the nose and teeth.


Many women experience swelling and pain in their legs in the fifth month of pregnancy. Simultaneously, the first condensed milk to be fed to the baby begins to form in the mother’s breasts.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks increase in the fifth month of pregnancy. Especially on the stomach because the stomach gets stretched due to the increase in the diet.

Feeling More Hungry

In the fifth month, pregnant women tend to eat more food. Not only this, during this time anyone can feel like eating at any time.

Fetus Development in 5 Month of Pregnancy

The fifth month means that half of your pregnancy has passed, with only a short time left for your baby to arrive. In the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby develops very rapidly and many parts of his body are formed. Some mothers even become aware of the movements of the baby in the womb. Know what is the development of the child in the fifth month.

  • In the fifth month, the size of the baby can be around 20 centimeters and the weight can be up to 250 grams.
  • By the fifth month, the baby starts to move his hands and feet and starts sucking his thumb as well.
  • The bones of the baby become completely strong during this time.
  • Kidneys, heart and other organs start working properly.
  • The hair of the baby starts growing, along with it the gums are also completely formed.
    His nails, ears, nose etc. will all be done.
  • During this time the baby wakes up and goes to sleep according to your sleeping and waking times.

Necessary Tests in 5th Month of Pregnancy

There are some tests that are necessary to be done every month from the first month to the ninth month, along with this the doctor may also advise you to get some additional tests done. These tests are as follows:

  • Normal Tests: Measure your weight, measure the size of your uterus, check your blood pressure, check your baby’s heartbeat.
  • Urine Tests: This shows the sugar level and protein level.
  • Blood Tests: hemoglobin test
  • Amniocentesis Test: This is an optional test that your doctor may ask you to do. With this, if the baby is suffering from disorders like Down syndrome, then it can be detected.

Along with this, the doctor will do a complete examination of you and if there is any problem then according to that you may ask for additional tests.

Essential Ultrasound

In the fifth month, the doctor asks to get an ultrasound done. Actually, it is generally considered necessary to do ultrasound three to four times in pregnancy, first in the second month, second in the fifth month and the rest in the last month. Ultrasound in the fifth month shows the size, length, weight, position of the umbilical cord, etc. Along with this, gender is also revealed. If you have had an ultrasound recently and you and your baby are in good health, your doctor may not ask you to do an ultrasound this month.

Diet Tips During Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Protein-Rich Diet

In the fifth month, eat a diet full of protein so that the physical development of the baby takes place properly. Include pulses, nuts, gram, whole grains in your diet.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are a good source of magnesium, iron, vitamin E and vitamin B. It is excellent for the development of the baby.


Eat calcium-rich foods for the strength and health of your baby and your bones and teeth. For this, you can eat milk and milk products like curd, cheese as well as kiwi, dates etc.


Eat a fiber-rich diet to avoid constipation during pregnancy. Fruits, vegetables, oats, nuts, etc. can help you get relief from problems like constipation. Along with this, do not forget to take liquid diet as well.

Salad and Fruits

Make a habit of eating lots of fruits and salads during pregnancy. This allows you to eat all the minerals, nutrients and fiber. Include fruits like apples, bananas, avocados, peaches, oranges etc. in your diet.

What Food not to Eat

Some Fruits

It is believed that some fruits like papaya, pineapple etc. cause contraction of the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage, so avoid eating them.

Herbal Tea & Supplements

Some components found in herbal teas or supplements can be harmful to both the baby and the mother, so don’t drink them. Along with this, do not consume too much caffeine such as tea or coffee.

Fatty food

Outside junk food like burger or pizza is harmful for you. Not only will this harm your baby, but you may also gain weight and your baby’s weight, which can make labor difficult, as well as cause constipation and gas.


Avoid eating fish during this time because fishes live in seas or lakes where the amount of mercury is high. In the human body, it gets converted into methylmercury, which can have a bad effect on the brain of the baby and this can hinder the development of the baby. Along with this, avoid eating raw eggs and meat.

Precautions and Pregnancy Tips for Fifth Month

Sleeping Position

In the fifth month, you should pay special attention to your sleeping and sitting position. Don’t sleep on your stomach. Your position should be comfortable even while sitting. Along with this, do not walk too fast, do not climb stairs and do not wear heels.

Take Care of your Clothes

As your belly is growing, you will be getting your clothes tight, make sure that you wear loose clothes during this time so that you and your baby feel good and comfortable.


In the fifth month of pregnancy, do not forget to take the doctor’s opinion and prescribed medicines or supplements. Visit your doctor every month and tell him about all the problems you are facing at this time and take his suggestions. Plus find out more about pregnancy from the internet, books, and experienced women.

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In the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby can not only feel you, but he can also hear outside sounds. In such a situation, talk to your baby, it is believed that the mother can give rites to her baby in the womb itself and the fifth month is perfect to start it. By doing this you will also feel good and you can also avoid stress.

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