3 Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

3 Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

The 3 month of pregnancy means that time when the mother to be born has to take more care of herself as well as the baby in the womb. From the third month of pregnancy, the first trimester ends and the second trimester is about to begin. It is said that the first 3 months of pregnancy are extremely difficult especially if a woman is becoming a mother for the first time. During this time he should take special care of himself. At this time, the development of the baby also starts happening very fast, which the mother-to-be can feel. Get complete information about the third month of pregnancy (3rd month of pregnancy).

Symptoms and Physical Problems During 3 Month of Pregnancy

In the third month, you are completely confident about the baby growing in the womb, along with this you also start cherishing dreams of the time to come. The birth of a little life in your body excites you. But even in the third month of pregnancy, the physical problems of the mother do not decrease but increase more because the development of the baby starts very fast in your womb, which affects your body. Know what are the health problems faced by the mother from the 9th week to the 12th week of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes


By the third month of pregnancy, there is a lot of change in hormones, due to which women have to face many problems physically, mentally and emotionally.

Stomach Pain

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In the third month, the size of the baby starts increasing and due to the stretching of the uterus, there is pain in the abdomen, along with you may also feel muscle cramps and stretches. Back pain can also occur due to changes in hormones.


As the months of pregnancy increase, the problem of acidity increases in most women because the food is not digested well.

Food problem

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Many women feel like eating more in this month, while some women are unable to eat anything. They feel a lot of fragrance in everything.

Stomach Problems

The problem of constipation increases in the third month, to avoid which a pregnant woman should take care of her diet. The problem of acidity does not reduce even in the third month of pregnancy.

Changes in Skin

This month, due to hormonal changes, the skin becomes dry and it may also become itchy. Stretchmarks also start appearing.


Even in the third month of pregnancy, the mother feels lethargic and tired due to the imbalance of hormones and the development of the baby. Not only this, in the third month, problems like nausea, vomiting, frequent bathroom visits also increase more than before.


Due to the constant changes in hormones, the nature of the pregnant woman also changes. Anger, irritability and not wanting to talk to anyone are also normal in such a situation.

Fetus Development in 3rd Month

In the third month of pregnancy, you cannot feel the movement of the baby yet, but during this time the baby develops a lot, not only does it move in the womb. By the end of the third month, your baby will be around 12 -13 weeks old. Know how much development happens in it by the end of the third month.

  • By the end of the third month, the baby is the size of a lemon.
  • During this time its length can be about 2.5 inches and weight can be 25 grams.
  • In the third month, the baby’s eyelids, fingers which have been formed by the second month start growing.
  • The face of the baby is completely shaped and the skin also starts forming.
  • The neck of the baby starts getting stronger and the head also becomes round.
    The baby’s heart starts working.
  • During this month, the baby’s kidneys and reproductive organs also start developing.
  • In the third month of pregnancy, the bones, knees, elbows of the baby start forming.

Necessary Tests in 3 Month of Pregnancy

In the third month of pregnancy, you may also feel that your stomach is heavy and slightly enlarged. It is very important to have regular checkups every month from the first month of pregnancy so that the baby is developing properly or not. Know which tests are necessary in the third month of pregnancy.

  • Blood pressure check: First of all your weight will be checked, along with this blood pressure is also checked.
  • Urine test: Urine test is done to check the level of sugar and protein. It also checks for infection.
  • Blood test: Blood tests are done to detect hemoglobin and anemia in the blood.
  • fluid retention test: Many women get swollen hands and feet during this time, for this their fluid retention test is done.

12 week or NT scan

In the third month, many doctors recommend an NT scan, which examines the fluid at the back of the baby’s head to rule out Down’s syndrome, which can affect the development of the baby.

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Essential Ultrasound

If you have had an ultrasound in the second month and everything is normal, then you may not need an ultrasound in the third month. But if you still want to do it, then it can find out the size, weight, length etc. of the baby as well as the position of the placenta in the uterus and the amniotic fluid parameters. The exact gender of the baby can be ascertained till the end of the third month of pregnancy but in our country it is a legal offense to do so.

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Diet and Food to Eat in 3 month Pregnancy

fiber rich diet

Constipation is very common in the third month, so eat a diet rich in fiber. Drink as much water as possible, consume juices, coconut water etc. Eat fruits, vegetables, salads as much as possible.


Vitamins are also very important right now, so eat plenty of whole grains, eggs, green leafy vegetables etc. Along with this, include protein rich food in your diet like cottage cheese, eggs etc.


In the third month of pregnancy, the organs of the unborn baby are being formed in the womb, so the woman needs more iron. For this, you must eat beetroot, broccoli, green vegetables, cereals, pulses etc.


Carbohydrates are also essential for your and your baby’s development, so you can eat carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, potatoes, beans etc.


You also need calcium for the development of your baby’s bones and the strength of your bones. For this, include milk and milk products in your diet like curd, butter, ghee, cheese etc.

Things not to eat

  • fried food: In the third month of pregnancy, you should not do anything careless in eating. Consume only nutrients. Along with this, avoid fried roasted and fast food etc.
  • caffeine: Do not take too much of caffeinated substances such as tea or coffee.
  • Raw meat: Raw meat and eggs can be harmful to the unborn baby, so avoid them too.

Pregnancy Care Tips During 3 Month

By the third month of pregnancy, you will be used to many things. The initial months of pregnancy can be somewhat difficult but in the second trimester these problems will not bother you so much. During this, you should take some precautions so that the baby remains healthy in the womb and you too can take good care of it.

  • Take complete rest. If you are unable to do the housework, then seek help from someone else.
  • Keep your thinking positive. Don’t believe any rumors or illusions about pregnancy. By doing this you can avoid stress.
  • Have nutritious food. Drink more fluids.
  • Take the supplements that the doctor has given you without forgetting. Also, do not take any medicine of your own free will.
  • After the doctor’s opinion, you can do light exercise or walk.
  • Visit the doctor regularly so that whatever problem or problem you have, you can get the answer from the doctor.

NEW Pregnancy Approach

With the third month, the first trimester of your pregnancy ends but your responsibilities increase. So don’t let your enthusiasm get dampened. Start preparing to welcome your future baby. Put beautiful pictures or posters of children in your room. Like the first quarter, the rest of the months will pass smoothly.