2nd Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

2nd Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

The 2nd month of pregnancy means the second stage of the baby’s development, where the mother-to-be starts feeling the baby growing in her womb. Problems like nausea, tiredness, frequent bathroom visits, stomach ache can bother you a little in this month. But the 2nd Month of Pregnancy is equally important as the first. During this time you are completely sure that you are pregnant because in the second month of pregnancy all the necessary tests are done. Like the first month, there are many physical as well as mental changes in this month. If you are also entering the second month of pregnancy, then get the information which will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Health Problems During 2nd Month of Pregnancy

In the second month of pregnancy, that is, from the fifth to the eighth week, you have to go through the same physical and mental problems that you had in the first month. Health problems occurring in the second month may worry you but do not worry because after some time these problems will reduce to a great extent and you will enjoy this special phase of your life to the fullest. Some of the health changes that happen in the second month of pregnancy are as follows.

  • In this month the size of the breasts changes and they become a little heavy. This happens due to changes in hormones.
  • Some women have increased levels of progesterone in their body due to which they feel tired and sleep a lot.
  • There may be problems like morning sickness, dizziness.
  • Frequent urination has to be done.
  • There is also a change in the diet. Many women feel more hungry, while many women lose their appetite.
  • Weight increases, along with this there may also be a problem of acidity.
  • There may be abdominal pain and slight vaginal bleeding.
  • Suddenly a woman’s nose becomes more sensitive. He starts feeling any aroma or smell very quickly.
  • Irritability, tension, anxiety and other mood swings are also normal during this time.

Fetus Development in 2nd Month

It is very interesting for a mother to know how much development of the baby takes place in the second month of pregnancy. You don’t even know how much fetal organs are developing in your womb, although you may feel a slight feeling in your belly. Know the development of the baby during the second month of pregnancy.

  • In the second month of pregnancy, many cells of the baby are formed from which the organs of the baby are formed.
  • By the end of the second month of pregnancy, the size of the unborn baby in the womb becomes the size of an orange seed.
  • By the end of the month, the length of the fetus is about 1 inch and the weight reaches up to 14 grams.
  • The facial features begin to form.
  • In the second month of pregnancy, the toes of the baby begin to form.
  • During this time the baby’s heart starts working and the brain also develops.
  • In this month, the eyes, nose, lips, ears etc. of the fetus also start forming.
  • The baby’s umbilical cord begins to form.

Necessary Tests During Second Month of Pregnancy

The second month of pregnancy is also important because during this time you will be asked to undergo several tests to find out if this pregnancy is safe for you and your baby. After this month of pregnancy, you should go for regular medical check-up so that you and your baby do not face any problem during these 9 months. In the second month of pregnancy, the doctor may ask you to get this important test done.

  • Date of delivery: The doctor calculates and tells you the date of your delivery.
  • Urine and blood tests: In the second month of pregnancy, you have blood and urine tests to find out if you have blood sugar or not. Along with this, if there is an infection, then it is also known. Hemoglobin test is done by examining blood.
  • Protein test: In this, a protein test is done to check blood pressure and kidney function.
  • Others: Chicken pox and rubella are also tested. Along with this, the weight and height of the pregnant woman are also checked. Along with this, thyroid test is also necessary nowadays.

Essential Ultrasound During 2nd Month of Pregnancy

Ultrasound in the second month of pregnancy is a must. Ultrasound is recommended in the first month of pregnancy only if there is any problem, if everything is normal then doctors do ultrasound only in the second month of pregnancy. Ultrasound shows the position of the baby, its growth and its heartbeat, weight and height. You cannot find out the sex of the fetus by ultrasound in the second month of pregnancy. Although normal ultrasound is done, but in the first months of pregnancy, many times normal ultrasound does not give accurate results, in which case ultrasound is used through the vagina.

  • Green leafy vegetables like fenugreek, beet, spinach, broccoli etc.
  • fruit
  • Milk containing foods like curd, cheese which are the main source of calcium and you need more calcium during this time.
  • Nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts
  • pulses
  • whole grains
  • Drink plenty of fluids like water, coconut water, fresh juices.

Things not to eat

  • Spicy and fast food which is not easily digested.
  • More tea-coffee and caffeinated foods.
  • raw meat and eggs.
  • Substances that cause constipation.

Pregnancy Care Tips for 2nd Month

In the second month of pregnancy, there is a possibility of miscarriage or other problems for the baby, so you should take full precautions so that your baby can develop well. Your slightest carelessness can prove fatal for the baby and you. Know what precautions you should take:

  • Constipation is a frequent problem in pregnancy, so to avoid it, one must consume other fiber-rich foods along with more water.
  • Get as much rest as you can.
  • Whatever medicines the doctor gives you, such as folic acid or calcium, etc., be sure to take them. Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice.
  • Avoid climbing stairs, wearing heels, and lifting heavy objects.
  • Do not travel or drive a lot.
  • Do not remain empty stomach, keep in mind that now a little life is growing in your body, so eat for it. Many times in pregnancy, you do not feel like eating anything, but you keep on eating something every once in a while. Problems like acidity and nausea can also increase due to an empty stomach.
  • Take a walk and walk, you will feel better by doing this. You can do light exercise but consult a doctor for this.
  • Gather pregnancy information. Know the experiences of other women or read books so that your pregnancy becomes easy and smooth.
  • Avoid swimming during pregnancy.
  • The time of pregnancy is not so easy and it is normal to be tense at this time. Therefore, to avoid stress, take the help of yoga.

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In the second month of pregnancy, you will feel as if you have a soft lump in your abdomen. It has also been seen that many women neither have any physical problems nor any mental changes in the first few months. But many women go through a lot of changes. The experience of pregnancy is different for everyone, but it is these experiences that get you closer to your baby.

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