15 Secret Things About Women’s Body

15 Secret Things About Women's Body

Women have a higher heart rate than men. This is because the weight of women is less than that of men.

You will be surprised to know that women tend to have more relationship in summer than other seasons.

Women’s hair is 2 times thinner than men’s hair.

Women have more elastic necks. Women can rotate back more than men.

Women on average cry for 40-60 times while men 6-18 times.

Women remember things of the past well. They have better abilities to remember.

The skin of women is many times more sensitive than that of men.

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Women have more ability to look side by side and men have more front sight.

One breast of women is always larger or smaller than the other. There is usually a small difference. But a woman does not have equal size breasts.

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Studies show that men who listen only from the left side of their brain, women listen from both sides of their brain.


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