1 Year Baby Food Chart: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Idea

1 Year Baby Food Chart Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Idea

At the age of 12 months or a year, the teeth of a child start coming. The development of the child is also very fast during this time. He starts walking slowly. At this time the child needs additional nutrition. Therefore, while making the diet chart of the child at this time, keep in mind that all the nutrients are in abundance in it. The food chart or diet chart of a one year old baby (1 year baby food chart) and an example of what the food should be like is given below. Keep in mind that this diet chart for children is just an example.

1 Year Baby Food Chart

Seven Days Breakfast (Breakfast for 1 Year Old Kids)

Breakfast should be such that gives strength to the child and can be eaten easily. You can have Poha, Dosa, Besan Cheela, Omelets, Halwa or Paratha for breakfast. If you have to give separate breakfast to your child for seven days, then some of the recipes are as follows:

  • Oats or cornflakes with milk on the first day.
  • next day sweet or salty porridge.
  • Milk with veg poha on the third day.
  • On the fourth day, a thin paratha of mixed veg, cabbage, potato-onion or paneer with curd or lentils.
  • Egg omelets and brown bread or paneer bhujia with thin roti on the fifth day.
  • On the sixth day, give gram flour or ragi Dosa to a 12-month-old baby.
  • Sweet potato kheer or semolina pudding can be given on the seventh day.

Lunch Ideas for 1 Year Old Kids

Children should also be given enough food at lunch time so that they can have a lot of fun from day till evening. For one-year-old children, you can also give something in the lunch that they will come and go to eat because at this time you have a lot of time to feed them by pretending. Yogurt is the main source of good bacteria and calcium. The time of day is best for feeding curd. Let’s find out what you can give to a 12-month-old baby for lunch:

  • On the first day you can give curd, roti and soya granules to the baby.
  • Cauliflower vegetable, roti, lentils and salad on the second day.
  • The next day you can give curd-rice and rasam or veg pulao and curd.
  • Give lentils, rice and any green vegetables on the fourth day.
  • On the fifth day, you can give veg pulao or veg khichdi.
  • On the sixth day, non-veg like egg curry and rice, light chicken curry with rice or roti can be given.
  • On the seventh day, bread with paneer bhujia, lentils and roti or soybean vegetable.

Note that almost all the teeth of a one year old baby are not there, so always make soft roti’s for him which he can eat easily. The teeth of many children start coming in only twelve months, give rice or roti to such children after mashing them well. If you want, you can also swap their lunch with baby food. You can also give delicious dishes made from spinach koftas, quinoa khichdi or ragi to your kids.
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12 Month old Kids Dinner Idea

One-year-olds often go to bed early at night or sometimes stay up late. In such a situation, fixing dinner time for children is a bit difficult. Do not give such food at night which takes more time to digest. Avoid giving chicken, curd etc. Let us have a look at what should be the dinner of 12 month old babies:

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  • Sooji Toast or Pumpkin Khichdi on the first day of the night.
  • Bread with sambar Dosa or chicken soup on the second day.
  • Bajra Upma or Veg Pancake the next day at night.
  • On the fourth day a thin aloo paratha with butter.
  • Bread or moong dal khichdi with chicken soup on the fifth day.
  • Egg curry-rice or simple lentil-rice on the sixth day.
  • On the seventh day you can give roti with Palak paneer.

Feeding Time for 12 Month Old Baby

While making a diet plan for 12-month-old babies, keep in mind that there is space to give mother’s milk or formula milk at least three times a day. By reducing it gradually, you can do it twice, but the baby must be fed milk at least twice.

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Apart from this, snacks or light meals should be given twice and food three times. Overall, the baby should be fed solid food at least five times and milk two to three times. If you feel that the baby is not taking solid food, then you can replace the solid food twice, usually between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner with baby food, smoothies, shakes, juices etc.