1 Year Baby Development Milestones: Child Development According to Age

1 Year Baby Development Milestones: Child Development According to Age

1 Year Baby Development Milestones: The journey from a newborn baby to an active baby is only 12 months of age in which a lot of incredible changes are seen in the baby. Children grow and change at an amazing pace. There is something new and unique to see every month. Newly made parents think about what will be their child’s next step and whether their child is developing properly or not? That is why we have brought for you some such points which tell what should be the prime age to achieve those goals and what can happen at that time (Baby Development Milestones).

This will make it easier for you to understand your child and you will be able to give your right support in their development. Do keep in mind that every child grows at a different rate and this is not a cause for concern. If your child reaches one goal early, he may delay achieving another because he is busy perfecting other skills.

1 Year Baby Development Milestones

Babies from 1 to 3 Months (3 Month Baby Development Milestones) Newborns are wonderful. Every day a different change is seen in them. The first 3 months are the first step in the development of the baby. In this, the baby’s body and mind learn to live in the outside world such as hitting, pulling, grasping things with their fingers and responding to sounds, etc. Let us know some of the main aspects:

  • At this time the children start smiling. Together they start paying attention to people’s activities and things with their eyes.
  • Raise your head and chest while lying on your stomach.
  • Opening, closing the hands and taking them in the mouth.
  • Holding things or toys tightly with your hands.
  • Crying once in a while and when someone lifts him up with love in his lap and makes him silent, then keep quiet.

4 to 6 months old baby (6 Month Baby Milestone)

It takes a few months for your baby to live at home. He starts mingling with the people around him, walks a little and sees the world around him manipulatively. They tend to use their hands more, such as grasping hair or holding toys. Your baby may sleep more, laugh, cry when he is happy. In 4 to 6 months your baby may see these changes:

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  • Roll up from front to back or back to front. Usually do front to back first.
  • To murmur or make different sounds which have a different language.
  • Laugh and smile
  • Sitting assisted and having good control over your head.
  • Put things in your mouth quickly.
  • Holding things by hand and flirting with her.

7 to 9 Months Baby (9 Month Baby Milestone)

Within the second half of the year, your baby learns a lot as if he used to roll and reach anywhere but now he learns to do this work by walking in these few months. During this time, these changes may be seen in your baby:

  • In this month he starts crawling or walking slowly.
  • On his stomach, with the help of his hands and feet, he walks with hands and knees.
  • Some babies are unable to learn to crawl and they start walking upright by moving slowly.
  • Sit down without anyone’s help.
  • Identifying and responding to your name.
  • Mother and father grumble slowly.
  • Clapping and playing different types of games.
  • Stand up straight and wave your hand.
  • Shake hands and dance softly when you hear a children’s song.

10 to 12 months old baby (1 Year Baby Milestone)

This is the last stage of change and development of the first year of the child. He is no longer a baby but now he looks like a child but in many ways he is still a small child. During this you may see:

  • You learn to eat on your own. By coming to this stage, children learn to a great extent how to eat food.
  • They learn to put things, especially those of round shape, in the mouth by placing them between their thumb and fingers.
  • Walking around the room with the help of your feet, that too without the help of anyone.
  • Calling your parents like mama, papa etc.
  • Pointing to the toys and asking for them.
  • copying you
  • Finding hidden toys.

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Your child learns to do new things every day, but they do not necessarily grow like other children. Every child grows at a different pace. The speed of his growth may be slower than other children or even faster than them. If you are still worried about your baby, then you must consult a doctor.

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